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by Christine Logel

In a new study published in Psychological Science, a journal of the Association for Psychological Science, women who wrote about their most important values, like close relationships, music, or religion, lost more weight over the next few months than women who did not have that experience...

Editor's Note from Sue Meyn: We are always looking for ways to lose weight. And most reading this page like to write---so it's an interesting piece. You may even feel called to read the whole study!


Writing & Poetry Therapy

by Dawn Bodrogi

I had a much harder time naming this post than I had writing it. I toyed with Pluto and the Path of Soul, but Soul is a confusing term, and many of us have very personal definitions of it as coloured by traditional and non-traditional religion and belief systems. Evolutionary astrology has adopted the notion of Pluto as representing the Soul, but I think the Soul is far too-wide ranging to be covered by Pluto alone. Spirit isn’t quite right, either–it’s hard to think of the bloody emotional turmoil Pluto unearths as linked to something as glistening as spirit. In spiritus = spirit within, inspiration; hardly Pluto’s territory...


Author's Note: Please read "Music of the Spheres: Octaves, An Introduction" before reading this piece.



by Dawn Bodrogi

I’d like you to sit back and think about an outstanding experience of the planet Uranus. Most of us will come up with some sudden shock or turnabout during a major Uranus transit or progression. Most of us will associate Uranus with the unexpected. Uranus is all that’s new, Uranus is exciting, Uranus is all about discovering new paths and new directions. Uranus is supposed to guide us into the future via flashes of lightning.


Author's Note: Please read "Music of the Spheres: Octaves, An Introduction" before reading this piece.



by Dawn Bodrogi

There are those who dismiss the idea entirely.  Mercury the lower octave of Uranus?  Venus the lower octave of Neptune? Mars the lower octave of Pluto? I’ve read and listened to endless words on the subject.  Some try to convince me that the concept of octaves doesn’t exist at all.  Others try to tell me that these aren’t the planets involved, and that there are other lower octaves assigned to the outer planets. Some say that Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are actually lower octaves for something higher, which we haven’t yet discovered...



by Pauline Oliveros

Listening is a multi-dimensional dynamic process. Ways of listening are many fold. These ways of listening are based on experience, habit and training...


Editor's Note: Are we really listening to our surroundings? How can we each listen to heal ourselves and to inject some calmness into our busy lives? A most refreshing and poetic entry written by Pauline Oliveros.


Music Therapy & Sound Healing

by Karie Bilger, BMT, MTA

I am fortunate to work in a facility that offers a diversity of services to our local community. When I talk to people about my work, they are fascinated. “Is it true that people with dementia can remember words to old songs,” they ask, “Can music really calm down people who are agitated?”  All music therapists are familiar with these questions. “You have the most interesting job!” people exclaim. A real conversation stopper in many circles, however, is when I talk about my passion for working with clients in palliative care...


Editor's Note: An inspiring and reflective entry by Karie Bilger on the role music therapy can play at the end of one's life.


Music Therapy & Sound Healing

by Jackie Woods

Have you ever had an experience that makes your Heart sing? Of course that doesn’t mean that you instantaneously burst into song, but you felt the presence of your spirit as a living entity inside you. Just remembering how full you felt of all that is positive which made you hunger for more...



Music Therapy & Sound Healing


Editor's Note from Carol Lawrence and Stacy Toten: Grab the kids and let's see if you can sit through this fun kids video without tapping your foot and smiling.


Family & Parenting

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