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by Dorinne S. Davis

When the term ‘Senior’ is attached to the generation of people within your age range, you know the time for ‘quality’ living is important! For myself, I want vitality, energy, an ability to keep on the go, clear thinking, and the health to keep going for many years. In today’s world, we are offered so many medical options. There are initials for just about any disorder, like GERD, OCD, COPD, PAD, and there is a medication for just about anything. Some of us, however, don’t want to be known by our disorder or symptoms, and don’t want to take pills unless absolutely necessary. Instead, seniors are searching for alternative approaches to maintain their overall wellness to support and/or complement the medical options...


Energy Medicine


Editor's Note from Michael Williams: Following the death of her husband in 2010, digital artist Kathy Tarochione decided to celebrate his life by creating digital stories using photos, music and film. Today she is a "LifeStory Designer" collaborating with other artists enabling her clients to tell their story. Using multimedia and her graphic art talents and creativity, Kathy transforms those special moments in a person's life into beautiful and memorable stories which can be treasured for years to come.


Therapeutic Storytelling


Editor´s Note from David Arenson: Narrated by Marianne Williamson from her book, 'Return to Love', beautiful music accompanies her breathtaking words - a perfect fit for such wise words of wisdom and inspiration. Universal truths about love and fear, resolution and wisdom.


Sacred Living

by David Lauterstein, BA (Music Composition), LMT, MTI, Cert. ZB, TLC School Co-Director

Over the last few years, some practitioners of so-called medical massage have implied it represents the highest level of our profession. First problem, in the U.S. most state laws say massage is NOT the practice of medicine. Many therapists have gone on blithely ignoring that...


Editor´s Note: David Lauterstein is the creme of the crop. He's among the most intelligent writers and practitioners of massage around.  Stay tuned as I begin to post is well-written articles on a regular basis in the coming months.


Massage & Bodywork


Editor's Note from Sophia Hansen: This is a visually entertaining video imbued with symbolism and energy to stimulate the pineal gland which is connected with the third eye chakra and intuition. This is a wonderful video to work with to nourish, awaken, and cultivate your intuitive abilities while simultaneously supporting your pineal gland. Not only does intuition entail seeing, but also includes hearing, knowing, scent, and feeling. Since we're physical beings, the mechanics of our bodies must be nourished and supported in concert with our spiritual self.


Intuition & Symbols

by Lee Bowman

Music therapy has been a favorite of the medical profession for more than 60 years, although the soothing effect of music has been known as long as the lullaby.

Music has an effect on conditions ranging from depression to Alzheimer's disease, from pain to nausea during chemotherapy...



Music Therapy & Sound Healing


These four young Norwegian vocalists & musicians Espen Lind, Kurt Nilsen, Alejandro Fuentes and Askil Holm are indeed very special. A beautiful performance of U2's song with great harmonies accompanied by solo guitar.


Listen & Laugh

by Kip Mazuy

Let yourself relax
into this moment.

Give up trying to make
this moment
any different than it is...


Editor's Note: The most wonderful part of Kip's work is that he talks to the heart in his writings, his guided meditations and most of all his music. Prepare to enjoy...



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