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Energy Medicine is based on the fact that all living things emit an energy field. This field of bio-energy, sometimes known as the "aura", was called "chi" by the Chinese, or "prana" in the Indian tradition. Modalities include approaches such as: Reiki, crystal healing, meditation, healing touch, sound therapy, Pranic healing, aromatherapy, and a host of other healing art forms.


Editor's Note from David Pratt: Eckart Tolle's description of the "pain body" helps us dis-identify from our reactive emotional patterns that sometimes lie dormant and at other times can seem to take a person over. Meditation helps us cultivate the space that lets us slowly see that we are not this pain body. In the light of Consciousness, the pain body can be clearly seen as an insubstantial phantom. This can take time, and the accompanying video fits - a gradual transformation of mountains, flowers and trees from winter to spring.



by Michael Erlewine

I get asked all the time what books I am reading. I invariably answer “I don’t read books, per se, anymore; I read some Buddhist texts, but that is about all.” That is a bit of a smug answer. I am perhaps deflecting the question rather than trying to explain what it is that I am doing about my reading habits...


Editor’s Note from Eden Kozlowski: In this article Michael explains how his meditation/mind work combines with his astrological work. He speaks of going beyond books and rationale to discover deep ideas and thoughts within your own "inner essence." This can apply to anyone in any job, field or specialty.



from wikiHow

Meditation is a mental discipline by which one attempts to get beyond the conditioned, thinking mind into a deeper state of relaxation or awareness. There are many different meditation methods. At the core of meditation is the goal to focus and eventually quiet your mind. As you progress, you will find that you can meditate anywhere and at any time, accessing an inner calm no matter what's going on around you. But first, you have to learn to tame your mind...





by Dr. C. George Boeree

Many teachers make an attempt at teaching their students to think, but eventually conclude that only a small portion of them have any potential for it. After looking carefully -- phenomenologically -- at the act of thinking, I have come to believe that their despair is rooted in a misconception: They see thinking as something that happens only in our heads. It is this limitation that in turn limits their view of their students' potentials.


Editor's Note by Eden Kozlowski: This is fun. In this article Dr. Boerre focuses on thinking and taking it outside of the box - the box being our minds. He also talks about feeling being so connected with thinking. As a meditator who attempts non-thinking, it just makes it clearer to me why emotions are such a part of meditation...they are additional "thoughts" that also need to be let go.


Editor's Note from Eden Kozlowski: One area that I am personally focusing on now is using meditation and mindfulness in helping our veterans. Sharing this video with you is part of my own research.



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