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by Dr. Bob Leckridge, BSc MB CH B MFHom

Are you well? How’s your energy? If I were to ask you to rate both your well-being and your energy on a ten point scale where 0 is the worst level you could imagine and 10 is the best, what numbers would you give me right now? You’re able to do that. Instantly. But how do you do it?...


Editor's Note from Christine Breen: ATH is delighted to have this wonderful post from homeopath and doctor, Bob Leckridge, from his informative and engaging blog: Heros not Zombies. Check out his blog for all things homeopathic.




Editor's Note: After suffering for more than a dozen years with extreme pain and getting no results from conventional approaches, Anna turned to homeopathic medicine that she was already using for her child. The positive results from her treatment have lasted for years and both of her children have never had a prescription drug thanks to their treatment with Homeopathy!



by Dr. Shreya Deshpande, Online Homeopathic Consultant

Regular and satisfactory bowel movement is bliss! But sadly not many people enjoy this gift and suffer from what we term as constipation. Hard, difficult to pass stools irrespective of the frequency of bowel movement is also called as constipation...


Editor´s Note: This is very short and to the point article on constipation by Dr. Shreya. Regular and satisfactory bowel movement is bliss! But sadly not many people enjoy this gift and have constipation. Nullifying the symptoms is the way to cure for any disease. So here are homeopathic remedies useful in constipation beautifully described with the factors responsible for causing it.




Editor's Note: Misha Norland, founder of The School of Homeopathy--the oldest homeopathy school in the UK--discusses the Vital Force--arguably the most fundamental concept in Homeopathy--and shares his views on how illness arises vis a vis the Vital Force.



by Lynn Amara CCH, RSHom (NAm)

It is that time of year again when weekend warriors armed with pruning shears and trowels head to gardens of every sort. As a farmer who works in both my home gardens and several community garden plots, I have suffered my share of garden injuries and have seen some unique injuries in my fellow gardeners...


Editor's Note: What a boon to have Lynn's homeopathic first aid guide for gardeners: homeopathic remedies work so well in all the situations she describes! Of particular note is Lynn's observation that using homeopathic remedies for these acute injuries can prevent the development of weak spots that give rise to re-injury or future inflammatory conditions like arthritis.



by Sophia Cyrus, HMA

Ligaments are strong, flexible fibers that hold bone together. A sprain is an injury to the ligaments around a joint. It happens when a ligament is stretched too far or tears. The affected area could be very painful and swollen. While a severe sprain is extremely painful and needs immediate medical attention, moderate and minor sprains can be treated at home with natural remedies...


Editor´s Note: A sprain is a tear in a ligament. Sophia presents four homeopathic remedies that are commonly used in acute sprains with their indications.



by Konstantinos Pisios MD

Depression is a chronic illness that affects more than 21 million American adults and children annually and is the leading cause of disability for individuals, ages 15 to 44...


Editor´s Note: It is becoming more and more widely recognized that Homeopathy excels at treating mental and emotional disorders without the adverse effects of conventional approaches. Here, Konstantinos gives us an overview of a problem affecting massive amounts of people: depression. With a case illustration from his own clinic, he demonstrates why Homeopathy is the sensible treatment choice for a whole person approach to depression.



"A single symptom of disease is no more the disease itself than a single foot is the man himself."

~ Samuel Hahnemann, founder of Homeopathy from The Organon of Medicine



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