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Editor's Note from Julie Cerrato: A fascinating video inquiring about the origins of the Ayurvedic language of Sanskrit and it's relationship to Hinduism. The video discusses the sacred scripture Rig Veda in detail and the similarities of Sanskrit words to modern languages such as Greek, Latin and even English. It also questions the geographical location and civilization who developed Sanskrit. There is much controversy over the origin of Sanskrit being from India or outside of India. Here, the video presents evidence of migrating civilizations and their use of Sanskrit. Enjoy!



by Nadya Andreeva

For the past 7 days I was on an ayurvedic cleanse in preparation for my panchakarma treatment with Dr Lad at the Ayurvedic Institute in ABQ, NM. It is the beginning of my month-long detox journey that will come to an end on May 6th...


Editor's Note from Julie Cerrato: Spring is detox season! If you are thinking of purging the body from sweet, salty, crunchy and junk food cravings, the this is the article to read. Nadya Andreeva shares her top 10 secrets for a healthy Ayurvedic detox. These 10 tips will help you prepare your home, work and social environments to  maximize the cleanse and ways to stave off cravings. Whether cleansing on your own or under the care of an Ayurvedic Practitioner, remember to start small with cleansing, so your body, senses, mind and spirit can all adjust. Namaste.



by John Douillard, DC

New research has revealed powerful rejuvenative properties of an herb that Ayurvedic texts held sacred for its astounding list of beneficial properties thousands of years ago...


Editor's Note from Julie Cerrato: Do you experience mood swings, anxiety, memory loss, low blood sugar, exhaustion or fatigue? The very powerful Ayurvedic herb Shilajit helps address these conditions and many more. Shilajit is often termed a "rejuvenative" because of its potent ability to detoxify the body and promote tissue regeneration. Two of Shilajit's active agents are fulvic and humic acids, which act to draw out deeply rooted toxins from the body, thus allowing it to heal. Please note that Shilajit is not recommended for pregnant women. Please visit your Ayurvedic Practitioner for proper recommendations of Shilajit. Dr. Douillard discusses the numerous positive actions of Shilajit in this article. A video of Dr. Douillard discussing Shilajit is also available in the Ayurveda section of All Things Healing. Namaste.



by Prof. Stephen B. Palmer, MD, PhD, JD

Regardless of scientific data showing certain alkaloids to be toxic, they do not always factor in that the extracted alkaloid may be thousands of times more toxic than the plant itself, and that many parts of the plant routinely used contain little or none of the toxicity; also that the experimenter may set up the lab tests knowing the results before the test is run...


Editor's Note from Sonica Krishan: Prof. Stephen B. Palmer has submitted a wonderful article Comphrey the Miracle Plant in which he provides with optimal benefits of the herb which is popular not only in the ancient medicine of Ayurveda, but also in various other medicine systems like Alchemy, Allopathic [Dentistry and Osteopathy] , Chinese Herbalists, Homeopathy, Kempo [Japanese Traditional], Naturopathy, Shamanic, Traditional Chinese-Mongolian-Tibetan and Unani.




Editor's Note from Julie Cerrato: What IS Ayurveda? Ayur means "life or long life," and Veda is "the wisdom of or science of," making Ayurveda the wisdom or science of long life. Here is a pleasant and insightful disscusion about the meaning and purpose of Ayurveda with Dr. Chopra and Dr. Suhas. Namaste



by Dr. Baljot Bharaj

Postnatal period ushers a whole new world for a woman.This period  is a potpourri of happiness & contentment, on one hand and physical & mental fatigue due to delivery, on the other hand. To overcome these highs and lows, Ayurveda has described ‘Sutika Paricharya’ i.e. Postnatal Regimen. In this regimen, Abhyanga or Ayurveda Massage has a significant role...


Editor´s Note from Sonica Krishan: The mode of action as described in Ayurveda is - it helps in fast penetration of oil deep into tissues. In this article, Dr Baljot Bharaj, the author lays emphasis on the importance of Abhyanga or the Ayurveda massage therapy.



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