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by Norriss S. Hetherington and W. Patrick McCray

The Greek worldview was the most long-lived in the history of scientific cosmology. Closely tied to the ancient practice of astrology, it continued from ancient Greece through medieval Islamic civilization to seventeenth-century Europe...




by Michael Wolfstar

Mercury turns retrograde in Scorpio on the 4th and then direct on the 25th while in Libra. Communication within personal and business relationships may become problematic for many during this three-week phase. Beware of pleasant chatting as a way of avoiding deeper issues. The 14th, 17th, and 20th are best days to negotiate and expect good results. However, any deals made during this phase may have to be re-worked later...




by Franco Santoro

A typical trait of our ordinary reality is to function as a separate arbitrary configuration. This sort of configuration holds fixed edges preventing free circulation of energy. As a result the limited amount of energy available inside this separate reality is all we can apparently rely on. On the other hand, from a multidimensional perspective, energy existing in this and other universes is basically infinite, and it is only the human separate paradigm itself that inhibits us from accessing it...


Editor's Note: I have grown up with astrology and have realized over the years how powerful a tool this is in assisting your life. This is an interesting perspective I've not seen before. Enjoy!



by Lynda Hill

September's new Moon is a promising one of change, resurrection, hope, love and new beginnings. Falling a day after the spring/autumn equinox, we have an extraordinary line-up of Symbols on this new Moon that feel very positive, while giving us a bit of prompt to take on the challenge to lift our game, to rise above any problems, to feel a sense of 'ascension' happening in our lives. The basic thrust of this new Moon is the distinct possibility of getting one's mojo back. The stuck becomes unstuck and synchronicities and magical moments arise continually, as this new Moon is very much about taking a leap forward. Some will be baby steps and some will be great strides towards your objectives. In the lead up to the new Moon, many may be feeling a sense of disillusionment, especially as Mars and Neptune are squaring off against each other...



by Andrew Smith

The song of which Thoreau refers is not music per se but the creative essence of Infinite Intelligence within you seeking an outlet; that song may not be music at all, but maybe something that gives greater expression to your divine nature, to the creative life-force that flows through you....





by Cathy H. Burroughs

The Tarot, long a powerful tool of divination, can also be used as a dramatic tool of healing, and for shifting deep patterns...Using both the structure of the seven Chakras and the images of the Rider-Waite deck, the Chakra Lube Job illustrates how the cards of a layout may be replaced as the healing progresses; as the images shift, they actually depict the process of growth and resolution, similar to time-elapsed photography...




by Michael Erlewine

Learning meditation is hard because it can be boring. Like trying to thread a needle, there is no easy way to do it except to do it. For starters, you have to learn to focus and concentrate. Often the breath is what we concentrate on, but here is the problem...


Editor's Note from Eden Kozlowski: I enjoy reading about different ways to meditate. Michael really gives a different angle to the practice making it practical for everyone.



by Carmen Turner-Schott

If you were born between the dates of August 21 through September 20 then the Sun was in the sign of Virgo when you were born. Virgo rules the digestive system, abdominal region, large and small intestines, spleen, solar plexus, sinuses, respiratory system, bowels, lobes of the liver and pancreas...




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