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by Melanie Webb

I was neck deep in contract negotiations. My time investment of the last 8 months to build a business relationship was finally about to pay off. I was ready to do the work I’d come to the middle of nowhere on the Utah/Arizona border to do: deliver a customized fitness retreat that would take a busy exec off the grid and reconnect his mind and body. I shot for the moon…and got shot down...


Editor's Note from Melanie Webb: Sometimes we think that our exercise and fitness routine has to be just that - a routine - to be effective. As a result our physical fitness plateaus, we get stale and bored, and often feel confined or restricted to the gym. Adventure travel to exciting new places - or even the next city - opens up a host of new outdoor activities, connecting us not only to the wonder of our body, but Mother Nature as well.


Exercise & Fitness

by Wes Ozier

If you’ve lived in Arizona for a while, you may have heard of the Arcosanti project but don’t really know what it is. If you have been interested in and studying ecodesign and intentional community for a while, you may have heard of the Arcosanti Project but don't know what it is. Some people think the Arcosanti Project is an artist colony, some think it is a commune, some think it is a bell factory and some think it is a city hidden in the desert...


Conscious Consumerism

by Ilchi Lee

As a rule, many trees around a mountain make it good for meditation. In Fay Canyon (in Sedona, Arizona), there are many trees emanating a sacred energy. In a canyon like this, I shed the thought that I am looking at the trees and think instead that the trees are seeing me. Focus not only on yourself, but on the trees...

Editor's Note from Jodi Chapman: In this article, excerpted from the book, The Call of Sedona: Journey of the Heart, Ilchi Lee reminds us that connecting with nature will lead us to our inner wisdom.



by Anne-Marie Botek
Cross-posted from www.Care2.com

In Tuscon, Arizona, a crowd is gathering.

Dozens of men and women from every age group, some with dogs in tow, are converging on the Monterey Court Café and Galleries to talk about one thing: death...


Editor's Note from Sue O'Callahan: Our view of death is not generally a topic that comes up over a cup of coffee. The idea of a "death cafe" intrigues me because exploring the subject of death and taking steps to address our fears of dying frees us to live more fully.


Sacred Living

by Andrew Weil, MD

I recently read that women who are trying to conceive should avoid taking flaxseed oil. But there is a lot of conflicting information out there. What do you think?...


Editor's Note: Andrew Weil, MD is the author of the best selling books - "8 Weeks to Optimal Health" and "Why Our Health Matters." He is a Bravewell Foundation Pioneer in Integrative Medicine and the Founder and Medical Director of the Arizona Center of Integrative Medicine at the University of Arizona.


Integrative Medicine

by Andrew Weil, MD

Is it okay to drink coffee during pregnancy?...


Editor's Note: Andrew Weil, MD is the author of the best selling books, "8 Weeks to Optimal Health" and "Why Our Health Matters."  He is A Bravewell Foundation Pioneer in Integrative Medicine and the Founder and Medical Director of the Arizona Center of Integrative Medicine at the University of Arizona.



Integrative Medicine

by Anna Hunt
Cross-posted from WakingTimes.com

Are souls constructed from the fabric of our universe? Dr. Stuart Hameroff, Professor Emeritus at the University of Arizona, and his colleague Sir Roger Penrose, a British theoretical physicist, seem to think so, and have been promoting this theory over the last 15 years...


Editor's Note from Carolyn White: I've often been asked, "How does energy medicine work?" If Quantum physics can offer us an explanation of the near-death phenomenon, perhaps this research can lead us to a better understanding of how "energy" works. Are we all interconnected by the fabric of the universe - does quantum consciousness reside in our brain? A very provocative article with a video explanation by Dr. Stuart Hameroff of what may happen during a near-death experience.


Energy Medicine

Interviewed by Michelle Gregg

Dr. Henele, ND


Dr. Henele is a licensed practitioner of Naturopathic Medicine and devoted teacher of Advanced Natural Medicine. As both the founder of Genesis Health Systems and the creative influence behind such healing therapies as Release Point Therapy® & 28-Day Cellular Cleansing®, his educational experience in the healing arts extends over fourteen years and includes many inspiring mentors. In this conversation, Dr. Henele shares his experience teaching at The Southwest Institute of Healing Arts (SWIHA), located in Tempe, Arizona. This nationally accredited private college and community healing center is for those interested in pursuing careers in the healing arts professions.


Please Join ATH as Dr. Henele and Michelle Gregg venture into Dr. Henele's experiences at SWIHA as a teacher of the Holistic Nutrition.


Listen to the interview.




Holistic Nutrition

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