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Integrative Medicine


Have a Magical Christmas!


by David Osborn

In the first part of this article, I presented and delineated the four cardinal phases, or quarters, of the Moon in Her monthly Lunation Cycle. In the second and third part, I went deeper, and presented additional tools for delineating the Moon's expression through Her natal Moon Phase. In this fourth installment and continued in a fifth, I would like to thoroughly map out the Eight Phases of the Moon, and the aspectual terrain of each phase...  


Continued from:
Part I - The Mystery of the Moon's Phases from a Traditional Perspective
Part II - Going Deeper
Part III: Sun - Moon Aspects as a Way of Subdividing and Delineating Natal Lunar Phase





by Laura Marjorie Miller

Ah, pratyahara: most unglamorous of Patañjali’s limbs of Yoga! Most abstemious ascetic anga! What do I do with you? I am an addict of form and feeling, in photography and painting and drawing, dance and Yoga...


Editor’s Note from Christina Seluzicki: Focus in and free yourself from the chaos of the external world just by closing your eyes is this essay on the power of pratyahara by Yogini Laura Miller.




Editor's Note from Myles Spar: This video is a brief introduction to Dr. Lipton's work showing that your beliefs are powerful and manifest in your biology.


Integrative Medicine


Editor's Note from Jean-Pierre Ruiz: Despite buccolic images of small farms in most food advertising, the majority of the food we eat is produced by mega-farms in mono-culture production. These deplete the soil and more than 6,000 additives and chemicals are used to produce what we call "food." Most of these have been either poorly studied, or not studied at all as to their effect on our health...


Conscious Consumerism


Editor's Note from Leigh Glenn: Michigan herbalist Jim McDonald discusses a star tannic astringent, Geranium maculatum, otherwise known as wild geranium, or cranesbill. Unlike other plants that feature other actions in addition to astringency, such as raspberry leaf, "This plant is an astringent -- that's what it's used for... If you taste them [the rhizome], and your mouth goes, 'Keee,' you know, and tightens up and dries up, you have that visceral sensation... It's not mental remembering of facts and qualities; you have that visceral body knowledge that says, 'Astringent.'"



by Dr. C. George Boeree

Many teachers make an attempt at teaching their students to think, but eventually conclude that only a small portion of them have any potential for it. After looking carefully -- phenomenologically -- at the act of thinking, I have come to believe that their despair is rooted in a misconception: They see thinking as something that happens only in our heads. It is this limitation that in turn limits their view of their students' potentials.


Editor's Note by Eden Kozlowski: This is fun. In this article Dr. Boerre focuses on thinking and taking it outside of the box - the box being our minds. He also talks about feeling being so connected with thinking. As a meditator who attempts non-thinking, it just makes it clearer to me why emotions are such a part of meditation...they are additional "thoughts" that also need to be let go.

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