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Adapted by Andrea D’Amore

A delicious vegetarian delight. Give these wonderful Stuffed Cubanelle Peppers a try and your tastebuds are promised to be pleased...






Healing Recipes

by CJ Wright and Kathleen Lamoureux

What is it about love that stirs your soul or drives you completely crazy?  Do you have a strong soul-mate connection, is your love more physically based or is it the love of a true friend?  Whatever love is to you, love is a matter of the heart that is as unique to you as your love to each other...


Editor's Note from Kathleen and CJ: This is part two of a nine-part series exploring the many facets of love through numerology, the tarot, and astrological symbolism. Read Part 1 ~ Individual.



by Debbie Allen

There is a wonderful article on the Sacred Living Page of ATH titled, "Grace Reaches Down." There are times then we as psychotherapists, carry a bit of the despair of the people we see. We stand at the edge of the abyss with our clients...

by Kristin Wartman

Thanks to Michael Pollan, many Americans are now aware that when a food boasts a health claim it usually means it’s actually not that healthy after all. But there’s one food that consistently flies below the radar despite its numerous health claims when found in processed and packaged foods: Soy...




Holistic Nutrition

by Dr. Akilah El

Lavender flowers have long since been used to treat digestive problems, insomnia, anxiety, and restlessness. Until World War I, lavender was used to treat and disinfect wounds. For centuries, English farmers would place lavender flowers in their hats to prevent headache and sunstroke. Women would place sachets of lavender in their closets and wardrobes for fragrance..


Editor's Note: Lavender is a bushy aromatic shrub with medicinal and culinary values. This ornamental plant is usually grown for its essential oils. Check out this article to know more about it.




by Graham Wilson

It’s important to be clear about the behaviours that you are seeking to reinforce, the diversity of people and their tendency to find jobs that suit their personality, and to ensure that complex and conflicting desirable behaviours are suitably reinforced.


Click "read more" to view the video "The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us".



Editors Note:
Psychology principles based on motivation and reward are used in organizational development to motivate people to improve job performance, to produce more products, and be more creative. Dr Graham Wilson has some interesting things to say about the importance of finding the match of incentive to the personality of the employee.  I think you'll enjoy reading Dr.Wilson's article and then watching this RSA Video adapted from a talk by Dan Pink...




from FoodTank

The food system depends on a healthy environment, but poor agricultural practices are responsible for environmental degradation. Beekeepers continue to lose 30 percent of honeybee colonies during an average winter—likely due to pesticides and other agrochemicals...

Editor's Note from Susan Lutz: The food system struggles to provide and sustain, yet their are those working to provide important ingredients to repairing the way we eat and think about food.


Organic Living

by Dr. Karen Jacobson, DC

Fibromyalgia is chronic syndrome that among other symptoms  includes pain, multiple defined tender points in various areas  of the body, fatigue, sore, burning muscles and sleep issues. More commonly occurring  in women than men, it may also include headaches, bladder and bowl issues as well...


Editor´s Note from Abbey Denaro: If you or someone you know is suffering with Fibromyalgia, don't give up hope yet! Patient testimonials as well as research studies are indicating Chiropractic care as an important member of your health care team.



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