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"The psychohistorical legacy of ancient Mexico, to which the peoples of the Americans are the main heirs, could determine the fate of human life on the planet, for the better or worse. The 2012 end-time may be the point of no return for the Western way of excess and exploitation. It may also be the moment of opportunity for some people in the West to set a course correction for the entire planet."

~ John Lamb Lash in "The Mystery of 2012: Predictions, Prophecies & Possibilities"




"The hope that someone or something will save you, that you will not have to make any changes in yourself, that you will not have to be responsible, is unrealistic. The belief that you can stay in patterns of lethargy and unconsciousness, then take something or have something given to you that will transform you without any effort on your part, is sheer folly. It won't happen."

~ The Hathors in the "Great Shift: Co-Creating a New World for 2012 and Beyond"




by Phoebe

Living in Southern California, Phoebe’s host family is blessed to be joined by numerous species of birds and after several years noticed a hummingbird setting up her nest in their yard. Amazingly, she returned year after year. Thinking it would be fun to get a closer look, the family set up their first webcam in 2007...


Editor's Note from Cathy Alinovi: Probably Phoebe's last clutch of the season, Flash and Opal will fledge soon. Amazing how much time can be spent watching baby hummingbirds rest, grow and feed! Phoebe's host's have a wonderful site full of hummingbird information. Here is some of that great information, and don't forget to follow the link and see Phoebe and her clutch. If you miss them this season - come back in October, she'll build a new nest and lay an average of 4 clutches a season - plenty to see!


Animals & Pets

by Tina Rayner

There are countless names for, “God” (Buddha, Atman, Allah, or any of the other terms for, “God” out there) and countless definitions of what, “God” is. Despite these differences, it seems that much of the world does agree that, “God” is something, or someone that is separate from humanity and that nothing of God exists within humans...


Editor´s Note from Tina Rayner: With the dawn of the auspicious 2012, the time to Rise To Shine is now! We can only do this if we acknowledge and shine the fullness of the light that we are! However, many people deny the truth of the light that they are and struggle because they do. As the brightest Light of All is God, the key to shining our lights is to understand the truth about who God is and thus, who we are.



by Anna Hunt
Cross-posted from

Research institutions around the world are beginning to discover the many positive effects that the cannabis plant has on the human body. More scientists are researching how the properties of marijuana could fulfill the need for effective cancer prevention and treatment...


Editor´s Note from Milan Perry: The Marijuana plant has been given a bad name through the years but used properly it can have beneficial results. Herbs are highly compatible with the human body since they come from nature and thus it can absorb the medicinal properties within it.



by Bruce N. Gelerter
Cross-posted from

Lucid dreaming doesn’t work for everyone, but those that do find themselves able to induce lucid dreams largely rely on a few popular methods. While most of these lucid dreaming tips rely only on mental preparation and self-coaching to induce lucid dreams, there are lucid dream gadgets, such as the lucid dreaming mask, that also assist in controlling your dreams. Read on to learn more...


Note: Much insight can be gained by remembering your dreams, also known as lucid dreaming. Here are are few steps to enhance dream memory.


Dream Medicine

by Susan Lutz
ATH Editor of Organic Living

Billions of cups mean billions of little plastic, worthless-after-one use, go-in-the-trash cups. And the cost doesn't seem to matter. Folgers coffee, in one of those K-cups, measures out to $50.00 a serving...

Editor's Note from Susan Lutz: Billions of cups mean billions of little plastic, worthless-after-one use, go-in-the-trash cups. And the cost doesn't seem to matter. We can do something.


Organic Living

We chose this project as a class because we feel that it is important that people know about the food that they are eating, where it comes from, and what goes into it. We soon found that there are other organizations that have the same concerns we do.


We also gained a new understanding of how simple actions can have an immense impact on our environment...



Think Green

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