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"The psychohistorical legacy of ancient Mexico, to which the peoples of the Americans are the main heirs, could determine the fate of human life on the planet, for the better or worse. The 2012 end-time may be the point of no return for the Western way of excess and exploitation. It may also be the moment of opportunity for some people in the West to set a course correction for the entire planet."

~ John Lamb Lash in "The Mystery of 2012: Predictions, Prophecies & Possibilities"




by Anna Hunt
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Over the last few decades, yoga has become quite popular, even trendy, outside of the Eastern Buddhist and Hindu cultures. For example, Harris Interactive Service Bureau reported in February 2012 that 16.5 million US adults practice yoga...


Editor´s Note: Most yogis will claim that yoga has many benefits, perhaps not as clearly visible at first, such as improved circulation, digestion and elimination, lowered stress and tension, improved concentration, and on, and on. All that to say, a recently published review in the journal Frontiers in Psychiatry has revealed that a regular yoga practice can have positive effects on various mental health disorders, such as depression and sleep complaints, as well as improve symptoms of illnesses such as schizophrenia and ADHD. Read on to find out more!



One in 10 men is a victim of trauma; 71 percent of men experience some form of psychological or emotional before they turn 18. Trauma, especially in childhood, has been linked to addiction. Many addicts and recovering addicts are also trauma survivors. Though men and women cope with trauma differently, people of both genders experience the same level of intense suffering in the face of pain and loss...




Editor's Note from Michael Williams: Parent to Child and Therapy Associates is a therapy studio located in Center City, Philadelphia. With emphasis on art and music therapies, it helps children with anxiety, depression and other kinds of mental issues. Temple University student Steven Yuan reports on October 6, 2012 during its special opening hours collaborated with Philadelphia Open Studio Tour (POST) project.


Therapeutic Storytelling

by Panache Desai

When I think of summer during my growing up years in London, I remember long days playing endless games. The 2012 Summer Olympics exhibited all the pomp and circumstance of a Danny Boyle production.

For me it's not the obvious stories that grabbed my interest, but the unlikely heroes who burst onto the world stage having seemingly overcome incredible adversity along the way who truly inspire me...


Exercise & Fitness

by Ralfee Finn

Nervous systems are likely to grow increasingly twitchy this week, as Uranus and Pluto form their seventh and final square on March 16, turning up the heat on the caldron of change—personal and collective—and bringing it to a roiling boil. We’ve been in the unrelenting grip of this fractious interaction since spring 2012, and so much has shifted during the last three years that it’s impossible to deem any one event as emblematic of the entire cycle or to deem this last contact as the most significant...




by Ralfee Finn

On March 16, at 9:53:26 PM EDT Uranus and Pluto will complete the final square in a series of seven exact squares that began on June 24, 2012. And for the next several weeks, as they finish this cycle, daily life will reflect this last contact with escalating intensity—if such a thing is possible. Expect most of your fellow travelers to be on edge. This isn’t a peaceful finale, and it is certain to wreak havoc on nervous systems, as well as on attitudes. Mars plays a large role in the culmination of this fractious Uranus/Pluto alliance, and its presence lends a warring signature to the interaction...





Editor's Note: I had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Jim Doty at the Science of Compassion Conference summer of 2012, and recently met again at the Wisdom 2.0 conference on Technology and Mindfulness where he informed me he had just finished this interview with Eckhart Tolle on February 12, 2013. Dr Doty is the founder of CCARE at Stanford University, which concerns itself with research in what will allow us to cultivate our original default and essence of who we are as human beings: kind, compassionate, and loving beings--our awareness and attention to this truth determines our health and well-being and that of our world. 



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