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What is Sacred Living? The exploration of moving from life lived via the intellect (our rational Western minds), to embracing life lived from the Soul (that juicy, amazing place of creation and un-knowing). Learn about how you can achieve sacred living with All Things Healing. Join a community of sacred living & healing practitioners. For more information on sacred living, visit All Things Healing online today!

Introducing Sacred Living
(Asst. Editor Sandra Miniere, MEd) David is the founder of Shambhala Retreats. A Naturopath, Intuitive Healer and Transformational Coach, David writes and educates people international...
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David G. Arenson, ND
Sue O’Callahan has been working as an intuitive energy healer since 2000. Her education and training includes Medical Intuition, Light Energy, Vibrational Healing, Color Therapy, ...
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Sue OCallahan

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by Gerald N. Epstein

Please take note how often in the media commentators mistake the terms "logic" and "intuition." Most often they cite an idea that is intuitive by terming it counterintuitive, meaning what? The idea is logical so call it "logical." When you are intuitive call it "intuitive." What is the necessity for the modifier "counter"? Intuition is almost never given its proper due as the essential way knowledge in human relations and relationships is gleaned. Logic is reserved for understanding how the mechanical world operates. It can never allow you to understand the world of human experience...


Sacred Living

by Michael Brine

We have arrived on this Planet at a point of transition between two Ages. We are in the process of leaving the dark age we have just moved through over the last almost 6000 years – referred to by some as the Yuga cycle – and into a more enlightening Age...


Editor's Note from David Arenson: Michael Brine writes about the transition between two Ages, a dark age of oppression and ignorance, and the ascending new age of Enlightmentment. A fascinating article filled with wisdom and insight. As usual from Brine, he is measured in his approach to our current times...


Sacred Living

by Monica Marie Kosiorek, MBA, BS

Resilience has been on my mind quite a bit these days. I thought I’d start at the beginning of what I think determines how we’ll go through or in some cases get through life! By definition in Webster’s resilient means buoyant, elastic...


Editor's Note from Sandra Miniere: This article points out the importance of being resilient in times of self-discovery and stress. Monica shares how she is jump starting the next phase of her life and encourages you to dig deep, discover what you want and get your life on track. In any situation, your choices affect the outcomes that show up in your life. You are in charge of more than you realize.


Sacred Living

by Rose Ann Rasic

Olga Murray is a bundle of energy and joy. This tiny white-haired woman with a big smile wins the hearts of people with her story, which is one of selfless and sacred living.

Born in Transylvania in 1925, Olga came to the U.S. as a six-year-old...


Editor's Note from Sue O'Callahan: Olga Murray retired from working for the California Supreme Court only to travel to the Himalayas to find her life's work supporting the education, health and well being of indigent Nepalese children. Her founding of the Nepal Youth Foundation inspires each of us to listen for our own call to action.


Sacred Living

by Steve Taylor
Cross-posted from WakingTimes.com

Enlightened people are like spiritual dynamos: they have a very strong presence which touches the people they come into contact with, transmitting something of their enlightenment to them...


Editor's Note from Sue O'Callahan: Satsang in Sanskrit means good company. Steve Taylor's article looks at the availability of powerful transformation when we sit in the presence of consciously awakened teachers. In addition to profiling the awakening process for some well-known author/teachers, the article explores how enlightened gurus are able to communicate and transmit enlightenment to others. 


Sacred Living

by Dorothy Ratusny, PhD

Your sense of self is your knowledge and awareness of who you are. It requires a level of consciousness that predicates honesty (to yourself and others), about what you believe in, ascribe to, value, and uphold...


Editor's Note from Sandra Miniere: Dorothy Ratusny shares five strategies for developing a positive sense of self. She describes core issues that define the "self" and invites you to focus inward in order to discover your deepest truths. The most important relationship you will ever have is with yourself. This intimate relationship happens as a result of your being curious, courageous and honest.


Sacred Living

by DK Brainard

One of the biggest things that has come up recently in my work with myself and with my clients is the need to get grounded and centered...


Editor's Note from David Arenson: Something that comes up repeatedly in my dealings with people, is the need to be grounded and centered. This is especially important for sacred living. As living from the source of our connection to the earth, allows us to relate and expand our consciousness from a solid place within. New author, Brainard shares a great grounding strategy to help ground and center you.


Sacred Living


Editor´s Note from David Arenson: Narrated by Marianne Williamson from her book, 'Return to Love', beautiful music accompanies her breathtaking words - a perfect fit for such wise words of wisdom and inspiration. Universal truths about love and fear, resolution and wisdom.


Sacred Living

by David G. Arenson, ND,
ATH Co-Editor of Sacred Living

Who is the person you were meant to be?


Consider where you are and how you got here. With a bit of luck, you may feel a smile taking shape on your face and realize just how wonderful the world really is...

Editor´s Note from David Arenson: Who is the person you were meant to be? Consider where you are and how you got here. With a bit of luck, you may feel a smile taking shape on your face and realize just how wonderful the world really is.  What about the the Life you were meant to Live? Key insights into energy blocks, the cause of pain/illness and disease, and 6 ways to reclaim your magnificence and live the life you were born to live.


Sacred Living

by Barbara-Lynn Freed

Directly connecting us to the divine, the mystical cosmology of the Seven Sacred Directions is the basis for all Native American ceremony including the medicine wheel, sweat lodge and sacred pipe. As a living, moving model of the universe it is interconnected with all life on earth and the divine forces of creation. In Native American tradition creating sacred space with the Seven Sacred Directions is the single most important practice we can do to get in touch with spirit...


Sacred Living

by Lisa Bloom

The girl sat quite still with her hands fluttering lightly and her dark browns eyes sparkling and darting around the room following the conversation. I was strangely drawn to her and the one other girl in the room wearing the bur'qa, the garment that covered her whole body, head to foot, aside from a slit for her eyes...


Sacred Living


Editor's Note from Sandra Miniere: Dr. Mark William Cochran transformed his health and life by changing the story he told himself about his inflammatory arthritis. He went from fighting the disease to thriving with it; from a limited existence to running marathons. His new story included seeing his disease as a part of him, replacing the fight with love and allowing his healing to take him to new heights of accomplishment. This is a powerful message of hope for those suffering from chronic illness and illustrates the power of story. Enjoy!


Sacred Living

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Mandela Lives On: 8 Things I Learnt from Madiba

by David G Arenson, ND

A nation mourns. The event we dreaded yet knew was inevitable has finally dawned on us. Mandela has fallen.

I remember distinctly the day Nelson Mandela was released from Victor Verster prison. Who could forget? I was a mere child yet young enough to know something significant was happening.


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