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Introducing Sacred Living
(Asst. Editor Sandra Miniere, MEd) David is the founder of Shambhala Retreats. A Naturopath, Intuitive Healer and Transformational Coach, David writes and educates people international...
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David G. Arenson, ND
Sue O’Callahan has been working as an intuitive energy healer since 2000. Her education and training includes Medical Intuition, Light Energy, Vibrational Healing, Color Therapy, ...
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Sue O’Callahan

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by David G. Arenson, ND
ATH Co-Editor of Sacred Living

I write this from Yangshuo, China where I am currently based studying Tai Chi and Internal Kungfu. My next journey is to the Wudangshan mountains in Hubei province...


Editor's Note from David Arenson: Dreams are there to inspire and motivate us to do more, to do better, to make our lives our own tapestry, our own creation. What dreams could you dream up next to make your life better, greater? What dreams of others inspire you? What dreams have you previously thought were unobtainable or impossible?

Live the "impossible" dream!


Sacred Living

by Dorothy Ratusny, PhD

There are important reasons for knowing how to generate love from within.

When you learn the process for loving SELF, you no longer require or depend on others to love you. (It is wonderful that you feel loved by others, but you no longer live in search of someone to love you)...


Editor's Note from Sandra Miniere: Dorothy Ratusny reveals insights into the deepest origins, meanings and experiences of love. Love is both emotion and energy. As human beings, we experience and express love in physical ways. We also share this sacred energy with others and life by becoming LOVE. Dorothy encourages you to embrace the source of LOVE within you, become one with it and use it to free yourself from the need to feel loved by another.


Sacred Living


Editor's Note from Sandra Miniere: Cheryl Richardson gives practical tips on how to disappoint others by saying no to their requests with less and less feelings of discomfort. The art of extreme self care requires that we say yes to ourselves and no to others at times. While this self-care tip has been around for a long time, I still see many people not doing it. Too many people are getting life-threatening diseases because they do not make themselves a priority. Enjoy!


Sacred Living

by David G. Arenson, ND
ATH Co-Editor of Sacred Living

I’m often asked – “do we create our reality?”

The answer is yes and no. From a mystical perspective, the answer is yes, but in our day to day lives, it is very often no, due to the number of blockages and lessons we need to get through in order to evolve...


Editor's Note from David Arenson: Do we create our reality? The forever neverending question!

We are creators of our lives from a soul perspective, but this doesn’t always equate to getting what we want from an ego perspective. Manifesting is positive so long as it is in line with what we intend for our lives. If our soul wants us to go through the experience of, for example, having a miscarriage, then it is not for us to seek the meaning and purpose, but to accept that this was for the highest good.


Sacred Living



Editor's Note from Sandra Miniere: During the Panache Desai Global Gathering in Orlando, I glided around the ballroom to the music of Walking on Sunshine. The music wrapped me in joy, and I felt invincible as I walked on sunshine. I hope the beautiful nature scenes and music in this video make you feel like dancing--a great way to celebrate summer. The title alone makes me feel happy. "I feel the love." Enjoy!!


Sacred Living


by Robert Bruce

There was a time when I was so sensitive and insecure about my energetic and psychic safety that I was constantly monitoring what was happening around me...


Editor's Note from Sue O'Callahan: Robert Bruce teaches us in this article how to create an energy firewall so that we can protect our sacred space and selves from negative energy and influences. He breathes his life experience into the saying "Your energy flows where your attention goes."


Sacred Living

by Sandra Miniere, MEd
ATH Asst. Editor of Sacred Living

Going through your day on automatic pilot dulls your senses, lowers your creative energy, makes you susceptible to distractions and limits your perception of what is possible. You lose the passion and purpose that contribute to enjoying your life and protecting your health...


Editor's Note from Sandra Miniere: This article includes three simple strategies that will inspire you to "play full out" and feel more ALIVE! When you pay attention, challenge yourself and create meaningful goals, you become your best and accomplish your intentions. Your life becomes a playground of possibilities for you to explore and enjoy. Let your creative inner-child lead the way.


Sacred Living

by Deb Schnitta, RN

Every choice we make is one of aligning with our thoughts and beliefs. As we become more aware of these thoughts, both conscious and unconscious, we open to greater capacity to consciously create what we desire...


Editor's Note from Sue O'Callahan: How do we partner with our soul? What is our natural state of being? Deb Schnitta explores these topics and inspires us to live more consciously, inviting ease into our lives.


Sacred Living

by Mada Eliza Dalian

Relationships are at the heart of most of our significant life experiences. They help to nurture our body and soul and teach us many important lessons...


Editor's Note from Sue O'Callahan: I love that the tools and guidance provided in Mada's article can be applied to all relationships. It inspires us to be emotionally honest and aware, as well as take responsibility for our total well-being.


Sacred Living

by David G. Arenson, ND
ATH Co-Editor of Sacred Living

The real reality is within. What you see is an illusion, and only reflects what your brain is capable of showing you via its own mechanisms. Technically and physiologically speaking, you’re unable to see the truth that you live in an illusion that can equally imprison or free you...


Editor's Note from David Arenson: Are we real? Are we even capable of seeing what is real? Technically and physiologically speaking, are we able to see the truth? Or are we destined to live our lives in a illusion - a bubble that can equally imprison or free us?

Is there such a thing as a true reality – perhaps the whole world is a dream or a dance of consciousness dreaming itself alive.


Sacred Living

by Lissa Rankin
Cross-posted from

I come from a family of three Methodist ministers and was raised going to a Methodist church twice a week. In the faith tradition of my family, we don’t choose our parents, we haven’t lived before we’re born, and when we die- if we’ve lived noble lives, we hightail it up to heaven to enjoy everlasting life and maybe even become angels...


Editor's Note from Sue O'Callahan: With so much more information available on past lives, how is society changing its view and discourse on the subject? In this article, Lissa Rankin, MD takes a personal journey of discovery after meeting Dr. Brian Weiss, psychiatrist and author of Many Lives, Many Masters.


Sacred Living


Editor's Note from Sue O'Callahan: This video from Sonja Grace presents and illustrates a beautiful daily ritual of connecting deeply to the Earth and divine love. These two forces converge in the heart to produce powerful creativity and ultimately genuine peace.


Sacred Living

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Mandela Lives On: 8 Things I Learnt from Madiba

by David G Arenson, ND

A nation mourns. The event we dreaded yet knew was inevitable has finally dawned on us. Mandela has fallen.

I remember distinctly the day Nelson Mandela was released from Victor Verster prison. Who could forget? I was a mere child yet young enough to know something significant was happening.


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