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October 06, 2015  
Body Clock

by Milos Bang

Most of Eastern Philosophy and Medicine comes from observing Nature and the Universe. Ancient Chinese realized early that most things in Nature are cyclical and by observing the human body’s patterns, established that our own energy (Qi) also moves on daily and on annual cycles.


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by Dr. Ogi Ressel, DC

Your child is hot, flushed, glassy-eyed and obviously not well. These signs and symptoms catch the attention of a mother, and in America women make most of the healthcare related decisions in the family. You immediately know your child has a FEVER, you are very concerned and  feel a little bit of panic setting in. After all, you have been carefully trained to think that fever is actually something that should be treated.


Editor's Note from Beth Wisniewski: Concerned about your child's temperature? Do you think that they have a fever and that you have to get rid of their symptoms as soon as possible? Dr. Ogi Ressel explains the mechanism of a fever and how the body is actually expressing health when it raises body temperature. Fever is a good thing, the body is self regulating, and killing off foreign invaders. Suppressing this mechanism can actually do more harm than good. Learning how to support your child during these times instead of treating their symptoms will lead to an overall healthier child.




by Molly Theobald

As climate change worsens, and fresh water availability grows more erratic, the food security of small-scale farmers throughout Africa will increasingly depend on their water management abilities.


From Wikipedia: George Benson is a ten time Grammy Award winning American musician, whose production career began at the age of twenty-one as a jazz guitarist. He recorded the original version of "Greatest Love of All" for the 1977 Muhammad Ali bio-pic, The Greatest, which was later recorded as a cover by Whitney Houston.


Listen & Laugh


Editor's Note from Jean-Pierre Ruiz: In this first part of a two part series, we'll hear from Scott Harrison, CEO and founder of Charity Water (a 4-star charity according to Charity Navigator, an agency which evaluates non-profits) how "almost a billion people live without clean drinking water. We call this the water crisis. It's a crisis because it only starts with water -- but water affects everything in life. Health. Education. Food security. And the lives of women and children, especially."


Conscious Consumerism

by Dr. Sonica Krishan,

The herb of wheat grass is one among the best known natural reservoir of health and longevity. Wheat grass is a young wheat plant about 3 to 4 inches long that can be easily cultivated at home. Being highly nutritious, it is a rich source of amino acids, vitamins and minerals...




by Carol Lawrence and Stacy Toten,
ATH Asst. Editors of Family & Parenting

All children are spiritual beings that have come to have a human experience. We know each parent wants to have their belief system instilled in their children. We just ask you to allow and not shut off other avenues of explorations for them. Inspired children can think outside of themselves...


Editor's Note from Carol Lawrence and Stacy Toten: This is one of our favorite articles we have written. It is simple but yet powerful. We were asked to write an article listing what we felt was intentional conscious parenting. We've had a tremendous amount of positive feedback from this article and wish to share it with you all.


Family & Parenting

by Leslie Cerier

There are dozens of different basil varieties from which to choose. The delicate sweet-flavored “sacred basil” called for in this soup is commonly used in the cuisines of Africa, India, and the Far East. Although sacred basil is recommended in this recipe, you can use any basil variety...


Editor's Note: If you haven't figured it out by now, I love soup, and this recipe is no exception. Chickpeas, an absolute staple of my diet, and the spices in this dish combine to make a dish with a true Middle Eastern feel and flavor.


Healing Recipes

by Alison West

In the last few years, a remarkable number of books, workshops, and teacher trainings have included the words “Yoga Therapy” in their titles. And yet, all Yoga, from poses to meditation to kindness, may be said to be therapeutic: cleansing, calming, strengthening, and at its most essential, promoting union of body, [breath,] mind, and spirit. Chronic disease or illness, including depression, anxiety, asthma, and back pain can all be addressed through Yoga. So does Yoga change when it becomes Yoga Therapy?...


by Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein

A few years ago Disney celebrated its 25th anniversary year. Many of us who grew up with or have children who grew up with Mickey, Donald, Cinderella, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs probably remember the magic of watching these characters come to life in story books and movies...





Editor's Note: This is a conversation with a member of the American Academy of Pediatrics, a Homeopathic MD and a Mom discussing integrative medicine for children. The benefits and the cautions of using alternative therapies.


Integrative Medicine

by Kristen Ulmer

"It's about time we find a way to learn what the elite athletes have learned," he says. "A wide receiver who's in the game isn't tense, hyperventilating or looking like a deer in the headlights. Ask any of them. The game is 90% mental, maybe more. They have found a way to relax and connect their bodies to their minds...



Exercise & Fitness

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