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August 05, 2015  
Body Clock

by Milos Bang

Most of Eastern Philosophy and Medicine comes from observing Nature and the Universe. Ancient Chinese realized early that most things in Nature are cyclical and by observing the human body’s patterns, established that our own energy (Qi) also moves on daily and on annual cycles.


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by Julianne Davidow

During the Italian Renaissance, when that exquisite art and architecture was being produced (think:  Michelangelo’s David, Botticelli’s Birth of Venus, Brunelleschi’s Dome of the Florence Cathedral, Leonardo da Vinci’s Last Supper—and thousands of other great works), writers and philosophers believed that artists could contact unseen forces and bring the beauty of higher realms into their earthly creations. Through the contemplation of art and beauty, viewers too could touch its divine essence and achieve higher states of consciousness and well-being. Down through the ages, others have echoed this way of thinking....



by Conni Kunzler

I’ve just come out of a several weeks season of feeling overwhelmed—too many tasks and deadlines, a drum beat of personal demands, lots of waking up at 2:37 am, an irregular and fast-paced schedule, and underneath it all a churning and persistent anxiousness. The whole thing was “gut wrenching.”...


Editor´s Note from Sonica Krishan: Another wonderful article by author Conni Kunzler, where she educates us about the need to be implementing Ayurveda recommendations in the everyday food that we eat. She narrates that Ayurveda suggests eating your biggest meal at midday when the digestive fire is strongest—in sync with the sun. And try not to eat anything 2-3 hours before bed for better sleep. Also, Mindful or intentional eating will encourage nourishment rather than a grasping for comfort or distraction. Please have a read.



by Maya W. Paul

The more you focus on purchasing local, unprocessed food and preparing meals at home, the healthier and tastier your meals will be, the better you’ll feel, and the more money you’ll save.

Editor's Note from Michael Jones: Sometimes it's hard to prepare food for one. We tend to make way too much, and we are left eating Quinoa salad for days. Learn to prepare and save money when making wholesome meals whether for a party of one or for a family. Part 1 of this article focuses on general ways to economically purchase healthy food, then Part 2 gives five specific tips.

Holistic Nutrition

by Marika Blossfeldt, HHC, AADP

This is the first bean soup I ever made. I had eaten bean, pea or lentil soups before, but I had never actually cooked one myself. It seemed to be a big deal to soak the beans and then cook them. But one day I got inspired and decided to give it a try...




Healing Recipes

by Ron Schmid, ND

Most chronically ill individuals are taking one or more prescription drugs and functioning at a fraction of their full capacities, yet insist that they are “basically healthy” and that they “eat pretty good.”...


This is part 3 of 3.


Part 1: Traditional Cultures 

Part 2: Carl Jung and Joseph Campbell: “Follow Your Bliss.”.


Organic Living

by Adam Gainsburg

Intimacy as a dynamic symbolizes the experience and desire to be authentically seen/received for one's inherent uniqueness: "intimacy ~ in-to-me-you-see." As an archetype, the function of intimacy is to unify these quintessential urges within the soul through a deep self-acknowledgement and acceptance of Other...


Editor's Note from Natalie Jovanic: What is intimacy all about? In our relationships, we seek intimacy. However, how can we achieve this state in our relationships? Read this article by Adam Gainsburg and find out more about it.



by Piper Martin B.Ed., DS Hom.Med

Using homeopathic remedies during labour creates dramatic change in birthing women. This ultimately impacts the newborn in the degree of gentleness or violence he/she will experience around their birth. I am delighted and honored that I am able to treat newborns with homeopathic medicine...





by Arthur Rosenfeld

Hawaiians refer to it as mana, the Greeks called it pneuma, the Japanese call it ki, yogis know it as prana, devout Christians might think of it as the Holy Ghost, martial artists know it is energy, and my 10-year-old son insists it the ineffable force that lends atoms awareness of themselves. Spelled qi (pronounced 'chee') in pinyin Chinese (otherwise ch'i), it is the root currency of Traditional Chinese Medicine, that energy that TCM practitioners manipulate to fight disease and assure health...


Editor's Note: This article describes how we can experience Qi in our everyday life.




Editor's Note from Susan Lutz: The sun comes and we run to get some. Sunscreen can be as dangerous as the sun.


Organic Living

by Dana Layon

Too many times we look in the mirror and are discouraged by what we see. Our hair should be longer, our teeth whiter, our legs smaller our breasts bigger. And that’s just what I see when I look in the mirror! The point is: we all do it, even yoga instructors.

In our society, the media drives what we are supposed to look like. Thin bodies, flawless skin, shiny hair but they don’t ask us how we feel on the inside. Do any of us know? When was the last time you looked in the mirror and looked past your face – inside your eyes...




Editor's Note: I looked high and low for a video demonstrating the inner sensitivity required to have consistent results with any kind of self-testing over time. So far--I haven't found such a video in kinesiology muscle testing! This TAT video does demonstrate where the facilitator and client have to go to in consciousness to address and release a disturbance in the subconscious. You'll notice a slower pace permitting clients to go deeper and escape the trap of trying to deal with an issue only 'from the neck up.' TAT is part of the TFT, EFT family of meridian tapping, very much a part of the original definition of "energy medicine."


Energy Medicine

by Carl David

I have been interested in and have studied and read about healing for years. I was fascinated by energy work, particularly hands on healing and could not get enough of it. The idea that we all have energy within us that can be used to heal excited me...


Editor's Note: Healing comes in many different forms, and from many different people. Carl's story exemplifies the idea that there is a healer within all of us, and sometimes it just takes learning how that healing will express itself.


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