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October 20, 2016  
Body Clock

by Milos Bang

Most of Eastern Philosophy and Medicine comes from observing Nature and the Universe. Ancient Chinese realized early that most things in Nature are cyclical and by observing the human body’s patterns, established that our own energy (Qi) also moves on daily and on annual cycles.


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"Whether you believe you can do a thing or not, you are right."


~Henry Ford



Sacred Living


Editor's Note: Quinoa is great for the 'non meat eater" it is a great source of protein. Calcium,Folate and Copper are other nutrients in Quinoa. Throw in the Sweet potato and you have a really nutrient filled meal! Sweet potato's is a great sweet replacement for my clients.


Healing Recipes


The technology exists to turn plastic into oil! Meet the oil conversion machine, developed in Japan, that converts 1kg of plastic into 1 liter of oil.


Think Green

by Amy Herring

Marla writes:
My daughter Angela is a pretty happy and enthusiastic child, but can be overbearing and hyper. Sometimes it seems like she's the 'bull in a china shop.' She also seems to burn hot and fast all day, just go go go, and then just crash out when she finally falls asleep at night. I'm wondering if this is just because she's so young or if this is part of her personality?...




Editor’s Note from Eden Kozlowski: The concept of time is striking different via this interesting "21st Century" product... the Present Clock. Rather than counting each second, the Present Clock is a 365 day seasonal timepiece. While the clock is available for sale (as we are not here to "sell" it), the gift your receive in just watching this video is that it gives you a vehicle to contemplate your own relationship with time. Ask yourself how much would your life change if you let go of minutes, seconds and started to perceive time as even limitless... even more vast than seasons?



by Ann O'Brien

Since having a baby, I’m increasingly grateful that my husband and I are so aligned in our values—including how we live, speak, and relate with our daughter. We have both been intuitive since we were 14, and meditating or chanting since our 20’s...


Editor's Note from Lisa Phoenix: This article by Ann O'Brien offers an amazing approach as well as great communication guidelines if you are a new parent or if you are looking to deepen your communication skills on an intuitive level with a child of any age.  We need to learn to “listen” to our children but also learn to “trust” what we are intuitively receiving from them as well.


Intuition & Symbols

by Sarah Finlay

The Wine Spirit is an ancient being who has been brought into ceremony and shared her knowledge and healing with people since pre-historic times.  (My sudden reflections on the significance of wine in the Christian sacraments began to take on a whole new meaning.)  My plant spirit guide, continued to explain that the mind altering medicinal plants might be seen on a hierarchical ladder…


Editor's Note from Peter Clark: Ever wonder why alcohol is referred to as “spirits”? One possible answer to that question is contained in this article written by Sarah Finlay. The shamanic worldview holds that all physical forms have associated spirit aspects. Some physical/spirit partnerships have stronger affect on us people than others. This article puts forward a fascinating theory about the spiritual effects of alcohol, and how our awareness and intention is vital to our health in conjunction with the ingestion of the physical/spirit substance.




Editor's Note from Karen Adler: Frank Warren isn't an artist or a therapist but he's a magic man when it comes to the art of communication and what makes people well. Frank is the founder of where strangers mail their secrets to him on postcards. At the end of his talk, he shares that he wasn't aware of his unconscious motivation of dealing with and healing from some of the secrets of his own past when he came up with his idea and so brilliantly implemented it.


Arts & Art Therapy


by Jacob Teitelbaum, MD


There have been many conflicting studies and a large amount of controversy over the initial study on XMRV virus and chronic fatigue syndrome. Several studies did not find the virus and raised questions about the initial study. Meanwhile, it was fascinating to see the politics involved in the controversy. With an exciting new study released this week, I am now comfortable that the question of whether XMRV (and related viruses) is present in CFS patients has been largely settled...


Integrative Medicine

by Dick Sutphen

What do you have to lose by searching for your answers in the 90 percent of your mind that you don't normally use?

"So, you can obtain any answer by simply hypnotizing yourself and going up into your Higher Self?" he asked sarcastically...


Editor's Note: I’ve had the great experience of attending some of Dick Sutphen’s Higher Self Seminars and the insights for me were incredible!




Editor's Note: Sometimes I can relax my whole body simply be relaxing my hands!  Follow along with this well-made video showing you how to massage and relax your own hands.


Massage & Bodywork

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