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But I am Not Broken...
by Michelle Pietrzak-Wegner



Editor's Note from Vasilena Toneva: Thoughts about how Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy can aid people through the various transitions in life.

"I don't have any issues, nor am I in crisis...why would I want Yoga Therapy?"

The word therapy implies that there is a need to solve a problem, or remedy some imbalance, or take away some disease or pain. Our general thoughts around getting therapy whether it be massage therapy, physical therapy, or talk therapy is that when we come out on the other end we are "better" in some way. Which implies that we were cracked, broken, or imbalanced beforehand.
Because of this meaning attached to the word therapy, so many of us avoid the self-care needed in creating a balanced life. Unfortunately, we coast along navigating the peaks and valleys of life without reaching out for support and tools that can help us along the way. And it's only until we hit crisis or catastrophe do we then decide we are in need of some kind of therapy.  What if we were to take away this linear, improvement-driven thinking around therapy and just look at it as an opportunity for self-discovery? Couldn't we all use a little self-discovery as we move through life?  Wouldn't life be a bit easier if we could see the early stages of the slow and insidious patterns we build over time in order to hide and isolate ourselves?
I can't tell you how many times I have shared the essence of Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy with someone in a conversation only to have them say, "So you must work with people who have very heavy issues or who are in deep trauma or crisis?"  And often they are very surprised to hear that the majority of my clients are normal, every day people who deal with the same pitfalls and successes we all have in life, like having their kids go off to college, a change in their career, a sudden move or relocation, or the loss of a pet.  To some, these things CAN feel like crisis. But, the reality is that every phase in our life, whether it is riddled with drama, or serene and mundane, is an opportunity to look within and allow for our full authentic self to flourish.
Issues, traumas, crises, or hiccups....Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy is self-discovery, allowing the client to quietly and safely look within and see the amazing beauty of their own true self, regardless of what life is handing them. Instead of aiming to be fixed, healed, or repaired, PRYT acknowledges that the client is already perfect and simply allows them to discover all of his/hers strengths and tools for living a balanced life.



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About the Author

Michelle Pietrzak-Wegner is an E-RYT 500, a certified registered Yoga Instructor of Yoga Alliance with 950+ hours of yoga training and over 2000 hours of teaching experience. She is also a certified Yoga Therapist in the Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy tradition working with clients one on one to help create emotional, mental and physical release through yoga. You can find her on the web at www.omwithmichelle.com.





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