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The Yoga of Wedding Planning
by Vasilena Toneva




Editor's Note from Vasilena Toneva: This is about bringing the insights from your mat into your life. The wedding planning process is a time when the grounding of yoga can be incredibly useful. Your practice and insights can be useful in whatever stressful situation life presents to you. Even if it's a joyful/stressful situation. How can yoga inform your life in THIS moment?



One day during the wedding planning process, I found myself feeling stressed out about all the details that needed to be done for our wedding day. There were phone calls to be made, decisions to be determined, and favors to be bought. My mind was spinning with all the different things that needed to be done and my perceived lack of time for doing them. Normally, I would probably let myself go off into all different directions and get more and more stressed out about the whole situation until I felt almost paralyzed to do anything about it. That day, however, I decided to do something different.  


I am a yoga teacher after all, and I’m often encouraging people to notice what they’re experiencing, WITHOUT trying to change it or push past it. In a yoga class, it’s amazing to watch how a natural deepening happens as people allow themselves to completely accept and surrender to what IS. The body and mind tend to let go of whatever they’re clinging to and change happens naturally, without us trying to force or manipulate the situation. 


Turning this practice on myself in my moment of overwhelm, I acknowledged how I was feeling and I accepted it. As soon as I did that, a feeling of relief washed over me. I was feeling stressed and overwhelmed and I just allowed myself to be with that feeling, rather than trying to change it or trying to figure out how to do all the stuff that needed to be done. It was amazing and I'm happy to report that all the stuff IS getting done, with a minimal amount of mental breakdown on my part.


Next time you find your own mind spinning with all the different things you need to do for your wedding day (or any sort of celebration or event you’re organizing), try doing what I did. Stop and acknowledge that you're feeling overwhelmed and stressed out. For a moment, don't try to change or fix that feeling, just allow yourself to be with it and to be with yourself in the moment. 


While it may not make the feeling go away completely, I would bet that giving yourself a moment of acceptance will take the edge off of the feeling and allow you to move forward with greater ease and grace. Best of luck on your journey and may insights from yoga make their way into every corner of your life!


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About the Author


Vasi Toneva is founder of Natural Pathways to Joy, an organization committed to empowering people through teaching simple, effective strategies for a life full of health and joy. She is a professional Yoga Therapy practitioner, certified Yoga and Zumba teacher and Doula-in-training. Having studied Yoga Therapy with well-known Indian physicians and healers and completed an intensive Yoga Therapy Course and internship in Yoga Vidya Dham ashram, Nasik City, India, she's committed to educating people about yoga's powerful, integrative capacity to heal a variety of conditions. She also studied psychology at Naropa University and is an ordained minister who performs weddings with a yoga flair. 

You can find out more about Yoga Therapy at 

Visit her website: www.itsyowedding.com
Visit her blog: 
Boulder, Colorado USA




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