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Injuries Through Yoga?!
by Vasilena Toneva



Editor's Note from
Vasilena Toneva: While yoga is a highly beneficial activity, people still get injured when they push themselves beyond the capacities of their body. There can be a sense of shame in this, because injuries aren't 'supposed' to happen through yoga. This article explores how we can avoid injuries and enjoy the benefits of this amazing practice.

Many people seem to think that yoga is so good for you that it's practically impossible to be hurt by it in any way, shape or form. I used to be one of those people… until I hurt my back doing poses that I hadn't warmed up enough to be doing. This was a huge learning experience, and it took me back to the essence of yoga. Contrary to some people's beliefs and actions (and to my own actions at that time in my life), the essence of yoga is NOT getting into fancy, pretzel-like poses, nor is it pushing yourself beyond your limits so you can look exactly like the teacher or the person next to you. The essence of yoga is about connection, awareness and intention.

Generally, nothing in life is 100% good, nor is anything 100% bad. One can find a possibility for misuse in anything that's mostly good just as we can find redeeming qualities even in practices or events that seem absolutely horrible.

The way to tap into the qualities of the good is through connection, awareness and intention. What I learned through my back injury was that the more I connect to what my body is feeling, the more I can find ways of moving that really work for me. The more I'm aware of the sensations I’m experiencing and conscious of my mental state, the more likely I am to relax and let go of trying to push my body beyond its limits. I start to INVITE my body to go deeper into asanas, rather than PUSHING. The more my intention is to create health, well-being and joy in my life, the more I experience those things and the less I'm likely to be hurt by, well, anything.       
So, while nothing is 100% good, the more we approach life and yoga with these three qualities, the more likely we are to experience their benefit.    
Wishing you a life full of wonder and joy!



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About the Author

Vasi Toneva is founder of Natural Pathways to Joy, an organization committed to empowering people through teaching simple, effective strategies for a life full of health and joy. She is a professional Yoga Therapy practitioner, certified Yoga and Zumba teacher and Doula-in-training. Having studied Yoga Therapy with well-known Indian physicians and healers and completed an intensive Yoga Therapy Course and internship in Yoga Vidya Dham ashram, Nasik City, India, she's committed to educating people about yoga's powerful, integrative capacity to heal a variety of conditions. You can find out more about Yoga Therapy at www.naturalpathwaystojoy.com/blog.html.

Visit her blog: www.naturalpathwaystojoy.com/blog.html
Boulder, Colorado




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