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Let Your Pigeon Soar - Part Two
by Tarra Madore

If you have tried Part One of  “Let Your Pigeon Soar” and are ready to really let your pigeon take off, try this more advanced version. Eka Pada Rajakapotasana 1 requires a little more opening than the prep pose discussed in Part One. Make sure you have warmed up with some backbends and thigh stretches. Starting where we left off in Part One, bend your back knee and reach back with your left hand and hold your left foot. Take hold of your foot like you were holding a serving tray. If you cannot hold your foot or the pose becomes too challenging as you move forward, take hold of a strap. Make a loop in the strap and place the loop around your foot. Inhale, lengthen the sides of your body, lift your heart and start to curl back. As you curl back, you shorten the distance between your foot and your head. Now begin to rotate your elbow out to the side and up toward the ceiling. At this point you may be holding just your toes. Lift the opposite arm up, root your shoulders back, bend your elbow and take hold of the left foot – now with both hands. You may not be able to take hold of the foot with your right hand. If that is the case, you can leave your right arm up or reach back and take hold of your left arm or wrist. 

You should not experience pain in your low back. The low back should feel long and free. This is a challenging and amazing pose that should leave you feeling open and strong. It takes focus, practice and dedication. When practicing be fully present in your body and mind to allow yourself space to enjoy all the benefits of the pose: the lower back is rejuvenated; the pelvic region receives good blood circulation; many parts of the endocrine system receive a rich supply of blood thus increasing vitality. Overall, this is a wonderful pose to focus on this spring. Practice with good awareness and enjoy!

Don’t Forget: Keep your pigeon safe as it soars!

* Ensure that your spine stays long – tailbone is in a scooped position as the crown of the head lengthens away in the opposite direction.
* Lift your heart by drawing your shoulder blades down the back while the bottom tips of the shoulder blades curl forward.
* Draw the heads of the arm bones (shoulders) back along with the base of the skull (from the upper palate back).

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About the Author

Tarra Piparo Madore is a yoga instructor and retired chiropractor who has studied at Palmer College of Chiropractic, Himalayan Institute and most recently with senior certified Anusara teachers Naime Jezzeny and Sue Elkind. She is Director of Inner Light Yoga Center in North Brunswick, NJ and is also Co-Publisher and Creative Director for New Jersey Namaste News magazine.









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