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I Am Clear
by Alanna Zabel

Mantra: I Am Clear
Exercise: Neck & Jaw Stretches

Yogis believe in energy systems running throughout our bodies.  These energy centers, or "wheels", are called chakras.  Each chakra vibrates at a different frequency, creating different colors and sound tones.  In addition, each chakra co-exists with a major organ system of the body.  It is the output energy from the organs that creates the chakra.  For example, the heart center vibrates at a different frequency than the brain center emits.  In order for our bodies to function at their greatest capacity, we must keep our energy systems clear.

Today we will focus on the throat region.  This is your bodies' center of vocal expression.  When this area is clear of obstacles, it is easier to speak clearly, truthfully and confidently with kindness.  We are better able to express our needs, as well as to direct our group creative projects with ease.

If you have a herniated disc in your cervical spine, please advise with your physician before attempting these stretches.

To start:

1.  Sit comfortably with a straight back and your shoulders relaxed.  Gently press your chin towards your chest.  Turn your chin towards your right shoulder as far as is comfortable. Repeat in your mind “I Am Clear”.  Hold for thirty seconds.  Repeat on the other side.  After completing this exercise on both sides, return your head to neutral position.

2.  Gently press your right ear down towards your right shoulder.  Relax the neck as much as possible.  Feel the stretch on the left side of your neck. Again, repeat in your mind “I Am Clear”.  Feel your throat clear of obstacles.  Hold for thirty seconds and release. Repeat on the other side.  When you have completed this exercise on both sides, again return your head to neutral position.

3.  Lift your sternum and your chin upwards towards the ceiling.  Roll your shoulders back.  Allow your head to drop back as far as it is comfortable without over-compressing the back of your neck.  Exhale.  Once again, repeat in your mind “I Am Clear”.  Open and close your jaw a few times while feeling the clarity of expression in your throat and neck.  Hold for thirty seconds.  Bring your head back to center.  Drop the chin towards the chest, allowing the back of the neck to lengthen.  Hold for thirty seconds.  Return your head back to neutral position.

"Clarity of mind means clarity of passion, too; this is why a great and clear mind loves ardently and sees distinctly what he loves."   ~Blaise Pascal



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About the Author

Voted "Best Yoga Instructor in LA" by Los Angeles Family Magazine, Alanna Zabel is the creator and founder of AZIAM Yoga. In addition to her Yoga certifications, she is a certified fitness and Pilates instructor. Alanna holds a double BA in Child Development and Theatre/Dance. She is currently working towards a Masters degree in Psychology.

Alanna focuses all of her work on the personal Self realization of those she is working with. She leads yoga retreats nationally and internationally, including her signature juice-fasting and DETOX retreats.

Alanna has written and illustrated seven childrens books, including, The Seven Doors, a childrens book version of Deepak Chopra’s best selling novel, The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success. 

Distilled down to the most basic element, “I AM” is the utmost essence of being.  It is the healing power of the Universe and the absolute power of being exactly who you are.  Use this power every day to build the foundation on which to re-create your Self in each moment.  There is no limit to the power of “I AM” to access healing and transformation of every aspect of your life.  The word “Om” is a form of “I AM”.

Alanna has been featured in Self, Women’s Health, Men’s Health, Yoga Fit, People, Life & Style, Martha Stewart’s Whole Living, and Yogi Times magazines, as well as having been featured in several yoga/fitness productions.

For more information on Alanna, please view her website at www.aziam.com.



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