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Threads of Light
by Wah!

Editor's Note: Inspired by her teacher, Amma, musical goddess and Yoga teacher WAH! shares her insights on seeing light and love in some of the more challenging moments of our lives. ~Christina

This year my teacher, Amma,* abandoned the rest days on her tour.  I wouldn’t call them rest days actually; after the all-night program which concluded the 3-day program in one city, the next day was spent traveling and setting up the hotel ballroom in the next city.  It involved airports and taxis.  Packing the bookstore and PA system into luggage and hauling it to the next location.  It involved finding a laundromat, tending to a few personal matters. And getting a few hours of sleep.

Everyone stays up for the all-night program, hoping to catch and retain the threads of bliss which penetrate deeply during moments of sleeplessness.  Eyes open yet not functioning with the same intensity as during business and daytime hours, the bliss moves in through the layers of Self, rendered transparent by the constant chanting, activity, and service. I cannot say for sure why the rest days were taken out.  The first day of each program in a new city was labeled “tentative,” just in case flights were delayed or cancelled.  It didn’t seem like any luggage was lost, the programs all started on time and somehow the crews got the room set up and were ready to go in record time.

The question which remained in my consciousness was this:  how quickly can you set up the threads of light?  It was not a question of whether or not they were resting or overworked, sleepless or awake.  It was the spontaneous combustion of the light network which intrigued me. Frequencies of bliss, light and love are etheric in nature yet tangible to those who encounter them.  Practices of making yantras, performing asana, sitting in meditation, and chanting create frequencies of love which expand the Self.  How are you using these gifts?

It is not a question of if you will fall from grace.  You will.  Not a question of if you will encounter challenges and obstacles in your life.  You will.  Dark forces present themselves, egocentric detours reroute your plans.  Desires manifest.  These things exist in the palette of human existence, to be tasted and understood. So what, if you find yourself in a nasty space with a loved one, how quickly can you soften?  If you encounter darkness in yourself or others, how quickly can you make the detour and initiate frequencies of light?  It takes a moment to realize you are in a bad space, and then one more moment to take action towards love.

Chanting is such a beautiful and easy practice.  The sound waves created by your voice travel through the air, touching furniture, skin, clothing, hearts.  A person’s words are powerful – just a few nasty words can decimate a friendship – or a simple I Love you can support and lift.  But chanting has the added element of music.  It sustains and carries itself on rhythm and chords, the melody extends itself into your surroundings.

There is nothing to figure out when you sing.  The mantra is pure energy, pure love.  The sounds and syllables of your own thoughts are no match for the pure intention of the mantra.  Taking 10 minutes to sit with yourself or sit with friends and chant begins a weaving of light.  This light is something you can bask in.  This weaving is something you can wrap around yourself to keep you in the presence of Love.

Threads of light look exactly like you would think: lines of energy moving through space.  Using a the colors of the spectrum, the lines are tinged with different hues according to energetic frequency – red for creation, orange for the earth, yellow for interaction, green for growth and so on.  These threads can be woven to create matter, change direction or heal. Sound, and especially mantra, added to the threads of light strengthen its current and resonancy.  Adding breath to the asana gives it power.  We want your breath.  We want your song added to the cosmos.  We want your light.  What better way to put it out there than to chant?  Starting a business or starting a song, it is the same.  Put your frequency out there.  The Universe will respond.  It is a conversation.

Will your threads of light be decimated?  Yes.  How quickly can you set it up again?  Will you be uprooted?  Yes, no one can stay in the same place forever.  How quickly can you establish your own light in a new location?  I am convinced this is why saints travel.  It develops extra strong muscles to create new threads of light wherever they go.  It teaches the lesson of impermanence.

Spiders are wonderful examples of thread building.  They spin, build, repair and recreate their web each day.  Sometimes laden with drops of dew.  Sometimes damaged by the wind or a passerby.  Is it an unpredictable Universe?  Yes.  Will crazy things happen to you now and again?  Yes.  Doing yoga and chanting will not immunize you from having an earthly experience, but it will give you techniques to magnify your inner spirit so you can experience your Self above all other experiences.

Music is a wave.  Thought is a particle.  You can create so many coherent thought particles and collect them into a cohesive structure, or you can sing and play music til the soundwaves permeate your self and your environment.  I find the technology of thought more difficult –  so much of one opinion versus another, one thought paradigm outweighing another, the convincing and debating takes too much time.  Music carries an innate sweetness, a coherence of energy which absorbs all opposing thought, even your own negativity, should it arise.

Next time things don’t work out, quell the urge to run. If you lose your way, stay calm, it’s all part of the play called life.  (in Sanskrit, it’s called leela)  Don’t convince anyone, debate, or wonder why.  Sit down and use your voice to sing your way into a new headspace.  Use the mantra to create new threads of light for your thoughts to follow. Take a moment to call in the Divine.  Build your network of light.

*Amma is a nickname for Mata Amritanandamayi (www.amma.org)


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About the Author

WAH! has spent a lifetime immersed in spiritual pursuit, beginning yoga and meditation at age 17. She has worked with various jazz, pop and world musicians to create trendy meditative music for the yoga community.  Her much anticipated CD MAA is now available.

Visit her website, WahMusic.com.







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