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The practice of no practice
by Nona Jordan

I read somewhere, maybe five or six years ago, that not practicing yoga is just as much a part of the practice as practicing. I thought the person was making excuses for not being consistent. That was certainly not MY deal.

In 1994, I took my first Yoga class at Oregon State University. For the first time in I really-couldn’t-remember-when, I felt as if I were IN my body. I mean IN my body… not in my head, but solidly, peacefully, in my body~ radiating the pure goodness that’s in all of us. Of course, I was hooked!

I practiced diligently for many years which led me to meditation and the study of what was behind Yoga. I became certified to teach yoga in 2003 through Kripalu. I taught and practiced consistently, deepening and softening through the years. Even into my pregnancy, my Yoga and meditation practice was my touchstone.

Then my daughter was born. Like a tsunami, Clara washed into my world and left nothing but she and I clinging to the bare shoreline. As a new, first-time Mother, I was immersed in her and the absolute truth of bearing a child and loving someone with a fierceness that is frightening. My formal practice became fractured and infrequent. It was more often the case that I was working with my ability to stay present and bear witness to her, and our life together as a family.

But, oh, the goodness of formal practice. The sweetness of stepping onto the mat now that she is a bit older and I am not quite so exhausted. The absolute gratitude and gentleness I feel toward myself, breathing my body, feeling every minute adjustment and every little bit my body allows and opens into a pose. With full trust. Like a baby asleep on her Mother’s shoulder.

The being away from the mat has, in many ways, matured my practice in a way that I can barely comprehend. But here I am, back to the diligence of my practice. So I bow my head to the wisdom of whomever it was that fortold my future years ago and gave me permission to step off the mat for a time.


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About the Author

Nona Jordan is the Business Yogini -- helping women get through the “yuk” they feel about their business so they can embrace entrepreneurship and do their work in the world. She inspires and motivates with her get-it-done attitude, holistic perspective, warm presence, and her down-to-earth style.
After ten years working for publicly traded companies in financial management, Nona jumped the corporate ship to pursue her long-time dream of becoming a certified yoga teacher. 
She found that she enjoyed strategizing and setting up the systems and structure of her yoga teaching business as much as teaching yoga.  At the intersection of her passion for yoga and her background in business, she found her calling to work with women entrepreneurs who want to change themselves and the world.  She loves to get things done and helps her clients do the same, yogini-style.

For more information about Nona Jordan and all things Business Yogini: www.nonajordan.com




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