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Yoga and the Menopause
by Tobye Hillier

One of the biggest benefits of a regular yoga practice is a balancing of hormones. Children that practice yoga from an early age move slowly towards puberty without the uncomfortable rush experienced during their teenage years which can be hellacious for children and parents alike.

When women reach that "time of life" and the ovaries start to produce less estrogen and progesterone as they go into premenopause, they will experience uncomfortable feelings as hormone levels go up and down. HRT may alleviate some of the symptoms with a low dose of estrogen, but there are side-effects. The menopause is a natural stage to go through for all women, but that doesn't make it any easier to deal with.

Yoga however, does make it a lot easier to deal with. Some of the less strenuous styles of yoga that incorporate meditation and pranayama (breathing exercises) are perfect at slowing the hormonal changes and balancing the ebb and flow. Because the different exercises help to bring you in touch with your body, you begin to be more aware of all the little daily tensions. This allows you to pay attention to when you're tired or drained of energy. If you aren't able to rest, you can do a couple of energising stretches - a wonderful thing!


Hers'a link to articles by Trisha Gura in the excellent
Yoga Journal.


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About the Author


Tobye Hillier has spent the last few years living in a small seaside town about 15 miles south of Ireland’s capital, Dublin.


Tobye is a qualified Karuna yoga teacher having studied at the Ruth White yoga center in England and is registered RYT 500 with yoga alliance.


As well as resident yoga writer for theomniintelligencer.com, Tobye has also recently started blogging for the online yoga and Buddhism publication Elephantjournal.com.


A keen photographer, Tobye is also an accomplished musician and can quite often be found playing music in a not so quiet Dublin pub!


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