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The Middle Way
by Tobye Hillier


Yoga is about balance; mind, body and spirit being yoked together. Although the postures are great for fitness and finding physical balance as well as mental and emotional well-being, there are other ways to find balance in our lives that will help us to become happier. Balance between our work and play is very important. Work isn't something we will invest healthy time in if we can't smile and laugh every now and again. And when I say healthy time, I mean that getting up everyday to go to a job where you don't have some kind of fun is going to stress you - which will ultimately lead to disease and illness.

Our moods and emotions need to be balanced as well, so it's important to remember that positive and happy is lighter than negative and sad. Bad moods and negativity weigh us down, whereas good moods and positivity can give us a lift.

Most important I feel is diet. Balanced nutrition. That doesn't mean cutting out carbs or fat or sugar, or only eating cabbage soup for a week! It means balanced nutrition... which does include fats and sugars and carbs. Your body needs a certain amount of "the 3 poisons" and if we don't get enough the body starts to crave them or to store them. Sugar has to be balanced with fiber. Obviously that includes carbs as they too are a form of sugar, yet fiber is very important. One of our biggest issues as a society is lack of fiber in our diets. We should be aiming to increase our daily fiber intake to ten times the official RDA. Again, it is about balance. Just as positivity is light and negativity is heavy... fiber is light and sugar/carbs are heavy.

In Buddhism, this is called the middle way or middle path. We must find balance - not leaning too much to the left or right. Too much leaning would upset us, but finding the middle way brings us unity of both poles and will ultimately lead to contentment.


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About the Author


Tobye Hillier has spent the last few years living in a small seaside town about 15 miles south of Ireland’s capital, Dublin.


Tobye is a qualified Karuna yoga teacher having studied at the Ruth White yoga center in England and is registered RYT 500 with yoga alliance.


As well as resident yoga writer for theomniintelligencer.com, Tobye has also recently started blogging for the online yoga and Buddhism publication Elephantjournal.com.


A keen photographer, Tobye is also an accomplished musician and can quite often be found playing music in a not so quiet Dublin pub!


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