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 Quantum Meditation Ensures Prompt Self-Harmony by Helping One to Realize the Flow of Blissful Spinal Energy
by Tushar K. Ray, Ph. D.
Central Yoga: School of Mind-Body Fitness


In part one of this series the Quantum Meditation technique was  defined as: "a method of meditation reaching our deepest central awareness following certain conditions of careful yogic stretching and stillness...


Here in Part Two the principles of Quantum Meditation are defined:


Principle Of Quantum Meditation

Human beings want to live all their lives in pleasure and, hence, are always pursuing sensory objects for self-gratification. Indeed, we are driven by this single principle in life -- the pleasure principle. However, we do not realize that pleasure and pain are subjective experiences; pleasure and pain do not reside in sense objects as most of us seem to erroneously believe. The Quantum Meditation technique takes advantage of this simple fact and helps people to find their own inner source of bliss through sets of mind-body exercises such as controlled breathing, stretching, relation postures, and focusing on positive sensations along the spinal center associated with the movement of the Kundalini energy (dormant universal life force). As a result, the entire process of Quantum Meditation rapidly becomes effective with serious effort from the individual, providing a uniquely positive experience that may never have been felt before.



The manifold purpose of Quantum Meditation practice is described as follows:


1. To restore the ability of a person to willfully create the mind/body unity that we all inherit, and was once displayed spontaneously in early childhood.


2. To find the inner center of the mind/body system, and become anchored to it. This inner center truly becomes the cardinal point of psychophysical stability under all conditions, and serves as the reference point for our relationship to the universe, and personal consciousness.


3. To optimize the ability for maintaining balance between the intellectual and emotional faculties, retaining that balance at all times, and making it an integral part of the personality. This allows us to experience reality as it truly exists, not according to habit driven desires or preconceived ideas.


4. To consciously expand general awareness (both internal and external) of positive emotions, eventually enabling balanced decisions in all spheres of life.


5. To restore and maintain balanced psychophysical health, free from nervous stress, and supporting the enjoyment of life more fully through an open consciousness.


Why And How Does The Quantam Meditation Work?

The current paradigm of living organisms, including human organism, is that they are nonlinear and holistic, and interact with their environments in a way that involves the entire being, and that requires continuing appropriate adjustments in all interconnected areas. According to this concept, an ailment affecting any of our numerous functional organs simultaneously influences even the remotest areas as well. Depending on the nature and severity of the primary cause, the illness may change its course by disappearing from one part of the organism and appearing in others with varying symptoms. All parts of the organism are in a state of a constant flux: each individual component turning over at varying rates and degrees, yet maintaining homeostatic relationships with each other. Our existence is likened to whirlpools in a stream, where energy and information are flowing continually through the system in order to maintain the structural integrity that is needed to carry out recurrent mental and physical functions. The mind keeps this vortex-body running by energizing it with food, numerous thoughts, desires, and will power. 


Hatha Yoga and Meditation helps to create harmonious stability among these constituent whirlpools within us through the development of appropriate mind-body unity. Then energy and information can flow effortlessly and efficiently through the entire mind-body continuum, generating bliss and holistic health.


It is clear now that the maintenance of mind-body unity is the key to health and harmony. The mind and body have been designed by nature to act spontaneously together. The lack of appropriate unity and balance is the root cause of most of our stress and distress. According to Yoga, even though the subtle mind and the gross body are apparently different, the general characters of the mind and the body are indeed similar with respect to their basic nature, which resembles basic compound formation. Both are subject to degradation and transition. 


Scientifically, both matter and mind are nothing but different forms of the same universal creative energy (Sanskrit: Prana) vibrating at different frequencies. The former, expressed as the gross physical body, typically has an extremely low frequency, and hence has much less power, than the mind. However, at or near the quantum interface of matter and energy, where matter and energy are directly related in nature, they have appropriate frequencies for interaction with one another where mind would play a decisive role in the outcome. A person in the totally linked quantum field of mind-body connection feels one with his own spinal energy while his body instead of feeling like a solid entity also feels like a diffuse field of the same energy. Under such conditions a person's desire can bring out radical changes in body chemistry by way of creating new molecules harmonizing the system.   


Our entire mind-body structure is the coded information of mind (both conscious and subconscious) itself arising out of an intimate interaction of a myriad of thought energy forms with the emerging subatomic particles within the vast ocean of the universal creative energy. Here we see the unique character of Meditation and Yoga culture, where the mind and the body are consciously brought together with a positive feeling of well-being, ensuring harmonious functioning in a well coordinated fashion. In the culture of Yoga and Meditation, the perception of the mind-body unity of the practicing individual becomes critically significant, and a limiting factor in the positive outcome of that practice.


I hypothesize that for a perfect mind/body interface, the mind and body must intimately bond to each other, which occurs at or near the interface of matter and focused mind at the quantum level, where the subatomic waves/particles would have suitable vibrations for effective interaction with the mind's energy.


continued in part 3...


About the Author


Dr. Tushar K. Ray is a retired professor of Physiology from the SUNY- Syracuse, N.Y. He is a lifelong hatha yogi and an expert in the arts and science of meditation and self-help. Dr. Ray also writes poems in both English and Bengali languages. One of his books, Om Poems: Self-meditation and Science and Spirituality in Balance, was published by Publish America, Maryland (2004), and is now available worldwide in online bookstores.




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