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 Quantum Meditation Ensures Prompt Self-Harmony by Helping One to Realize the Flow of Blissful Spinal Energy
by Tushar K. Ray, Ph. D.
Central Yoga: School of Mind-Body Fitness
    First of three parts



Following the introduction of modern Quantum Mechanics into scientific discourse, our concept of reality has changed most radically. The science of Quantum Mechanics now concurs with the ancient wisdom of Hindu Vedanta philosophy, in the observation that the sense-bound intellect alone is simply inadequate for experiencing the ultimate condition of reality. We also need to use our deep inner perception of unity through a holistic mind-body connection in order to experience the ultimate reality. We can experience such reality only when we are able to commune within at a deeper level of consciousness, where the subject, the observer -- and the object, the observed -- become one perception. Outside this domain of conscious unity we only see a partial reality (i.e. multiplicity) -- a superficial and disconnected view which is primarily designed to satisfy material desires - but not much more! Living such a life of fragmented consciousness denies a person access to the unlimited potential waiting in the inner experience of the Quantum world. We need to realize this state of unity inside ourselves through appropriate Yoga and Meditation techniques, and learn how to willfully tap into our vast creative potential.


It is now clear that our mind-body make up is an amazing machine designed to perform multiple tasks by channeling appropriate energy through the system following our own will. Both mind and body are also made up of material energy vibrating at different rates; the mind having a higher energy state (due to superfast vibration) has control over the body. We also know that our thoughts always precede actions that in turn are mediated by bodily reactions. So, it is essential to take the control over our own mind if we really wish to lead a peaceful life. Meditation and yoga are the proven tools to achieve this goal.


The pioneering Rishis in ancient India recognized that under the condition of deep concentration the bodily energy flows through the core of the spine, known as Sushumna. In an ordinary disarrayed mind, however, the energy predominantly flows either along the left side (called Ida) or right side (called Pingala) depending on an individual's nature and state of mind. The yogic Ida current, that carry emotional impulses from the body to the brain, is somewhat analogous to the sympathetic nerves, while the Pingala carrying messages from the brain to the body for taking willing action is somewhat analogous to the parasympathetic nerves. Hence, the idea behind meditation is to willfully direct all mind-body energy including the Ida and Pingala currents along the Sushumna in order to maintain a balance between the head and the heart. So, the sole function of yoga and meditation practices is to repeatedly experience the blissful Sushumna current in order to be convinced about its crucial role in mind-body harmony, and make it a steady skill in our own life.  


Described below is the novel scientific technique, called "Quantum Meditation", which has been found to work well with numerous individuals. I have developed and perfected this technique over the years through dedicated self-observation and have been teaching at Central Yoga School in Tempe, Arizona for the past decade. The details of the scientific basis, as well as the actual functional protocol developed meticulously, are provided in the subsequent sections.


Definition Of Quantum Meditation

The Quantum Meditation technique may be defined as a method of meditation reaching our deepest central awareness following certain conditions of careful yogic stretching and stillness, bringing the intellect and feelings together to commune with the core of our life energy (creative primordial energy) expressed along the spine at the subtle quantum interface of emerging matter and mind.  This holistic practice ensures prompt and blissful mind-body perception for dynamic health and the abundant vitality so necessary to live a fulfilling life.


contintued in part two...


About the Author


Dr. Tushar K. Ray is a retired professor of Physiology from the SUNY- Syracuse, N.Y. He is a lifelong hatha yogi and an expert in the arts and science of meditation and self-help. Dr. Ray also writes poems in both English and Bengali languages. One of his books, Om Poems: Self-meditation and Science and Spirituality in Balance, was published by Publish America, Maryland (2004), and is now available worldwide in online bookstores.





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