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Appreciating the Pause
by Jeni James


In a recent yoga class, our teacher focused the intention of our practice on the PAUSE.

The space in between. 

The space in between the inhales and exhales, in between the poses, and in between the cycles of our lives.  She asked the class what the PAUSE represented to each of us.

I started to really consider this PAUSE and what it meant to me.  For the last eighteen months of my life, I feel like I have been in a PAUSE.  A time of intense personal transformation.  This time has been very challenging as I broke down all elements of my life.  This time has been full of sadness, confusion, discomfort, enormous healing, fear, divine love, and at times, great darkness.  It has been a time to re-evaluate everything in my life.  Relationships, behaviors, habits, material items, money.  How I relate, how I live, how I work, how I view money, abundance, love, and even fear; they were all up for consideration and healing.

It was a very hard time and while in the PAUSE it was very hard to appreciate the opportunity to shed resistance.  To release all restrictions and blocks to my authenticity.  It was very hard at the time to see the bright light of my soul awakening into a new place. 

Now, as I start to INHALE once again and I consider the PAUSE, I see this space for something else.  It's a place to make choices.  A place to determine in a state of authenticity what is truly right for me and what moves forward into the new space. This place is critical as I INHALE, for after the shedding of the layers in the PAUSE, I now trust myself to make choices that honor my true self. 

As I begin to INHALE into this new space, I can trust that my actions are in alignment with my intentions and therefore the breath will be smooth, flowing, organic.  I now create the life my soul has always wanted.  Where and how I live, where and how I work, the relationships I have, the things I want, the experiences I enjoy.  The PAUSE is a place of creation, a blank slate to start again.

To deny the PAUSE creates a choppy, restricted breath, maybe holding it all together.

Just as in any cycle, it is a process.  After the INHALE, there is another PAUSE as I evaluate what no longer serves my highest good in THIS space, and through the EXHALE, I release and heal.  The next PAUSE determines what new things to experience, intentions to manifest, what to create.  And as the INHALE starts again, a new alignment from the new space flows smoothly.

What an amazing gift we have been given, in our very breath is a cycle of existence on how to move ourselves forward so our souls can experience their highest good on the path of desired goals.

   * PAUSE to determine what is not serving
   * EXHALE to release and heal the wounds
   * PAUSE to create new intentions
   * INHALE to manifest your dreams

Completing the cycle again and again, moving towards your deepest dreams.  And as yogi's, we get to practive this everytime we go to the mat.  A cycle of transformation on the mat, a cycle of transformation all day long, a cycle of transformation in every life time.

As I now create my new life from the PAUSE and everyday work to not INHALE too quickly, allowing for intentions to manifest in divine order, I see the PAUSE as a place of great importance.  It's a place to make choices, a place to have the courage to let go of something, and a place to allow inspiration to move you forward on your path. 

Appreciating the PAUSE...again and again.

If you are ready to enter the PAUSE, I would be honored to support this space for you with the tools and resources that helped me in the PAUSE.  Contact me at jj@tadasanatravel.com to book your IN THE PAUSE session and start your transformation today.



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About the Author

After 15 years of Corporate experience in Project Management, Finance, and Procurement, Jeni James has traded in her nine to five for her yoga mat full time. After starting to dabble in yoga in 2003, she committed to a consistent practice and a yoga mind in 2009. The practice has transformed her physically, emotionally, & spiritually. Yoga has and remains to be a tool to maintaining a healthy body, mind, & spirit, and is a place to work through issues, become inspired, & get the answers to continue on the journey of life. It has changed her way of thinking and guided her to start living her passion. Now, she wants to teach you what she has learned, so you can manifest all of your dreams!

In 2012, Jeni became a certified Yoga Instructor. Trained by Rodney and Colleen Yee, the basis for Jeni's studies has been B.K.S. Iyengar. These studies, mixed with her love of Vinyasa flow and Power yoga create the daily practice for the retreats. The retreats also include the practice of YIN yoga to balance the movement of Vinyasa with meditative qualities of a more passive practice to help you go within.

Trained by Hila Kadem Ferguson in 2008, Jeni is also a Certified Reiki Master. This healing mechanism is what helps her connect people with their passions, determine next steps towards making a plan to move them along their path to pursuing their dreams.

Her love of yoga, travel, and helping people connect to key resources come together to create Tadasana Travel LLC.




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