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Preparing for Transformation: The Archer
by Jeni James


In August of 2012 at the Being Yoga conference at the Omega Institute, one of my classes, with Manorama, a well-known Sanskrit teacher focused on Yoga and the Inner Warrior. She said, "Everyday we fight the inner and outer battles of life. The yogi in training fights the inner battle." 

She talked about Arjuna, from the Bhagavad Gita and how when one goes into battle, you have to first prepare yourself.

Like an archer going to war, connecting to your life purpose begins a new journey. Therefore time to prepare ourselves for the transformation ahead is needed. As an archer prepares, he finds his bow and arrow, he identifies his target, he takes aim, and then, only when there is true alignment, he takes the shot. 

In yoga and in following the path of our soul purpose, preparation is our self-awareness. Manorama went on to give a new perspective of evil, saying that evil is really only when one is out of awareness with the self.  This concept holds true of many that are not following their path. When we are not self aware and therefore working in something other than our purpose, work and life can feel exhausting, frustrating, even toxic.

To get back into alignment, the archer prepares the bow and points the arrow towards the target.

This is where a lot of people get stuck. The first question I ask my clients is “What do you desire”? You would be surprised at how many times, they don’t know, they don’t yet have the awareness. Or they think they know and as the journey begins, it changes because what they thought the target was wasn’t what they wanted at all; it wasn’t in their true hearts desire.

I experienced this myself in my own transformation from corporate businessperson to entrepreneur. I thought the target was a middle-sized yoga retreat business. Traveling, teaching yoga, visiting different places around the world with a little group of yogi’s was what I had in my sight.

After months of self-work on mind, body, and soul, while in meditation, I connected with my true’s hearts desire. What I became aware of is that I wanted something more. I wanted to create something more meaningful for people. I wanted to get them on the path to fulfilling their life purpose and connect them with the resources to support them on the their journey. The beauty of this was that by doing so, I was fulfilling my own purpose!  And the personal transformation cycle that was just nearing completion provided me with the tools and skills I needed to fulfill this work.

It was in this moment that I gained much respect and appreciation for preparation and became aware of just how magical and wise the universe is. It was in this moment that I felt the authenticity of my own unique target and was in correct alignment to take the shot.

To prepare for transformation, we take a look at ourselves and where we are at today. We use our awareness to prepare for the path, come into alignment with what we truly desire, so at the point in time that we have our authentic target in sight, we have no doubt that we can make the shot.


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About the Author

After 15 years of Corporate experience in Project Management, Finance, and Procurement, Jeni James has traded in her nine to five for her yoga mat full time. After starting to dabble in yoga in 2003, she committed to a consistent practice and a yoga mind in 2009. The practice has transformed her physically, emotionally, & spiritually. Yoga has and remains to be a tool to maintaining a healthy body, mind, & spirit, and is a place to work through issues, become inspired, & get the answers to continue on the journey of life. It has changed her way of thinking and guided her to start living her passion. Now, she wants to teach you what she has learned, so you can manifest all of your dreams!

In 2012, Jeni became a certified Yoga Instructor. Trained by Rodney and Colleen Yee, the basis for Jeni's studies has been B.K.S. Iyengar. These studies, mixed with her love of Vinyasa flow and Power yoga create the daily practice for the retreats. The retreats also include the practice of YIN yoga to balance the movement of Vinyasa with meditative qualities of a more passive practice to help you go within.

Trained by Hila Kadem Ferguson in 2008, Jeni is also a Certified Reiki Master. This healing mechanism is what helps her connect people with their passions, determine next steps towards making a plan to move them along their path to pursuing their dreams.

Her love of yoga, travel, and helping people connect to key resources come together to create Tadasana Travel LLC.




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