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Desire vs. Fear, Which Will You Choose?
by Jeni James


2012 was FULL of change for me.  I stepped away from a secure job in Corporate America to pursue my dreams of running my own company and doing the things I love every day. I moved to New York City, a place that I had only dreamed of living. But the reality looked much different with no job, no guarantee of success. Only a large vision, determination, a solid set of spiritual tools, and at the core of my being…the desire to make ALL of my dreams come true.

This time has been an adventure filled with good days, challenging days, confusing days, downright scary days, and days of more joy than I could have ever imagined.

When I talk to people about my decision to change my life, the most frequent response is, "wow, you have a lot of courage...". I hadn't really thought of myself as courageous, but I will offer this perspective. If you want something different for yourself and for your life, YOU have the power and the responsibility to change it. Yes, this is scary, however, IF the desire to have something new is just a little more than the fear, then you have something to build on. 

Everything in the universe and on the planet is in constant evolution, transformation. As humans connected to everything in the universe, we feel this transformation and therefore need to shift within ourselves. Especially now as we enter the Aquarian Age, we are being given an opportunity to fully create the lives we were meant to live. We are being given access to higher levels of consciousness and therefore have a responsibility to transform into our true heart’s desire, our soul’s purpose for being.

Sometimes it can feel scary to change. However, does the sun say, I don't want to change seasons, do the flowers hide in the soil because it's too vulnerable to come out and bloom? Why as humans are we allowed to delay transformation when everything around us is constantly evolving and changing?

This has not been an easy time for me in transformation. The process can be confusing, honestly terrifying at times, but my desire for wanting the freedom to live my passion, fulfill my soul’s purpose, and support myself with the things I love doing the most was always more. Even on the hard days, it was more, if only a little more.

Maybe it's courage, maybe it's knowing that fear is just a lie, or maybe it's experiencing that desire always wins out. Whatever it is, it’s time to ask yourself if you are fully living the life you desire? Is there anything you would like to change? What is stopping you from taking a step towards transformation?

Fear? As humans, we can’t help but to experience moments of fear, so within its existence, we have to move it into perspective. You have to at least give what you want a fighting chance.

I recommend an exercise. First, ask yourself what is holding you back?  Look at it, feel it, look at it again and then consider that it’s just a lie, there is no truth to that fear and it can be managed. Now, imagine that you have the desire, that you are fully transformed into living everything you want to be. What does that feel like when it is fully manifest? How does it compare to the fear that was previously felt? Can you feel the truth in your desire over the lie of the fear? Sit with this knowledge.

And then desire vs. fear, what will you choose?


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About the Author

After 15 years of Corporate experience in Project Management, Finance, and Procurement, Jeni James has traded in her nine to five for her yoga mat full time. After starting to dabble in yoga in 2003, she committed to a consistent practice and a yoga mind in 2009. The practice has transformed her physically, emotionally, & spiritually. Yoga has and remains to be a tool to maintaining a healthy body, mind, & spirit, and is a place to work through issues, become inspired, & get the answers to continue on the journey of life. It has changed her way of thinking and guided her to start living her passion. Now, she wants to teach you what she has learned, so you can manifest all of your dreams!

In 2012, Jeni became a certified Yoga Instructor. Trained by Rodney and Colleen Yee, the basis for Jeni's studies has been B.K.S. Iyengar. These studies, mixed with her love of Vinyasa flow and Power yoga create the daily practice for the retreats. The retreats also include the practice of YIN yoga to balance the movement of Vinyasa with meditative qualities of a more passive practice to help you go within.

Trained by Hila Kadem Ferguson in 2008, Jeni is also a Certified Reiki Master. This healing mechanism is what helps her connect people with their passions, determine next steps towards making a plan to move them along their path to pursuing their dreams.

Her love of yoga, travel, and helping people connect to key resources come together to create Tadasana Travel LLC.




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