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Falling in Yoga is Fun
by Liz Vartanian



Editor's Note from Lexi Yoga: Why is it that we can fall so easily on the yoga mat, but off the mat, we have a hard time when we fail in something? It's all about courage, and facing new challenges is like food for the soul. Find out how falling in yoga can be a fun experience, and can push us forward in life, on or off the mat.


Ok, maybe it’s not fun as in the way a beach vacation is fun or even dinner out with friends, but falling is fun in the way that learning a new trick or a skill is fun. Falling satisfies the soul! The saying "fall 9 times get up 10" or something to the equivalent has been preached in every yoga class across the globe, along with “try and try again” or the more Yoda-like “try until you do”. Focusing instead on training the body to become stronger rather than the falling, but for a moment let’s look at the falling to remember why it is indeed FUN.

We have all left a difficult yoga class and found bruises or marks where our knees pressed too hard into our arms (or on our hips/shoulders/knees/cheek from falling) and just like in tribal community where scars are a source of pride, these bruises are to yogis! These markings after a class filled with challenging poses showing the world, ourselves, and other yogis that we work hard. Work hard not just to achieve some magazine worthy pose (and believe me those handstands/crows/chatarungas are glossy worthy), but that we aren’t afraid of a challenge! That’s why we jump-back instead of step, practice going from crow to tripod headstand, or why we turn Tree Pose into Warrior 3. We want to challenge our bodies to show that we have internal strength, mental fortitude, and some serious bad-asana yoga abilities!

Being on the mat is a great reflection of life off the mat!

So why is it we can fall so easily on the mat, but call it failing when it is off the mat?

We fall to learn, we fall so we can feel where we need to build strength, just like a freshly born horse stumbles until it figures out how to walk. It is the same for learning how to do handstand, arm-balances, or any pose we find challenging. We try, we fall, and we learn. It's the learning, the challenge, the "this didn't work, but this did", because without the trial and error, growth wouldn't come. Off the mat, we experience the same lesson. Trying something new, something challenging and either doing it well or not off the mat is scarier. The what-if’s come out, the fears, and the nay saying, perhaps this is where our experience on the mat influences off the mat. The courage we gain from falling out of an arm-balance or a handstand helps build the courage we need to start that new business, go back to school, or speaking passionately in the face of opposition. Courage is what makes dreams into reality! Falling may happen often, but failing only happens when you never try.

Falling is fun and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Falling is taking action. Taking action is an act of living and experiencing life! By accepting a challenge on the mat maybe we all can be more accepting of those challenges off the mat. Bruises on the body or of the ego eventually heal. You just need to shake it off and use that courage you gained from trying to try more challenges. After all if you can do a headstand, why not open that vegan bakery or start up that non-profit you've been dreaming of, heck why not move to Paris, live under the Eiffel tower and teach yoga in French, what do you have to lose by trying? What challenges you on the mat? What challenges you in the world? And can a you find the fun in falling?



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About the Author

Liz Vartanian is just a girl in the world who loves hula-hoops, tree pose, and BIG heart to heart hugs. She is 200-hour certified Yoga Instructor at Say Om Yoga in Austin, TX and loves teaching Mommy-N-Me yoga,prenatal, and restorative. She can be found sipping coffee with her man and two yoga inspiring dogs, rolling around on the mat or on the floor with her baby boy,chatting it up on Twitter @YogaBetty, or making short yoga videos for her blog on YogaBetty.com.
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