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Where Are You Right Now?
by Ally Hamilton




Editor´s Note from Brooke Nisbet: This short blog post written by a yoga studio owner and yoga teacher, is a good reminder about how much your mind can free you or create your own suffering. Yoga and meditation help you excersice your ability to keep the chitta vritti (sanskrit for "mind chatter") tamed and not out of control or overwhelming.


If you’re depressed about something, it’s almost definitely something that has already happened. If you’re anxious about something, it is almost definitely something that may or may not come to pass in your future. That’s the habit pattern of the mind; it heads into the past and tries to re-write it, or it careens into the future and tries to predict and control it. Of course, we can’t do either. …
And depression and anxiety are such painful states. Our thoughts can cause us so much suffering. Sometimes it’s hard to accept that there is a choice, that it is in our power to pick the mind up and bring it back to the now. One of the greatest gifts of a consistent yoga/meditation practice is that it trains the mind to keep coming back to THIS moment. In the now, there is potential for peace, for love, for joy. You can tap into these things because they live within you, in your heart, at all times. There is the possibility of knowing “all is well”, or “all will be well”. In the now, there is the potential to feel the connection that exists in us and around us with everyone and everything. Sometimes the now is full of pain and suffering, to be sure. But then that is the truth of that particular moment, and the moment will pass. Be as engaged as you can with what is happening right now, even if it’s painful. Everything is always changing, but the more awake and aware and engaged you can be in your moment-to-moment experience, the more you will feel the reality that you are not alone. Sending love and light to anyone in pain, and wishing everyone the strength to be present, Ally



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About the Author


Ally Hamilton began practicing yoga during her senior year at Columbia University. During the course of her 22 years of practice and 17 years of teaching, she has studied with Dharma Mittra, Bryan Kest (at whose studio she taught for over five years), Jorgen Christiansson, with whom she began practicing Ashtanga in 2001 and later assisted, Baron Baptiste, Max Strom, and Saul David Raye. In September 2009, with the help of her husband, she opened her own yoga studio in Santa Monica, Yogis Anonymous, and has built a vibrant community around some of the best teaching talent in Southern California. She has also pioneered the use of technology in yoga with a first-of-its-kind online yoga video website which provides live-streaming and on-demand yoga videos featuring top yoga instructors from around the world. Off the mat, you'll most likely find Ally chasing after her five year old son and two year old daughter.

Learn more: yogisanonymous.com/live




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