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How Yoga Can Help You Reclaim Balance Back Into Your Life
by Colette Barry
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Editor's Note from Lexi Yoga: Yoga is all about connecting with your inner self, and creating a sacred space to recharge yourself. Colette Barry shares with us how yoga creates space, and how your spine can reveal more messages than any other organ.

If you are of the opinion that yoga is about poses alone, think again! Yoga is about connecting with your inner self; it’s about exploration of endless possibilities that exist within us and experiencing them. It is more about living active, inspired, and healthy while connecting with those around you in a better and more meaningful way. How? Let us see.

Yoga Creates Space

   * When you sit in meditation, practicing yoga, you disconnect yourself from the world and everything around and focus only on your inner self, which creates a feeling of well being and a sacred space within.
   * By practicing yoga, you recharge yourself, especially if you are not enjoying what you do and everything seems to be a trouble.
   * Making yoga a regular practice will enable you to focus your imagination on the experiences you want to gain and create the habit of conscious creation.
   * Yoga is a great exercise to reach your center, create space, and educate yourself about how to be present and feel better for optimal functioning.

Yoga, Spine, and Space

Do you know your spine reveals more messages than any other body organ? True, the spine, besides being your backbone, is a place where your body stores emotions, sends signals to the brain, and processes energy. It won’t be wrong to say the spine is the messenger of your body. The more flexible your spine, the better your health would be! With yoga, you lend yourself the tool to bring balance, flexibility, and alignment in your spine.

Yoga is about grounding your body while also allowing yourself to let go and stretch beyond what is comfortable. It’s like flying a kite, and to let the kite soar, you must be grounding on a solid foundation. A good yoga instructor will guide you through the process of looking for space in your bodies and exploring the vast possibilities with curiosity but without any expectation.

With yoga, you learn to create space in your life to explore yourself, to experience what you love, and to play with your kids. Creating space by undoing the tension in your body, breath, and mind allows you to delve deeper into a certain yoga posture and discover what it is like moving openly and freely.

Yoga teachers are supposed to take students out of their comfort zone. If teachers don’t challenge them, then there is no point in participating in a yoga class. We, at Yoga Trends, motivate our students while they, in turn, inspire us to continue to challenge them to create space within and seek rewards through yoga.



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About the Author

Author and Illustrator of  Wall Yoga the Art of Centering, Colette Barry is a licensed massage therapist, certified yoga and Pilates instructor. Through Colette’s lifelong work in rehabilitation with her husband and her father, physicians of Chiropractic, she developed two programs “Wall Yoga” and the “Barry Method”.  Colette’s programs goes far beyond muscle isolation creating a technique that includes using visual cues to connect the mind and body. These programs results in a harmonious muscle and overall body alignment. Claiming, “perfect alignment produces perfect results!”

Join Colette’s online training programs at Udemy, “The Complete Wall Yoga Strength Program”, “Introduction to Wall Yoga”, “The Whole Body Wall Yoga Makeover” and “Barry Method”. These programs are available to anyone who would like to experience a profound new level of healing.  Please visit Colette’s excellent blog at YogaTrends.org.

This article was originally featured at Colette’s excellent blog, YogaTrends.org.




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