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Top 5 Benefits of Kids Yoga
by Marguerite Boyer



Editor's Note from Lexi Yoga: Yoga is not just for adults... There are amazing benefits for kids who practice yoga. It not only increases balance and flexibility, but also enhances concentration, which is great for kids in school. Here are the top 5 benefits of yoga for kids.

Yoga offers many benefits. Those who follow yoga are more likely to be fit both physically and mentally. But, do you know, this olden eastern art offers many benefits to kids as well? When it comes to fitness and health of children, many people concentrate on outdoor games and sports rather than considering workouts at gym.

Most of the people do not know that, another important form of exercise which offers kids various benefits is Yoga. Following 5 are some of the top benefits of Kids Yoga.

Increases Balance and Flexibility

Yoga helps kids to improve balance and flexibility, and also tones up their muscles. It also makes them stronger and helps in reducing the risk of fractures and sprains through unexpected falls. Balance and flexibility are very necessary for kids to participate actively in different types of physical activities that are held at school.

Enhances Concentration

Once your kid gets used to the postures or asanas of yoga, it automatically improves their concentration skills. During ancient days, sages used to follow yoga as a form of meditation, and their concentration powers are legendary. Your kid will learn how to focus on their activity just sitting in one place, instead of letting the mind wander and get distracted often. It helps your kids to listen the lessons at school, and also improves their grades by boosting their attention levels.

Improves general well-being

Children who practice yoga frequently feel good about themselves; and they are happier and healthier than other kids. They feel rejuvenated both physically and mentally after each and every yoga session, and this improves your kid’s physical and mental health. Hence, you can be less worried about their health.

Boosts Confidence

When your kid is capable of displaying great flexibility and agility, it greatly influences their confidence. Their enhanced performance at school also boosts their self esteem and self assurance. They will become more confident and begin to believe more in their abilities. This sensation offers them a feeling that they can attain success in all the endeavors.

Relaxes Their Minds

Even children do face a great level of stress nowadays due to the workload at their schools and the expectations that the parents have on them. Kids are forced to become achievers at every point of their lives, and if they fail, they become depressed by taking it to heart. Yoga helps them de-stress and relax while they are depressed or upset. It also soothes your kids’ worn minds and helps them in getting back to normal state.

Kids Yoga Guidelines

1. Help the kids to do the postures properly, including the breathing technique; but do not force perfection.
2. Let them take frequent short breaks in between, and you can encourage them to meditate during these breaks.
3. Instead of explaining the exercise posture, always try to demonstrate it. This is the best way to let them do the posture the right way.
4. Make sure your kid’s tummy is not too full while doing yoga.
5. Avoid comparing them with other kids.

With all the above mentioned advantages along with many more, it is a good idea to introduce yoga to your kid’s daily routine. They will soon start feeling better both physically and mentally. Also, you will find so much betterment in their studies and behavior.



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About the Author

Marguerite Boyer being a fitness enthusiast loves to blog on fitness and topics related to fitness. You can check out her latest post on how to lose belly fat on her website.









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