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Your Highest Potential with Yoga
by Jen Blackert



Editor's Note from Brooke Nisbet: Are you living to your full potential? Have you uncovered who you really are? Are you working towards your dreams? This article talks about how yoga can help be a part of your transformation into...well....you.

Are you living your divine potential? I mean that person inside of you? Are you fully expressing your inner being?

No? Why do you think that is?

Is it some other event, resource or person? Something outside of you that is holding you back? Is it lack of time? Maybe it’s an education, money or health for that matter? These thoughts of lack could go on and on. Gee. Gosh are you focusing on lack more than abundance?

Could it possibly be that you have something inside you that is dying to express your potential, but you are afraid to let it out? Often times instead of facing the reality and being 100% responsible for our lives, we hide from ourselves and blame others. We begin to only see our weakness and not our strengths. Our focus goes to what not all peaches and cream.

Whatever it is may be holding you back, try these steps to uncover your inner potential.

Step 1: Ask questions of yourself: What would happen if I let out your true self-expression, talents, and core being? But what do you think it is? What do you think you are you afraid of? Is it a loss of security or safety? Could it be love? Maybe it’s recognition?

Step 2: Begin ‘Whying it.’ Sounds strange I know, here’s an example of how it works.

The obstacle: I fear success
I am afraid of being thought of as a fraud
Because I don’t want to be a fraud <--- This is the fear, not fear of success.

Step 3: This is where yoga fits in! In fact, if it wasn’t for yoga I don’t know if I ever would of uncovered some of the huge blocks that were holding me back. Yoga transforms. It uncovers our greatness. It prevents us from tearing ourselves down.

Practice self-acceptance and self-love of this obstacle and let it go on the mat. Here’s how.

At the beginning of your yoga class, sometimes the teacher will ask you to set an intention. This time you are going to set the intention for ‘becoming authentically whole and always truthful.’ You see this is the opposite of ‘I don’t want to be a fraud.’ All through practice remind yourself of how ‘authentically whole and truthful’ you are. Then in savasana (corpose pose) at the end of class, embody and completely feel that intention absorbing you. Lastly, after class set an intention to take an action that would move you forward to overcome any your obstacle. By making an intention and focusing on it for an extended time, it allows us to let go and move on.


Article from www.everythingyoga.com.



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About the Author

Jen Blackert holds a Bachelor of Science in nutrition from Virginia Tech University, and has worked with hundreds of individuals, helping them find success in their work life. She was a contributor to Living the Law of Attraction (2008) and is currently working on a book with Ken Blanchard and Steven Covey, author of Seven Habits of Highly Effective People. Blackert is also working on her second book, Simple Marketing: The Simple Way to Big Business Growth, which is scheduled to release this fall.
When not consulting with clients, Blackert spends her time with her husband and two kids in Austin, Texas, and is an accomplished equestrian. For information, please visit www.jenblackert.com.
Company: Jeneth Maree' & Associates, Inc.
Website: http://www.attractiondiva.com
Website: http://www.everythingyoga.com/




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