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The Benefits of Yoga: Life Enhancement
by Will Duprey



Editor's Note from Lexi Yoga: Imagine dedicating yourself to practice yoga 2-4 hours every morning, and 2 hours every evening... It's quite a challenge, but Will Duprey had the privilege to actually live with one of his teachers, and experience a spiritual awakening around the clock.

During studies, I had the privilege to live with one of my teachers.

This was the second teacher I studied with which came after, one-to-one studies, initiation and a serious self-practice (dedicating 2-4 hour every morning and 2 hours every evening as well as abiding to that pranayama time-frame of practice mentioned in the Hathayogapradipika of practicing at: 4 AM, 12 PM, 4 PM & 12 AM with days of mauna, daily practice of: japa, mantra and psychic development practices advised by my Guru.

After this was my regular practice for a couple of years, I still could not sit with my teacher without trembling. Not out of fear but out of reverence and well, purity. Not that a Guru has never done any wrong but imagine if you could sit with the person you most feel as a spiritual guide. One who has really walked the path. Not to gain a large student populace, as a career or popularity but to become Self-realized. Maybe the Dalai Lama? Now pretend he made time to see you one-to-one and you were to able to ask for his guidance to measure your spiritual progress or evolution. You want to do well. You want to be free of your ignorances, fear and misperceptions. Here he is a beaming light welcoming everything you know and say and presenting the road that wakes you up. I trembled.

In time, I was given his blessing to teach and that I no longer needed his guidance. At that time, I asked to continue my studies in siddha and tantra. He agreed. I even told my new teacher about this to see if that was okay for him. It was. I know that we tend to look at the Benefits of Yoga from what they do to us or what they can possibly do. It is true, they can do a lot. I have been working extensively with classical hatha yoga postures, kriyas and bandhas to eradicate Parkinson’s symptoms, Colitis, IBS, MS, Asthma, etc. Still my main thought is that why do this unless it changes your life. If it is life enhancement then the practice is beyond weightloss, stress, aging, mobility, strength but to aliven the energy within and have all the systems move in harmony and in the most natural state! May these benefits rain upon you, bless you, uplift you and allow us all to be light and true.



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About the Author

William Duprey teaches Sadhana. He was initiated by Sri Dharma Mittra and studied with him one-to-one until receiving his blessing to teach then began a similar course of study in Siddha Medicine. Will attends to many practices including chanting with Dr. M. A. Jayashree. He integrates his studies of yoga, medicine and mantra with life experience and traditional Hatha Yoga to emphasize a system of personal transformation that encourage students to discover inner awareness and reach new heights.

Website - http://www.willdupreyyoga.com
Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/willdupreyyoga
Twitter - http://twitter.com/willdupreyyoga




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