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What Meditation is Really All About
by Sadhguru Vasudev



Editor's Note from Lexi Yoga: Most people wonder what meditation really means, and how to truly experience it. Modern life has been shifting our energies and making us more unstable. Find out what meditation is really all about.

Meditation is a way of manufacturing what we call as ojas.  When we eat food, digestion manufactures the body in a certain way.  This is important for our physical exsistance, but the body by itself does not serve any purpose.  The body can be a means of great suffering.  The body is capable of pleasure also, but its limitations will be unfulfilling over a period of time.  In meditation, we are using energy to manufacture something much subtler than the physical body.  Now the process of shifting the life forces into a different level of manufacture, where instead of manufacturing physical body cells, it begins to manufacture subtler energies, which we call ojas, is known as meditation.

The quality, the intensity and the volume of ojas makes the difference between one human being and another.  Why one human being’s presence seems to be so strong and transforming, and another’s weak is simply because the ojas he carries with him.  A meditator is someone who has set up an industry of ojas.  Right now, it is quite limiting and frustrating not to allow people to go into higher states of energy and ojas simply because people don’t have the necessary balance, preparedness, discipline or are still unable to understand the priorities they need to allocate to different dimensions of their life.  There are so many things that you can do to dissipate and destroy the growth of ojas in you.  Various types of mental activity can do that.

Certain types of physical activity, excessive sexuality, excessive indulgence in food, too much stimulants and being in contaminated atmospheres can also do that.  Spirituality means going into processes that can enhance one’s ojas and change the very fundamentals of their life; to take a person to a completely different experience, joy within himself and a blissfulness which is not only his, which will be everybody’s around him.

Your meditation is not only about yourself.  If 25 people in this hall become truly meditative, the whole town, without knowing why, will become peaceful.  There will be a certain sense of settling.  The deeper one goes into it, the more of a device he becomes for everybody’s wellbeing.  It is not by blabbering good things that true peace and well being will come.  Only when people carry the right kind of energy around them, only when their ojas is such that 100 people can sit under their shadow and experience it, only then well being will truly happen.  Quite a few people are experientially open and definitely capable of generating higher possibilities of energy.  But modern life has made people absolutely fickle.  You’re simply shifting all the time, from this to that, whether it comes to jobs, priorities, education or relationships.  In this shifting, your energy also becomes unstable.

If all we want to teach is a simple technique of meditation or something for your health and well being, I can train people to do that in two or three weeks time, maybe four weeks.  We can train teachers to go on imparting meditation, kriyas and whatever, little things that is necessary for one’s physical well being and mental well-being.  Out of a thousand people who come, you may find a dozen people who are capable of higher possibilities.  Only if one makes himself available to higher and higher possibilities, will grace descend and do something that you yourself could never do.  Only then this can become a very fulfilling process for an individual.


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About the Author

Sadhguru Vasudev, founder of Isha Foundation, is one of the world’s most prominent spiritual leaders and a highly sought-after international speaker. A yogi, profound mystic, and groundbreaking humanitarian, Sadhguru works tirelessly toward the physical, mental and inner wellbeing of all. From the creation of the self-transformational, Inner Engineering Program to Project Green Hands and many social and community revitalization endeavors, Sadhguru’s life and work serve as a reminder that yoga is not an esoteric discipline from an outdated past but a contemporary science vitally relevant to our times. www.ishausa.org




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