Caution!!! Mercury Rx
by Patricia Lantz
ATH Astrology editor

In the same way that people who are not really interested in astrology know what their "sun sign" is, Mercury retrograde has migrated out of astrological jargon to become an expression in everyday life, but exactly what does it mean?

When planets turn retrograde by transit they appear to interfere with the normal ongoing flow of activities represented by that planet in the outer world. This creates frustrating conditions, delays, setbacks and last minute changes in plans. Mercury, the planet of communication and transportation, normally goes retrograde for about 24 days three time a year.


According to astrological interpretation, this is a period of time when everything associated with the planet Mercury (contracts, travel, transportation, communication and commerce) seems to run backward. The Internet crashes. Cars break down. Words can wound or are misunderstood.


Two steps forward one step back


When transiting Mercury is moving forward he communicates with cool headed perception, logical analysis, and objective reasoning but when he turns around his focus temporarily turns away from where he's going and looks back on where he has been. In a sense we get in our heads and pay less attention to what going on around us. And as a result all kinds of minor but irritating disruptions occur when dealing with many little and seemingly incidental things in our daily lives.


Troubles can crop up in many diverse areas. Typical to Mercury Retrograde disturbances will be ~ difficulties in dealing with transportation, telephones, computers and other technical devices. There will be mixed up messages, mail delays, postponements, lost deliveries, machines break down, appointments are missed or canceled and often there are last minute alterations in previous plans and negotiations.


Briefly ~ what should you do during Mercury Retrograde?


Transiting Mercury Retrograde is excellent for involvement in mental activities such as editing, revising written work or proof reading. It's also good for meditation or in depth self-analysis and reviews of all kinds. The mind is more deliberate during a Mercury Retrograde making this a constructive time for re-appraisals of all kinds. Go over previously held ideas and concepts and re-analyze their present relevance and value ~ then make all the necessary corrections and modifications, resolve matters from the past, plan new activities out in detail but do not execute.


  • *Stop. Think. Wait. Listen.
  • *Clean up the house, desk, hard drive.
  • *Back up important stuff, duplicate documents.
  • *Relive parts of your past - forgive, forget, clean up, move on.
  • *Observe and take in instead of acting or reacting.
  • *Use the time to go over stuff you've started - finish it, toss it, revamp it or let it go.
  • *Realize much of mental stuff swirling around in your busy brain right now is just confusing mind chatter.
  • *This is a time when you are not really focused on daily affairs so you'll need to double check everything.
  • *Relax, reflect, be open and be patient, in 3 weeks the confusion will clear up and your view of the future will be different.


About the Author


ATH Editor of Astrology, Patricia Lantz, is a practicing astrologer and hypnotherapist living in Atlanta, Georgia. Patricia is a former StarIQ columnist and currently writes as the Atlanta Astrology Examiner. She invites you to follow her on as she examines life on this small planet through the mediums of astrology, hypnotherapy and other related topics. She can be reached by calling 678-763-0552, by e-mail at, or for information about the services she offers visit her home on the web at






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