What is Psychotherapy? Psychotherapy can be considered an alternative healing therapy that involves learning to increase self awareness in order to realize maximum human potential, thereby helping us to live more authentically with improved relationships, professional and financial successes, balance and grace. Psychotherapy is a general term describing many specific types of therapy such as talk therapy, narrative therapy, psycho-social therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, interpersonal therapy and counseling. Psychotherapy treatments are commonly used for psychological problems on an individual basis, with couples, families and groups. Forms of communication used in psychotherapy healing can include writing, artwork, music and dramatic theater. A psychotherapy practitioner may be a psychologist, marriage and family therapist, occupational therapist, counselor, psychiatric nurse, licensed clinical social worker or psychiatrist.   What we refer to as psychotherapy medicine has been practiced as far back as ancient Greece.  It is thought that the first recorded use of psychotherapy was performed by Dr. Josef Breuer.  Dr. Breuer would go on to be a close friend, teacher and collaborator with Sigmund Freud.  Dr. Breuer observed a woman who suffered from paralysis felt better after she ‘talked’ to him about her symptoms.  It is thought Sigmund Freud employed this ‘talking cure’ form of treatment and later created what we refer to as ‘psychoanalysis’ in Vienna, Austria in 1881.  A trained neurologist, he began working with patients who were classified as hysterical.  He continued practicing psychoanalysis into the 1930’s.   His psychotherapy treatment work was later built on by Karl Jung, Anna Freud and Otto Frank among others.  In the 1940’s, pioneer Carl Rogers brought forth a humanistic approach which rose to prominence by the 1950’s.  Psychoanalysis, humanism and Ivan Pavlov’s work in behaviorism laid the cornerstones for teaching psychology in the United States today.   Psychotherapy is an alternative healing therapy that is a constantly growing. Today there are over 450,000 licensed psychotherapists in the United States.  General research shows that the average length of psychotherapy treatment is between 6 and 10 sessions.  It has been reported that Americans spend about $55 billion on psychotherapy annually.     All Things Healing promotes psychotherapy, an alternative healing therapy, with psychotherapy information presented in articles and video form.  For more and updated information, visit us online regularly!  

Introduction to Psychotherapy
(Asst. Editor: Deborah Duenckel Allen, LCSW, DCSW) Nancy’s enduring interest and practice in psychotherapeutic healing arts stems from her own, very human life experiences of wou...
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Nancy Burnett, PhD
Tiffany has a doctorate in neurolinguistics. She is a certified dream analyst, and a certified hypnotherapist and registered member recognized by American Board of Hypnotherapy and P...
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Tiffany Ip, PhD

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by Mary Jo Fay, RN, MSN

Narcissism is a broad spectrum of behaviors. On a scale of 1 - 10, Healthy Narcissism is a one, and Pathological Narcissism, or Narcissistic Personality Disorder, (NPD) is a 10.

Healthy Narcissism is something we all can use. It's having a healthy self-esteem. It's what makes us pick ourselves up after experiencing failure and going on towards the next goal. It's what gives us the ability to help each other, and to love someone - as we already know how to love ourselves...


Editor's Note from Elizabeth Wolfson: This article offers excellent insight into both the overt and the sometimes subtle dynamics in a couple’s relationship that precipitate and perpetuate “Narcissistic Victim Syndrome.” The author describes some of the manifestations of a narcissistic personality that influence co-dependence and provides suggestions for helping to recognized and disengage from this unhealthy dynamic.



by Jeane Rhodes, PhD

In Part One, we introduced the difficulty of attributing consciousness to the unborn child and newborn infant. To the neurologists, consciousness itself is only a manifestation of neurological functioning, so the debate involves establishing that structures are in place to account for consciousness. There is some evidence that the development of fetal organs, structures, and systems are coincident to use...


Editor´s Note from Nancy Burnett: Jeane continues her introduction to the field of pre and perinatal psychology in this second part of a two-part series. She connects the history to consciousness and the psychoanalytic field and targets health as the central concern of value. Students, practitioners, and everyday readers will discover wisdom in Jean's introduction. See Part 1.


by Jeane Rhodes, PhD

The field of Birth Psychology or, more formally, Pre- and Perinatal Psychology and Health is relatively new to psychology. The incorporation of the biological component is a relatively recent development in psychology. The reuniting of body and mind may be one of the keys that leads us to a greater understanding of ourselves as human beings...


Editor´s Note from Nancy Burnett: Jeane introduces us to the field of pre and perinatal psychology by raising interesting questions we've all likely wondered about. What happens to us in the womb before we are born? How does our experience before birth influence the rest of our lives? Her two-part series will both inspire more questions and answer others.



"As far as we can discern, the sole purpose of human existence is to kindle a light in the darkness of mere being."

~Carl Jung





by Graham Wilson

It’s important to be clear about the behaviours that you are seeking to reinforce, the diversity of people and their tendency to find jobs that suit their personality, and to ensure that complex and conflicting desirable behaviours are suitably reinforced.


Click "read more" to view the video "The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us".



Editors Note:
Psychology principles based on motivation and reward are used in organizational development to motivate people to improve job performance, to produce more products, and be more creative. Dr Graham Wilson has some interesting things to say about the importance of finding the match of incentive to the personality of the employee.  I think you'll enjoy reading Dr.Wilson's article and then watching this RSA Video adapted from a talk by Dan Pink...




by Steven Handel

There is a structure behind most habits which behavioral psychologists refer to as “habit loops.”

Habit loops consist of three main parts. First is the cue, the trigger from the environment that tells your brain to go into autopilot and which habit to use. Next is the routine, which can be a mental or physical action you take whenever presented with the cue. And lastly is the reward, which is what you get from the habit that fulfills a craving in your brain...

Editor´s Note: Changing bad habits and developing good habits is a challenge for many people.Here is the research that shows how this works.




Editor's Note: Committed couples may find that although their relationship is solid, they have settled into habitual sexual patterns that become routine This can in turn, lead to frustration, boredom or a host of other negative feelings and problems. Whitney Carey, relationship expert and author of “The Man Plan,” takes a simple approach and offers eight basic techniques that couples can spice up their sex life.



by Russell Collins, PsyD

To work effectively with couples, you have to have a theory. By theory, I mean a model of how people think, feel and, most importantly, interact. The point of any psychotherapy model is to illuminate the wheels and pulleys that keep the destructive interactions cycling around and around, and to identify the true levers of change...


by Deb Elkin, LPC

When adversity and unpleasant experiences present themselves in our lives, there are usually lessons to be learned from them. Paying attention to them is often what is called for before we can let go and move on. Usually what is called for first is that we experience our feelings about what has happened...





by Ryan Rivera

The natural vs. pharmaceutical treatment argument is not a new one. Many people believe that herbal and homeopathic remedies are safer and more effective than manmade chemicals. Others believe that scientific research should be more highly valued, and there is undeniably more research on pharmaceutical remedies than natural medicine, simply due to funding dollars alone...


Editor Note from Sherri Carter: Ryan Rivera, expert and author, offers alternatives for panic attacks, which treat the underlying cause rather than symptoms alone.



by Debbie Allen

What if America invested in designing Imagination Playgrounds in every urban city? I wonder, if children could find this kind of space in their own neighborhoods, could this transform childhoods and perhaps even make these children more resilient to the kinds of problems that occur during adolescence such as dropping out of school, drug involvement, gang involvement, etc?...




by Melanie Haiken, Senior Editor
Cross-posted from

It’s downright scary: More than 20 million Americans can expect to suffer from depression in the coming year. But you don’t have to be one of them if you’re alert to the events and situations that can turn the blues into something more serious. Here, the 10 most common depression triggers — and what to do to prevent them from dragging you down...



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When You Hear Your Partner, Are You Listening?

by David McCann, Ph.D. & Janis McCann, Ph.D.

The art of listening is the heart of communication. We believe that if we do not come together and listen to one another, we cannot have a healthy culture. But if we do sit down and listen to one another, we can remake the world—one relationship at a time.


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