What is Psychotherapy? Psychotherapy can be considered an alternative healing therapy that involves learning to increase self awareness in order to realize maximum human potential, thereby helping us to live more authentically with improved relationships, professional and financial successes, balance and grace. Psychotherapy is a general term describing many specific types of therapy such as talk therapy, narrative therapy, psycho-social therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, interpersonal therapy and counseling. Psychotherapy treatments are commonly used for psychological problems on an individual basis, with couples, families and groups. Forms of communication used in psychotherapy healing can include writing, artwork, music and dramatic theater. A psychotherapy practitioner may be a psychologist, marriage and family therapist, occupational therapist, counselor, psychiatric nurse, licensed clinical social worker or psychiatrist.   What we refer to as psychotherapy medicine has been practiced as far back as ancient Greece.  It is thought that the first recorded use of psychotherapy was performed by Dr. Josef Breuer.  Dr. Breuer would go on to be a close friend, teacher and collaborator with Sigmund Freud.  Dr. Breuer observed a woman who suffered from paralysis felt better after she ‘talked’ to him about her symptoms.  It is thought Sigmund Freud employed this ‘talking cure’ form of treatment and later created what we refer to as ‘psychoanalysis’ in Vienna, Austria in 1881.  A trained neurologist, he began working with patients who were classified as hysterical.  He continued practicing psychoanalysis into the 1930’s.   His psychotherapy treatment work was later built on by Karl Jung, Anna Freud and Otto Frank among others.  In the 1940’s, pioneer Carl Rogers brought forth a humanistic approach which rose to prominence by the 1950’s.  Psychoanalysis, humanism and Ivan Pavlov’s work in behaviorism laid the cornerstones for teaching psychology in the United States today.   Psychotherapy is an alternative healing therapy that is a constantly growing. Today there are over 450,000 licensed psychotherapists in the United States.  General research shows that the average length of psychotherapy treatment is between 6 and 10 sessions.  It has been reported that Americans spend about $55 billion on psychotherapy annually.     All Things Healing promotes psychotherapy, an alternative healing therapy, with psychotherapy information presented in articles and video form.  For more and updated information, visit us online regularly!  

Introduction to Psychotherapy
(Asst. Editor: Deborah Duenckel Allen, LCSW, DCSW) Nancy’s enduring interest and practice in psychotherapeutic healing arts stems from her own, very human life experiences of wou...
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Nancy Burnett, PhD
Tiffany has a doctorate in neurolinguistics. She is a certified dream analyst, and a certified hypnotherapist and registered member recognized by American Board of Hypnotherapy and P...
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Tiffany Ip, PhD

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by Dr. Judith Orloff

As a psychiatrist, I feel strongly that letting go of resentments is essential to free yourself from negativity. The main person the resentment hurts is you...


Editor’s Note: As we move day after day into the New Year, we can reslove to release old grudges, and resentments and change our typical patterns of building frustration or impatience that is of service to no one...




Editor´s Note from Nancy Burnett: Amy Cuddy inspires viewers to not just fake it till you make it, but to "Fake it till you become it." She shares her personal journey from loss of power to reclaimed power along with some interesting science on the power of body language.





Editor´s Note from Nancy Burnett: Faith Jegede's powerful talk on her experience of growing up with her brothers' autism inspires and challenges.



by Kim Olver, MS, LPC, NCC

The first need is called love & belonging. It is the need that determines how much connection you require with others.  Generally speaking, relationships work best when you have equivalent strengths of the love & belonging need...


Editor's Note: This article discusses five basic needs of choice that each person experiences in life and in their intimate relationships suggesting that comparing these needs with those of your partner is a good indicator of compatibility.  Suggestions are provided for learning how to become more compatible with your partner.



by Jack Canfield

The first Success Principle I teach is to take 100 percent responsibility for your life. Each of us has the power within us to create the life we want, the life we dream about, the life we were born to live. Each of us deserves to fulfill our full potential and manifest our true destiny. It is our birthright, but it must be claimed. It must be earned through hard work, and part of that work is first learning and then living by the time-tested and ageless principles that are guaranteed to bring about our desired results...



by Dawn Wiggins, LMFT

In the aftermath of a loved one dying from addiction, it is common to go through the “What If’s”.  It is normal for family members and loved ones often question if they did enough to intervene on the life of the addict or alcoholic as if this practice would absolve the supposed lack of action.  A death resulting from addiction is particularly tragic because it seems so preventable and unnecessary...


Editor's Note from Debbie Allen: Every time we lose someone to an overdose by drugs or alcohol, I ask myself why we don't do better to mobilize families to intervene more effectively so that the addict can get into treatment. Unfortunately when I look around for good residential treatment programs, they are often not funded by insurance, thus requiring family members to dip into savings or pensions to get loved ones the help that is desperately needed.



by Elizabeth Wolfson, PhD, LCSW

Thanksgiving is the quintessential American holiday requiring none of the consumer frenzy and financial pressures of other holidays.  It is a day of gathering amongst loved ones to embrace the spirit of “giving thanks”  and so, it is a good day to ask: What does giving and getting thanks mean to you?...





by Debra Manchester

Believe it or not, the holidays rank right up there on the stress scales with “asking the boss for a raise!” Whether celebrating at home or on the road, most of us need to learn how to be together more gracefully. Here are some practical ideas to help bring out the best in everyone...





by Tiffany Ip, PhD
ATH Co-Editor of Psychotherapy

Heartbreak – a common experience in life – happens over and over again for some people and perhaps once in a lifetime for others. We find ourselves in the throes of heartbreak when we lose someone dear (actual loss), or when we feel that someone or something important to us is about to be gone (a sense of loss)...


Editor's Note from Tiffany Ip: Ask yourself - "If you could take a pill that assured that you could fall in love, fall out of love, or stay in love on command, would you take it?" We know too well that love often hurts. We learn to build walls around our hearts to keep out pain and protect ourselves. A pill that can avoid all possible relationship heartaches and whisk away painful wounds sounds like a dream come true. This article, however, tells us why we should embrace the experience of heartbreak even when we get hit hard with the painful realities of life.




Editor's Note: Cheryl Arutt summarizes the importance of helping children develop an ability for self-regulation of emotions. She shows a 1969 clip of Mr. Rogers testifying where he says "If we could make it clear that feelings are mentionable and manageable, then we would have done a great service for mental health...."



by Susan Pollak

If I close my eyes, I can almost go back to my grandmother’s kitchen. The fragrance of pot roast permeates the air, redolent with caramelized onions, potatoes and carrots. I can see the golden lemon sponge cake, made with nearly a dozen eggs, just emerging from its worn silver bundt pan. And I can smell the cups of steaming black tea with sugar. This was grandma Tilly’s healing elixir that could soothe any pain, still the rivers of my childhood tears and my adolescent rage...



by Gerald Schoenewolf, PhD

A study by the Pew Research Center and the University of Michigan found that nearly one out of three kids between 12 and 17 years old sent 100 or more texts a day. Seventy-five percent of the teens in the study owned cell phones and that figure is rising fast...


Editor's Note from Tiffany Ip: This is the age of distraction. We are proud of being able to multitask - we can be texting, cruising on the Internet, listening to music and trying to work all at the same time. We seem to get increasingly tethered to our digital devices. Have you ever questioned, though, why you cannot leave your smartphone alone for an hour and sometimes cannot resist the urge of carrying on a text-message conversation with someone NOT present when you should be having a conversation with someone present? Read this brilliant article by Gerald and you will realize this may have something to do with our unconscious and the brain!



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When You Hear Your Partner, Are You Listening?

by David McCann, Ph.D. & Janis McCann, Ph.D.

The art of listening is the heart of communication. We believe that if we do not come together and listen to one another, we cannot have a healthy culture. But if we do sit down and listen to one another, we can remake the world—one relationship at a time.


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