What is Psychotherapy? Psychotherapy can be considered an alternative healing therapy that involves learning to increase self awareness in order to realize maximum human potential, thereby helping us to live more authentically with improved relationships, professional and financial successes, balance and grace. Psychotherapy is a general term describing many specific types of therapy such as talk therapy, narrative therapy, psycho-social therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, interpersonal therapy and counseling. Psychotherapy treatments are commonly used for psychological problems on an individual basis, with couples, families and groups. Forms of communication used in psychotherapy healing can include writing, artwork, music and dramatic theater. A psychotherapy practitioner may be a psychologist, marriage and family therapist, occupational therapist, counselor, psychiatric nurse, licensed clinical social worker or psychiatrist.   What we refer to as psychotherapy medicine has been practiced as far back as ancient Greece.  It is thought that the first recorded use of psychotherapy was performed by Dr. Josef Breuer.  Dr. Breuer would go on to be a close friend, teacher and collaborator with Sigmund Freud.  Dr. Breuer observed a woman who suffered from paralysis felt better after she ‘talked’ to him about her symptoms.  It is thought Sigmund Freud employed this ‘talking cure’ form of treatment and later created what we refer to as ‘psychoanalysis’ in Vienna, Austria in 1881.  A trained neurologist, he began working with patients who were classified as hysterical.  He continued practicing psychoanalysis into the 1930’s.   His psychotherapy treatment work was later built on by Karl Jung, Anna Freud and Otto Frank among others.  In the 1940’s, pioneer Carl Rogers brought forth a humanistic approach which rose to prominence by the 1950’s.  Psychoanalysis, humanism and Ivan Pavlov’s work in behaviorism laid the cornerstones for teaching psychology in the United States today.   Psychotherapy is an alternative healing therapy that is a constantly growing. Today there are over 450,000 licensed psychotherapists in the United States.  General research shows that the average length of psychotherapy treatment is between 6 and 10 sessions.  It has been reported that Americans spend about $55 billion on psychotherapy annually.     All Things Healing promotes psychotherapy, an alternative healing therapy, with psychotherapy information presented in articles and video form.  For more and updated information, visit us online regularly!  

Introduction to Psychotherapy
(Asst. Editor: Deborah Duenckel Allen, LCSW, DCSW) Nancy’s enduring interest and practice in psychotherapeutic healing arts stems from her own, very human life experiences of wou...
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Nancy Burnett, PhD
Tiffany has a doctorate in neurolinguistics. She is a certified dream analyst, and a certified hypnotherapist and registered member recognized by American Board of Hypnotherapy and P...
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Tiffany Ip, PhD

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by Steven Handel

Daydreaming is a state of mind where thoughts that are experienced by an individual are unrelated to what is going on in the environment around them.

We all experience daydreaming from time-to-time: at school, at work, or at home. It most often happens when we are doing something that we find boring, so our mind begins to drift onto other, more interesting things...


Editor´s Note from Debbie Allen:This is a fascinating that explores why daydreaming is important in our creative process.




Editor’s Note from Elizabeth Wolfson: Intimate relationship can seem challenging and complex, yet there are some basic simple tools that can help maintain healthy happy relationships.  In this video,  Dr. Pat Love Pat Love, a distinguished presenter and best selling author of Hot Monogamy and The Truth About Love presents four things that every human beings need in intimate relationship.




by Dr. Judith Orloff

As a psychiatrist, I feel strongly that letting go of resentments is essential to free yourself from negativity. The main person the resentment hurts is you...


Editor’s Note: As we move day after day into the New Year, we can reslove to release old grudges, and resentments and change our typical patterns of building frustration or impatience that is of service to no one...


by Elizabeth Wolfson, PhD., LCSW

As we turn the page to another calendar year, some of this year’s resolutions may sound familiar as they are the same resolutions we made last year. Rather than beat ourselves up for failing to follow through, this is a wonderful opportunity to ask ourselves what happened to those resolutions...



by LaKia Allen, CPC, ELI-MP

How healthy are you really? You may be thinking, OK I got my annual checkup, my annual flu shot, I haven’t had a cold in years, I try my best to work out at least 3 times a week, I eat pretty healthy (minus those quick runs to McDonald’s every once in a while for the “kids”...


Editor´s Note from Nancy Burnett: LaKia offers both insight and warmth in this article focused on increasing awareness on the path to wellness. Her five questions will guide your thoughts as you ponder your own mind, body, and spirit connections.



by Demi Langford and Sunny Stasburg

Have you set your New Years Resolutions yet? Or do you feel discouraged because last years resolutions got tossed aside within the first 2 weeks? If so, you’re not alone. Statistics show that only 45% of Americans even set New Years Resolutions. And out of those that do, 25% don’t maintain after the first week, and by 6 months more than half of those who set resolutions have let them go...



by Joseph Burgo, PhD

I don’t usually relate to the trending topics on Twitter — often about celebrities I don’t know and TV shows I’ve never watched — but earlier this week I noticed that #WhatHurtstheMost was a popular hashtag for the day...


Editor´s Note from Nancy Burnett: Dr. Burgo responds to everyday Tweets about what hurts right now with a reflection on his personal past in this informative post. His cutting edge professional services to clients around the world identify him as a savvy and seasoned practitioner.



by Debra Manchester, LCSW

Although for some kids, finding the right medication is a life-changer, there are many parents who are adamantly opposed to putting their kids on drugs–particularly without trying something more holistic first...


Editor´s Note from Debbie Allen: Learning to identify and treat early signs of depression in children is an important key to ensuring future health and happiness. Helping children with emotional regulation is a cornerstone of working with children in therapy. Debra Manchester shares the best tips and the most recent research from the field on ways to assist children in managing their moods.




by Claudia Brachtl

Increasingly therapists, as well as other counselors and spiritual practitioners, are discovering that close collaboration with body workers (massage therapists, acupuncturists, etc.) enhance their clients’ personal growth...




by Perie J. Longo, PhD, MFT, RPT

I am frequently asked questions about how poetry can have such a powerful effect on us. Almost everyone has their favorites. Such poems have much to teach us about ourselves and the world as language, image, rhythm, shape and sound replace silence. One of the effects of poetry is not only does it help define the “I”, but strengthen it while providing insight...




by Stanley Popovich

Everybody deals with anxiety and depression, however some people have a difficult time in managing it. As a result, here is a brief list of techniques that a person can use to help manage their most persistent fears and every day anxieties...


Editor's Note: Stanley Popovich struggled with anxiety for 15 years and has found some very practical tools for managing anxiety and depression which he shares. He has been featured on radio and TV and has articles published in magazines.



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When You Hear Your Partner, Are You Listening?

by David McCann, Ph.D. & Janis McCann, Ph.D.

The art of listening is the heart of communication. We believe that if we do not come together and listen to one another, we cannot have a healthy culture. But if we do sit down and listen to one another, we can remake the world—one relationship at a time.


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