What is PsychoSpiritual? The integration of psychological growth and spiritual attunement. Viewing the complications of life not as problems, but as gateways to greater understanding. Learning that crisis can become an opportunity for growth. PsychoSpiritual is an integrated approach taking into account body, mind, emotions and spirit. PsychoSpiritual Healing is an approach that works “outside the box” of set procedures. For more information, visit us online today!

Introducing PsychoSpiritual
(Asst. Editors Eileen Gonzalez and Natalie Jovanic) Dr. Doris helps you discover the exquisite gifts wrapped in the thorniest, most painful experiences of your life. You immediately bec...
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Doris Helge, PhD, MCC
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by Lisa McCourt

Our culture wants to make “divorce” a four-letter-word, but it doesn’t have to be. My beloved ex and I divorced without ever suffering the stings of a hatred stage. Our kids live full-time in a home we alternately (and sometimes simultaneously) occupy, and we make a point to also spend ample time together with them as an ongoing family unit...


Editor's Note from Lisa McCourt: This article will wrap-up my 3-part mini-rant on the harm our societal viewpoints can cause in the lives of families affected by divorce. The Victim/Villain Trap happens not only in spousal relationships, but in sibling, parental, friend, and romantic relationships as well.



by Jill Magso

The law of attraction is simply the belief that if you are a positive, upbeat person who is able to conceptualize your own utopia, you will attract that into your life.  There are times when we have all wished to have something happen and when it does it seems almost magical.  Some people may feel this is coincidence or lady luck paying a visit, but the law of attraction would say otherwise...



by Michael Davidson

From a very young age, we are repeatedly told not to talk to strangers.


Unfortunately, the price that we pay for this safety is that children grow up suspicious of others and their motives. We tend to have a “fear” of strangers. This fear is unwarranted as we grow older...


Editor's Note from Blaze, aka Barbara Lazarony: Four quick tips to go break the old rule, out on a limb, and talk to strangers...



by Jodi Chapman

When was the last time you poured your heart out to yourself? When was the last time that you shared with yourself just how wonderful you are; how special you are; how amazing you are?..



Editor's note from Sherri Carter: What loving message do you have for yourself today?



by Zeenat Burse

As an intuitive medium and trained Psychotherapist, I am naturally more sensitive to and aware of emotions: my own and of others. Unfortunately, in our society, usually only, “good feeling” emotions, such as happiness, are acceptable. Emotions such as anger, sadness, anxiety and even disappointment are not as tolerated by most. However, feelings are our cues to listen more carefully to ourselves and others...


Editor´s Note from Doris Helge: Do you ever feel like your feelings control your life? Use this article and related video to empower yourself with proven tools to honor your emotions, use them productively and avoid feeling out of control. When you learn to “transform painful emotions into personal power”, you stop feeling victimized by any feeling or life event.




Editor's Note from Blaze, aka Barbara Lazarony: I woke up one morning recently and this song was looping in my head, I hope you enjoy it, I sure did!




Editor's Note From Sherri Carter: See the beauty of nature in the amazing TEDTalks video.




by Mari L. McCarthy

of CreateWriteNow

People in general tend to be moody. Sometimes we’re energetic and optimistic, and sometimes we’re sluggish and blue. In addition to the globe’s atmospheric conditions, producing constant weather changes, we have our own internal weather, seemingly as capricious as clouds. We do our best to maintain a happy mood or to work out of a sad one, but in actuality, the weather does as it pleases...




by Kera Everett

I love the words of the Dalai Lama.  His book, "My Spiritual Journey", sits on my living room coffee table.  In it he says, "An authentic attitude of compassion does not change, even faced with another person's negative behavior."  This... I found, was not an easy task.







Editor's Note from Diane Renz: Healing requires movement, and creativity is all about movement, of our ideas, perspectives, feelings, visions, longings, heart, and spirit, all finding expression, through our unique form, to make visible what lives deep within the essence of who we are. Jan phillips calls us to show up and believe in our inherent Artist...........the world needs us. Get inspired with the creed for your artist within.



by Lily Candice

India is synonymous with spiritualism and spirituality and meditation is an integral part of it. In fact meditation in India is not only a part of spiritualism but also a way of staying well. Meditating regularly has therapeutic qualities and helps in maintaining a positive disposition. Not only in India, but people all over the world are increasingly adopting this practise for keeping a stable mind...





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Interview with Lisa McCourt

Interviewed by Jodi Chapman

Unconditional love expert Lisa McCourt is a dynamic speaker, seminar leader and author whose 34 books have sold more than 5.5 million copies worldwide. Her new book, Juicy Joy – 7 Simple Steps to Your Glorious, Gutsy Self, teaches people to embrace "radical authenticity" to fully experience unbridled joy in life. Lisa lives in South Florida with her two children. For more information, visit


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