What is PsychoSpiritual? The integration of psychological growth and spiritual attunement. Viewing the complications of life not as problems, but as gateways to greater understanding. Learning that crisis can become an opportunity for growth. PsychoSpiritual is an integrated approach taking into account body, mind, emotions and spirit. PsychoSpiritual Healing is an approach that works “outside the box” of set procedures. For more information, visit us online today!

Introducing PsychoSpiritual
(Asst. Editors Eileen Gonzalez and Natalie Jovanic) Dr. Doris helps you discover the exquisite gifts wrapped in the thorniest, most painful experiences of your life. You immediately bec...
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Doris Helge, PhD, MCC
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by Lisa McCourt

I love Halloween. It’s a Juicy-Joyful holiday –  a brief opportunity to replace our day-to-day masks with more outrageous ones. Maybe you’re planning which mask you’ll wear this year, but I want to give you a far scarier challenge. What if you decided to acknowledge and remove some of the numbing metaphorical masks you’ve been walking around behind? How honest are you with yourself about your truest, deepest desires?...



by Blaze Lazarony

It’s another Sunday night, and like many people, you’re already dreading the sunset. Three Tips to Wake-up Full of Passion

Not because the sunset itself isn’t spectacular and breathtaking, it’s something else entirely...


Editor's Note from Blaze, aka Barbara Lazarony: Here are three tips to help you get out of bed tomorrow morning with a spring in your step.



by Simone Wright

Learning to develop and trust our intuitive intelligence is more important now than it ever has been before. According to a recent UCLA study, we are exposed to a tsunami of information that amounts to over 174 newspapers full of data per day...


Editor's Note from Natalie Jovanic: Our society has information overload. In the past, I often felt overwhelmed and confused by this overload, until I decided to tune into my intuitive intelligence to take a decision that felt right for me. My intuition helped me to let go of unhealthy relationships. Now, it guides me in all aspects of my life. Tune into your intuition to take the right choices for your life. Simone Wright's article explains you more with this natural wisdom that resides with you.



by Dr. Judith Orloff, MD

For over twenty years as physician, I’ve witnessed, time and again, the healing power of tears. Tears are your body’s release valve for stress, sadness, grief, anxiety, and frustration. Also, you can have tears of joy, say when a child is born or tears of relief when a difficulty has passed. In my own life, I am grateful when I can cry...


Editor's Note from Natalie Jovanic: Do you allow yourself to cry? Do you feel comfortable if you cry? I cry due to many reasons - it can be out of sadness, shame, joy or gratitude. Crying is a great relief for my soul. Did you know that crying is healthy? Read this article and find out more about it.




Editor's Note from Blaze, aka Barbara Lazarony: Here's an inspiring and empowering and read. Enjoy!



by Sherri Carter, MS
Co-Editor for Family & Parenting

We have been told time and time again that it is better to give than to receive, but at the same time we are to be in a state of gratitude.  So does that mean we are to be grateful only for giving? This is very confusing and usually makes many of us great givers, lousy at receiving, but yet we try to be in a state of gratitude, all at the same time...


A Note from Editor, Sherri Carter: How comfortable are you at saying thank you? What about when someone offers you a compliment? Being able to say thank you is powerful! Remember, if the only prayer you ever say in your entire life is ‘thank you’, it will be enough.



by Liz Pearl, MEd

They never give up. They dream big and reach far. They think positively and believe faithfully.  They love deeply...


Editor's Note from Eileen Gonzalez: In this book Liz Pear, M.ED has shared with us individual experiences that denote courage, the desire to improve one's lives and not simply suffer from MS.  I agree with her idea as we should all be looking to live our lives to our full potential and not allow limitations to keep us from living a full life.



by Natalie Jovanic,
ATH Assistant Editor of PsychoSpiritual

I saw him the first time on December 16th, the birthday of my late grandmother. When I looked into the box, I saw a small head of a kitten, its fur was full of dirt and his legs were covered with bandages...


Editor's Note from Natalie Jovanic: Do you listen to your inner voice? In our modern times, we often lost connection with our inner voice and just listen to our mind. However, trusting your inner voice can change your life profoundly. Your inner voice guides you through changes and helps you to find your direction in dramatic or painful live changes. It is a valuable companion that guides you into the direction that is best for you.



by Mari L. McCarthy

of CreateWriteNow

Have you ever noticed how much an individual's success is a matter of self-confidence? People who are leaders possess a strong sense of self. They are confident in their ability to handle whatever situation arises...







by Dylan Charles, Editor, Waking Times

Cross-posted from

Of our many innate powers as human beings, our power of intention heralds as the primary key to unlocking our ability to co-create reality.  When our energy moves from the mind outward into the physical realm, ferried by the vehicle of intention, the world becomes a reflection of our will...


A Note from ATH Editor, Sherri Carter: Author Dylan Charles, shares 5 ways to strengthen your personal power, key to manifesting our desires. Dylan says, "When strong, it is co-creation itself, the alchemy of the Cosmos, the single thing that makes possible the construction and the deconstruction of anything and of everything. Authentic power."



by Eileen Gonzalez,
ATH Asst. Editor of PsychoSpiritual

I am still in bed thinking of the blessings I have in my life as well as acknowledging the challenges I face. I smile because no matter how much uncertainty, my blessings out number those challenges. One thing I have learned in life, especially in these past couple of years is that we must always hold on to the vision of the better life we want. We must believe in our hearts we can achieve it and we must be ready and willing to go make it happen...


Editor's Note from Eileen Gonzalez: We are in constant creation we realize it or not. When we look back at our lives and at the results we have, we can see how our focus towards each area in our lives played a part. If we took the time to dig deep we would realize the power of our minds, the power of our thoughts, we would realize that with our choices we have created our lives.



by Irene Kabot

As Autumn arrives, we fall back, starting our preparation for another spring. It is time to go deep, deep into the earth, deep into ourselves. Who are we? Who do we wish to have “spring ahead” in 6 months when the earth shifts yet again...


Editor's Note from Eileen Gonzalez: Irene Frances Kabot is a teacher, spiritual counselor and trained Energy Therapy Practitioner, who understands the effect of the higher vibrations.  “We are evolving! This is the first time in human history that we are witnessing our own evolution. These children are not so different anymore. Many of us are experiencing the shift in the energy of our planet,” Irene explains.



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Interview with Lisa McCourt

Interviewed by Jodi Chapman

Unconditional love expert Lisa McCourt is a dynamic speaker, seminar leader and author whose 34 books have sold more than 5.5 million copies worldwide. Her new book, Juicy Joy – 7 Simple Steps to Your Glorious, Gutsy Self, teaches people to embrace "radical authenticity" to fully experience unbridled joy in life. Lisa lives in South Florida with her two children. For more information, visit


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