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What is PsychoSpiritual? The integration of psychological growth and spiritual attunement. Viewing the complications of life not as problems, but as gateways to greater understanding. Learning that crisis can become an opportunity for growth. PsychoSpiritual is an integrated approach taking into account body, mind, emotions and spirit. PsychoSpiritual Healing is an approach that works “outside the box” of set procedures. For more information, visit us online today!

Introducing PsychoSpiritual
(Asst. Editors Eileen Gonzalez and Natalie Jovanic) Dr. Doris helps you discover the exquisite gifts wrapped in the thorniest, most painful experiences of your life. You immediately bec...
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Doris Helge, PhD, MCC
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by Carmen Turner-Schott, MSW, LISW

When we talk about famous psychologists many people instantly think of Sigmund Freud. The truth is that Carl Jung made a deeper impact on the study of personality and the human psyche than any other academic in his time...


Editor's Note from Natalie Jovanic: When I first started to heal myself, I was highly sceptical about psychology. My childhood had been shaped by Freud's theories, and I never really connected with them. And then I found out more about Carl Gustav Jung, and everything changed. Read this article and find out more about this inspiring teacher.



Sananda As Channeled By Soltec

You are awash with the purest, most blissful waves of love, divine impulses moving across the waters of you. It is an illusion that these waves come to you, for that implies externalization. Love is the fabric of existence; it is the fabric of reality that ripples, that is a conduit for movement...


Editor´s Note: Australian spiritual teacher and a channel for the Ascended Masters, Soltec, channels Sananda, (known as Jesus while on earth) who informs us that our search for spirituality begins and ends with love; that it is only through love and through being love, that all understanding comes and that all creation occurs; that through loving others, we leave a ripple upon the fabric of creation forever.



by Mari L. McCarthy

of CreateWriteNow

No matter what kind of journal writing you do, there are some levels on which the process works whether or not you intend it.

Keeping a journal increases awareness, for instance. By reflecting on your experiences through the practice of journaling, you gain greater understanding, sharper powers of perception.

Journal writing can reduce loneliness, as well, by providing the sounding board that the soul craves...



by Dr. Mark Pitstick

Alan was home on leave before starting pilot training. He went parachuting with some friends. No big deal for a guy who had jumped hundreds and hundreds of times, right? Everything was going smoothly as he approached the ground, but then something went horribly wrong...


Editor´s Note from Tina Rayner: Have you heard of the expression, "ALL is ALL-WAYS well?" Well, the spelling could be my invention, but this story by Dr. Mark Pitstick literally and figuratively embodies this expression because in order to overcome adversity to then fly high, one must believe-even in the midst of adversity-that, "ALL is ALL-WAYS well."



by Beth Armstrong-Scott

Consider the fact that there is no one on this planet who is exactly the same as you. The mixture of your genetic make-up, the sequence of experiences you have lived through and the thoughts and feelings about those experiences you have is a unique one...


Editor's Note from Jodi Chapman: "You are the only you there is, and what better guiding force for your life is there than your own heart?" This is a great article about listening to our own inner wisdom.




Editor's Note from Natalie Jovanic: Today, I talked with a friend. She's in a challenging situation - looking for a job, not having the success in her studies she want to have. At one point she said, "I was an accomplished woman, I had my savings account, I had success. I now feel that this situation eats away my worthiness." I looked at her and said: "You are worthy, no matter what's going in your life. Your worthiness doesn't dependent on your money, your job or your success. You are worthy right now in this moment, just as you are." She reminded me on how often I made my worthiness dependent on my accomplishments or what others thought about me. Brené Brown taught me that I am worthy no matter what. And so are you.



by Phillip Mountrose and Jane Mountrose

Do you feel your life purpose calling? Do you long to help others in the most meaningful possible way and do something meaningful with your life? You may be drawn to spiritual counseling and wondering if this is the right direction for you...


Editor's Note from Natalie Jovanic: Are you a coach, therapist or counselor and you are unclear which direction you want to go? I never really fit into any of the mentioned categories, and even though I call myself a "Heal Your Relationship Mentor," it goes into the direction of spiritual counseling. If you feel currently stuck, read this article by Phillip and Jane Mountrose and find out whether spiritual counseling is the way you want to go.



by Sherri Carter, MS

The Law of Attraction is an amazing Universal Truth, ancient in its roots but made popular again with a rush of material in popular media. The basic idea is that you have the power to set your intentions about what you want in life and then attract it to you via focused thought. While many people have had initial success with this concept, there seemed to be something missing from the equation...


Editor's Note from Natalie Jovanic: Do you spend a lot of time waiting for your dreams to come true? The law of attraction is great, but this article mentions an additional element that is very effective: The Universal Law of Action.... For my life, I have noticed that there a times when I have to wait, but most of the time I can take action. I may not always see the connection when I take the action but it always allows me to move forward into the direction of my dreams.



by Tina Rayner

I used to be a master liar. Experts say that lying is a part of our everyday lives. However, to accept even, "white lies" as a part of everyday life, is to accept being ruled by what I call the, "ill-LOSE-ion" of fear. As the opposite of fear is love, this is a personal account of how my search for spirituality is the truth that has always been within me...




by Carmen Turner-Schott

I look back on a few key moments in my life when I was at a crossroad. I remember how one decision changed the entire course of my life. There are certain decisions that I made that were based on fear and ego. The decisions I made were not based on what I “felt” was right. I often ignored my intuition and that still small voice within...


Editor's Note from Natalie Jovanic: Sometimes, I feel like a victim of circumstances. Yet, it's never the circumstance but my conscious or unconscious choices. This article reminds you lovingly that you always have the power of choice. How do you want to use your power?




Editor's Note from Diane Renz: Learning how to soften our hearts and work with forgiveness is necessary to our healing. What does it mean to forgive and how might that allow constricted feelings to move, making space for the Truth of Life to have room in us. This is working with the rawness of the personal, within the context of the spiritual, not bypassing either.



Editor's Note from Natalie Jovanic:  Free will - does it really exist? And if it does, how can we connect with it? Watch this beautiful video and learn more about it.


Edgar Cayce TV

Explore... Live... Enlighten...
We hope that you will enjoy exploring the fascinating work of Edgar Cayce, one of the most documented psychics of all time, a renowned mystic, and the "father of holistic medicine." Our mission is to help people change their lives for the better through the ideas and information found in the Edgar Cayce readings.

Visit EdgarCayce.org.


Editor's Note: Dr. Mark Thurston, Edgar Cayce Researcher and Psychologist talks about the Power of Free Will. ~Carmen


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Interview with Lisa McCourt

Interviewed by Jodi Chapman

Unconditional love expert Lisa McCourt is a dynamic speaker, seminar leader and author whose 34 books have sold more than 5.5 million copies worldwide. Her new book, Juicy Joy – 7 Simple Steps to Your Glorious, Gutsy Self, teaches people to embrace "radical authenticity" to fully experience unbridled joy in life. Lisa lives in South Florida with her two children. For more information, visit www.LisaMcCourt.com...


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