What is PsychoSpiritual? The integration of psychological growth and spiritual attunement. Viewing the complications of life not as problems, but as gateways to greater understanding. Learning that crisis can become an opportunity for growth. PsychoSpiritual is an integrated approach taking into account body, mind, emotions and spirit. PsychoSpiritual Healing is an approach that works “outside the box” of set procedures. For more information, visit us online today!

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(Asst. Editors Eileen Gonzalez and Natalie Jovanic) Dr. Doris helps you discover the exquisite gifts wrapped in the thorniest, most painful experiences of your life. You immediately bec...
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Doris Helge, PhD, MCC
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by Julie Hoyle

October 6th, 2008 is a day I will never forget. My husband and I were packing to fly to Santa Monica, California to attend the wedding of a close friend. After years of what she termed as being, 'maritally challenged,' my friend had met a wonderful man and we were looking forward to witnessing their union.

However, on the eve of the trip, we turned on the television and with shock and disbelief, listened to a newscaster announcing that our bank had dramatically collapsed. It was surreal. Alongside the sickening awareness that our life savings were suddenly swallowed up was the searing insight that I was looking into the face of my worst possible fear...



by Kristi Blicharski

In today's light-speed, electronically connected world, we are bombarded daily by social media, text messages, email, voice mail, snail mail, tweets, event invitations, and somewhere among those, we try to find a little mental down time to keep our sanity...


Editor's Note from Sherri Carter: "When we get involved and share ourselves through volunteering for causes we're passionate about, or even simply attending events supporting local organizations, it doesn't just benefit our community; it benefits our own emotional fitness."



by Pat Hastings, MS, LCDP, CPC

Learn how to go inside because THE MAGIC IS WITHIN: Your answers, peace, power, self love, self- appreciation and self-forgiveness are within. Stop waiting for others to tell you how magnificent you are. Believe it for yourself and about yourself...


Editor's Note from Sherri Carter: We give our power away when we look outside of ourself, hoping for someone–or something–to be our Source. Remember, you are always connected to Source energy. When in that space, all things are possible!




Editor's Note from Diane Renz: Learning how to soften our hearts and work with forgiveness is necessary to our healing. What does it mean to forgive and how might that allow constricted feelings to move, making space for the Truth of Life to have room in us. This is working with the rawness of the personal, within the context of the spiritual, not bypassing either.


by Robert McDowell

Poetry as spiritual practice embodies gratitude and evokes it. Living at the fast pace that most of us do, it’s easy to forget the people, animals, places, occasions and things we’re grateful for. I sit down to recite my poems and prayers and meditate, but my mind is agitated...


Editor's Note from Sherri Carter: Robert suggests honoring your gratitude with spiritual poetry. It's a fun way to move into gratitude! Also, check out his new book, The More We Get Together: The Sexual and Spiritual Language of Love, available Oct. 26th.



by David Cornfield

Once upon a time, in a not so far off land, there lived a little boy whose name was David. David lived with his Mom and his Dad and his two younger brothers in a two bedroom flat in a rather large village that was known to its inhabitants as Toronto.


David was a very good boy. David was such a good boy, his Grade One teacher felt compelled to write a note to his parents informing them what a treasure he was. In emerald green ink on shiny vellum notepaper, she spelled out his many virtues: "clever, sweet, gentle, polite, level-headed, sense of humour, never shows off .... altogether one of the best little boys I have ever had the pleasure to teach"...



by Bonnie Ross Parker

When was the last time you told yourself how terrific you are? When did you last honor your competence, beauty, intelligence and strengths?  If you’re like most of us, you’re quick to point out something you did that was ‘stupid’ but when it comes to acknowledging yourself for all your incredible qualities you hesitate...

Editor's Note from Sherri Carter:
There is power in the phrase "I AM". How are you using that power? Are you choosing words which uplift or diminish you and your experience?



by Mariana Caplan, PhD

There is great debate, and in many cases a sharp divide, between practitioners of psychology and those of spirituality. On one end of the spectrum, most of mainstream psychology does not concern itself with issues of consciousness and spirit and rejects what is not scientifically quantifiable...




by Rick Hanson, PhD

Many interactions these days have a kind of bumper-car quality to them. At work, at home, on the telephone, via email: we sort of bounce off of each other while we exchange information, smile or frown, and move on. How often do we actually take the extra few seconds to get a sense of what’s inside other people – especially their good qualities?...


Editor's Note from Diane Renz: Our basic wiring is to assess for danger, which sometimes looks like holding a critical, judgmental mind about others. Choose to cultivate some positivity, and challenge yourself to only hold good thoughts of all the people you meet. Try it on for a day; you will be amazed at how reflexively the negative thoughts arise, and how healing it is to challenge this default mode, by beginning to hold in our view what is right and good.



"Surround yourself only with people who are going to lift you higher."

~Oprah Winfrey




by Jodi Chapman

If you’re waiting for the stars to line up and everything to fall into place before you leap and make your dreams your reality, I have some sobering news for you: you’ll never get there.

That sounds a bit harsh, doesn’t it? If I didn’t have personal experience in this area, maybe I wouldn’t be so harsh. But I know that waiting until we are “ready” before we listen to our soul and have the guts to make big changes in our lives can be absolutely paralyzing...



by Suzanne Hosang

Would you like to live each day in empowerment that has been marinated in ease and elegance and flavored with happiness and freedom, and a dash of panache? Yes? Well, add a little magic to your life. Now, before you go diving into this mouth-watering recipe, you’ve got to first understand what magic is. So what is it?...


Editor's Note from Jodi Chapman: Want to live a magical life? Read on for the perfect potion!



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Interview with Lisa McCourt

Interviewed by Jodi Chapman

Unconditional love expert Lisa McCourt is a dynamic speaker, seminar leader and author whose 34 books have sold more than 5.5 million copies worldwide. Her new book, Juicy Joy – 7 Simple Steps to Your Glorious, Gutsy Self, teaches people to embrace "radical authenticity" to fully experience unbridled joy in life. Lisa lives in South Florida with her two children. For more information, visit


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