Introducing PsychoSpiritual

The psychospiritual approach utilizes both traditional psychological theories as well as various spiritual tools to support the individual's journey...


Introducing The PsychoSpiritual Approach
by Laura Di Vilio


The psychospiritual approach utilizes both traditional psychological theories of human growth and a spiritual approach to support the individual on their particular journey. This spiritual approach recognizes and accesses higher consciousness using tools such as meditation, imagery, metaphor, visualization, creative arts, awareness, intuition and inner attunement, all of which are used in the pursuit of understanding. While traditional psychotherapy works towards a greater understanding of the self, the psychospiritual works towards a greater understanding of the self in the context of the greater whole. Psychospirituality is not only a journey of turning inwards but also one of attuning oneself to the messages and meaning that comes from dreams, interactions with others, nature and the cosmos.


“I am at my best as a therapist, when I am closest to my inner, intuitive self. Then whatever I do seems to be full of healing.”
~Carl Rogers – Founder Person Centered Counselling

Psychospiritual healing is an integrated approach taking into account body, mind, emotions and spirit. The premise is that within each person lies the potential of healing. Psychospiritual therapy is when the therapist is in tune with both their inner knowing and acquired knowledge, combining skills from years of study in psychodynamic technique, and allowing themselves to be immersed in a particular form of spiritual attunement, that the psychospiritual approach emerges in the session.


Likewise the client, while being guided by the therapist, follows established methodologies of psychotherapy, attunement techniques and various spiritual perspectives to further understand themselves and their actions. The psychospiritual therapy is informed by myth and metaphor, images from the imagination or dreams, and dream like interpretations of the day’s events. There is a basic belief that the spiritual world has ways of informing the psyche. That information comes from many sources and is heard through attunement and mindfulness. There is a basic belief that the spiritual world has ways of informing the psyche. That information comes from many sources and is heard through attunement and mindfulness.

According to psychospiritual definition, it is a healing approach that works primarily "outside the box" of set procedure. It requires an acceptance of the idea of paradox and mystery, which allows us to see that that truth can be ambiguous, complex, contradictory or unknowable. This, in turn, relieves us from the need to always classify into either/or, right and wrong. It allows for a compassionate and forgiving altitude as well as an acceptance that the truth can lie in the paradox of contradictory ideas.


The psychospiritual approach is highly relational, created by the dynamic that arises from the encounter between client and therapist, calling on both to be mindful and aware of what is present in the moment. In psychospirituality, the therapist needs to set aside their ego and become completely empty of preconceived ideas and methods and focus mainly on intuition, bringing these procedures and methods into play only when the moment clearly dictates it, and not before.


This more holistic form of therapy encompasses a level of seeing which utilizes the consciously understood, together with an unconscious level of understanding, allowing something beyond the individual speak, therefore encouraging the spiritual voice to be heard and taken into account. Many therapists talk about this as first a sensation that comes from the body (intuitive knowing), then enters the mind, where an interpretation is made that seems congruent to where the client finds themselves. It becomes an ‘aha’ moment. It is in that place that the therapist does what might be considered their best work, completely in tune with the needs of their client. Psycho spiritual healing is a holistic approach taking into consideration all aspects of a human being. The complexities of the mind, belief structures, somatic events and spiritual messages are brought to the healing process.


The psychospiritual definition also refers to the process where the creative imagination is at play in the unfolding universe. The path is directed by dreams, creative expression, meditation, symbols and signals from the client’s environment. The tools that are used can be psychological or spiritual, whatever seems to work best at that moment in time. It takes faith that something will speak to us that may be from within or without, and that the course of therapy, in a sense, follows the "breadcrumbs" left by the soul. The goal is for the individual to fully manifest themselves in the world, fulfilling their potential and their destiny.


In this section we hope to bring interesting articles, videos, images and music that speak from that psychospiritual place: mythic, archetypal, soulful, poetic and mysterious, as well as the unique psychological perspective that comes with it. So expect things that will engage the mind, body and spirit. We hope to stir the imagination, giving you a feel for the psychospiritual on many levels and through its many forms of expression.


 About the Author

Laura Di Vilio has been a psychotherapist for over 17 years. She has trained in Holistic Experiential Psychotherapy, Psychodrama, Aids Mastery, Group Therapy, Couple Counseling, Expressive Arts, Breath Work, massage and Primal Body Work. She studied Buddhist meditation, Native Spirituality and the Western Mystery Traditions in order to understand the human condition from all perspectives. Her approach is psychospiritual and holistic, making use of all my trainings in mind, body and spirit. It is work that she truly believes in and is grateful to be doing.

As an extension of her psychotherapy practice, she started ‘The Art of Sacred Living’ with Christine Freeman, teaching and giving workshops in rites of passage and everyday ritual. To learn more go to



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