What is Intuition & Symbols? Symbolic langages and the intuitive arts, like Numerology, are alive with information, revealing your chosen gifts and challenges for this lifetime. Symbolism reflects and illuminates the aspects of our lives that define our human experience. Numerology is only one of the many symbolic languages, each of which relies on the systematic & intuitive interpretation of symbols. For more numerology information & numerology articles, visit All Things Healing online!

Introduction to Intuition & Symbols
Sophia Hansen, MA, RMT, BCIH, DCEM is an intuitive wellness coach based in Pasadena, California.  Originally an early child education teacher, Sophia transitioned into the intuitiv...
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Sophia Hansen, MA, RMT, BCIH, DCEM
Lisa Phoenix is a spiritual medium, spirit guide channeler, energy intuitive and spiritual coach based in Los Angeles, California.  Lisa’s no-nonsense, approachable style com...
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Lisa Phoenix

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Editor's Note from Sophia Hansen: This is a fun, interactive video that will test your intuitive skills. Try it and see what happens...


Intuition & Symbols

Editor's Note from Thomas Muldoon: As Neptune settles into Pisces, we're all 'connected.' This video encapsulates this, for when we help one another we help the planet - enjoy and share with someone you love.

Intuition & Symbols


Editor's Note from Sophia Hansen: This is an excellent video explaining consciousness, quantum theory, cosmology, and our perception of reality.  I was captivated from the beginning, "What is real?...How do you know you exist?...It is intuitively obvious.  Intuition is no proof, what concrete evidence to you have?..."   


Intuition & Symbols

by Steffany Barton, RN

As we approached home in the brown conversion van, I became aware of cars scattered around the driveway. After having been out of town for the weekend, certainly not planning on nor prepared for guests, the sight took me and my family off guard...


Editor's Note from Sophia Hansen: In this tender article, Steffany Barton, RN shares her personal story of a beloved friend who committed suicide. After years of asking why, it was during a reading for another that she received her answer. This article is for anyone who has been touched in any way by the tender topic of suicide and for those who wonder, "Why?"


Intuition & Symbols

by Jim Wawro
What do I do now? Many ask themselves this question when they are presented with a new challenge to which they must respond. And many go to the well of their intuition to ask for an immediate answer to this important question: what do I do now?...




Intuition & Symbols

by Rhiannon Barkemeijer de Wit

Uriel is a Celestial Angelic Being within the Angelic Order known as the Archangels.  Archangels are responsible for ministering to humans, considered somewhat like “manager angels,” Archangels oversee the responsibilities of Guardian Angels and the other Celestial Light Beings that act as our guardians and guides...


Editor's Note from Sophia Hansen: This month we celebrate Archangel Uriel as we herald in the New Year.  The the celebration of the holidays and ushering in the New Year we've been celebrating the Light.  Archangel Uriel is “The Light of God” and is the archangel of illumination.  Enjoy this month's Archangel and learn how to work with Uriel to assist with seeing your own and others' "light essence."


Intuition & Symbols

by Steven D. Farmer, PhD

Imagination is what bridges the gap between the world of spirit and the concrete reality that we see, hear, and feel within and all around us. It's with our imagination that we can contact our spirit helpers, whatever form they may take, including our animal spirit guides...




Intuition & Symbols

by Marie Manuchehri

Everyday our souls create opportunities to awaken—to wake from fear, procrastination, anger, conflict, anxiety, loneliness, illness, judgment and regret. If we surrender to spirit in our moments of dread, magic envelops our being and creates space. We experience a quickening of conscious; recognition of truth at shutter-speed.  When our humanness yields to the presence of divine spirit, it gives us the courage to change...


Intuition & Symbols

by Dan Sewell Ward, PhD

The Platonic solids were described by Plato in his Timaeus c. 350 B.C.E.  In this work, Plato equated the polyhedra with the “elements”...


Editor's Note from Sophia Hansen: Sacred Geometry holds a very special place in my heart. When I began my spiritual journey years ago, the dodecahedron and the icosahedron presented themselves to me during meditation. It was a life-changing event for me. Sacred Geometry has taught me many Universal Truths as well as the ability to utilize them for healing purposes. Dan Sewell Ward, PhD does a magnificent job describing the basics of geometry and the Platonic Solids, also known as Cosmic Figures. Intentionally meditating with any of these sacred shapes is sure to bestow you with connection to Spirit and on an intuitive level, teach you basic Universal Truths.


Intuition & Symbols

by Alison Baughman

I thought it might be perfect timing to point out that Numerology is a wonderful way to select a gift because we tend to gravitate towards things that are a reflection of our energy, in fact, our energy is the very reason we want the things we do...








Editor's Note from Sophia Hansen: In Steffany Barton, RN's delightful way, she shares with us how we all have guardian angels and spirit guides gives us the background on who they are. Enjoy learning about the beautiful realm of angels and spirit guides who are always here to support us, love us and guide us.


Intuition & Symbols

by Jim and Dena Riley

The White Buffalo are sacred to many Native Americans. The Lakota (Sioux) Nation has passed down the The Legend of the White Buffalo--a story now approximately 2,000 years old--at many council meetings, sacred ceremonies, and through the tribe's storytellers. There are several variations, but all are meaningful, and tell of the same outcome. Have communication with the Creator through prayer with clear intent for Peace, Harmony and Balance for all life living in the Earth Mother...


Editor´s Note from Sophia Hansen: I recall learning about the Lakota/Sioux Nation's Legend of the White Buffalo in 2004 which I found  awe-inspiring.  Later that year I had the distinct pleasure of visiting the white buffalo at Spirit Mountain Ranch in Flagstaff, Arizona on my way back from the Grand Canyon.  They were gorgeous.  Seeing so many in one place was even more incredible since only 1 in 10 million buffalo is born white.  Due to the demise of Jim Riley, Spirit Mountain Ranch closed and the white buffalo herd were relocated to the Sacred World Peace Alliance in Bend, Oregon.


Intuition & Symbols

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House Numbers: Their Hidden Meaning–A Brief Synopsis

by Thomas Muldoon

As a Numerologist I've been asked numerous times by friends, students, clients and listeners to my radio appearances about the meaning of House Numbers (literally your street address numbers or apartment number)...


Editor's Note: One of the most popular questions I'm asked regarding where a person lives: "Is my house lucky or unlucky?" "I'm thinking of purchasing a property, what 'number' should I look for?" This brief synopsis of numbers 1-9 might help.


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