What is Naturopathy? A system of medicine blending natural and non-toxic therapies with current advances in modern medicine, covering all aspects and ages of family health. Are you looking for an alternative natural health therapy? Naturopathy healing is the one for you. Learn more about naturopathy healing with All Things Healing naturopathy information articles online! Long before medical science was established, people relied on natural remedies to cure diseases. Today, even with the presence of different kinds of medical science, this kind of healing practice still exists but in a more formal and established form: naturopathy healing. Naturopathy healing is an alternative medical technique that focuses on natural remedies and natural healing therapies. Although naturopaths (the primary care physicians) conduct different kinds of diagnostic tests that conventional doctors employ, naturopathy focuses more on the holistic approach when it comes to improving one’s health. Natural health therapy is one of the major aspects of naturopathy. This kind of treatment is based on people’s traditional beliefs that nature has healing powers; therefore it mainly relies on nature’s healing properties when it comes to curing various diseases. The ability of the body to heal itself is also highlighted in naturopathy, and there are corresponding treatment modalities naturopaths especially use in this kind of practice. When you visit a naturopathic doctor, you can expect naturally-occurring and minimally-invasive treatment methods for your health problems. Surgeries and radiations are typically avoided as well as synthetic drugs and vaccinations. Lifestyle changes, diet advice, and natural health therapy may be given as part of the holistic approach. Several natural healing therapies may also be employed such as acupuncture, applied kinesiology, homeopathy, iridology and more. Naturopathy information states that naturopathy revolves around six core values, and such values are the oaths that naturopathic doctors live by. Today, naturopathy healing is especially prevalent in USA and Canada.  

What is Naturopathic Medicine
Dr. Lachman is a licensed naturopathic doctor. She is a member of the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians and the Pennsylvania Asosciation of Naturopathic Physicians. ...
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Julie Lachman, ND
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by Leila Turner, ND

The Pap test, also called Pap smear, is used to find cervical abnormalities long before they become actually a threat to your well-being. The Cervix is the lower part of the uterus (womb) that opens into the vagina (birth canal). A major cause of cervical cancer appears to be a virus: Human (HPV), which is transmitted sexually. Cervical cancer starts as changes called “dysplasia”, a precancerous phase, are detectable on the Pap smear...


Editor's Note: Naturopathic medicine offers some excellent treatment options for the abnormal pap. Find out here, what an abnormal pap is and what Naturopathic medicine can do for you should you get one.



by Tina Marcantel, NMD

If you are among the growing number of people suffering from type 2 diabetes, here is some good news: A plan of basic therapies including education, a personalized meal plan, nutritional supplements, and ongoing monitoring and support can reduce the amount of insulin and oral medications needed to manage the disease and decrease the symptoms and complications of diabetes.



Editor's Note: With patient education comes empowerment. Learn how you can take a more active role in your diabetes management through Naturopathic care.



by Julie Lachman, ND
ATH Co-Editor of Naturopathy

Whether you’re looking forward to a pick-up game or are gearing up for a whole new season, start spring training early. Instead of just rushing in, gently prepare your cold, tight, muscles by stretching and by shorter periods of activity one week prior...


Editor's Note from Julie Lachman: Use these simple tips to stay safe this season. Whether you're starting a new season or just doing yardwork, check out this article to prevent, and also care for, minor injuries.




Editor's Note from Julie Lachman: What would it to get this school on the right track? This school receives kids who've been expelled from other schools. Yet, they have no weapons, suicides, or expulsions. Why? It's what the kids are eating. Can school violence be prevented? Appleton school district shows us how.




Editor's Note from Julie Lachman: It's amazing what you can learn from the internet--just ask Jack Andraka. Using only information available on the internet, hard work, and ingenuity, he devloped a test that detects pancreatic, ovarian, and lung cancer. Not only does it take 5 minutes, but it costs pennies. The first step, of course, is preventing cancer. But hopefully his test will become a routine screening procedure for people worldwide.



by Dr. Thomas Stearns Lee

A naturopathic doctor must always consider a person's environment when helping them on the path of healing. Airborne allergens are a common environmental problem for people. Addressing them is very effective in restoring a person to optimal health...





Childhood Autism is a spectrum of symptoms in a child that can profoundly affect the lives of many. natural treatment is safe, effective and individualized for each child.



by Michael Murray, ND

Despite the fact that the U.S. Center for Disease Control (CDC) advocates a seasonal flu shot for everyone, the reality is that not everyone feels comfortable with this recommendation. I know that myself and many other health experts do not endorse widespread vaccination programs for the seasonal flu (as well as the H1N1 vaccine). Not getting a flu shot does not mean that you do not have any protection from the flu...



by Linda Melos, ND

Enzymes are the “spark plugs” of life.  Enzymes initiate every biochemical reaction in the body.  The enzymes that are naturally abundant in raw, uncooked food cause that food to be digested when we eat it.
Editor's Note: Enzymes, catalysts for biochemical reactions, play a big role in our long-term health. Dr. Melos gives us some tips on how we can get more enzymes into our regimen and what some signs are that may indicate you don't have enough.

by Dr.Tara Hickman

The most common question I see in my office is regarding vaccinations. My role is not to tell the parents what to do, but to provide information and ways to minimize the adverse effects that vaccinations can cause. Every child is different, and it is important to find a health care provider that can evaluate your individual risk. Below are a few suggestions to help...




Editor's Note from Rebecca Snowden: This is what I think to be a well-articulated video describing the differences in training and qualifications between a Naturopathic Physician and a Traditional Naturopath. Regarding the training of the Traditional Naturopath, the video estimates their coursework to be approximately 10 courses. To my knowledge, the curriculum can be as much as 30 courses; however, the bottom line Dr. Ferguson seems to be trying to convey is that there is a huge difference between the track that might be approximately one full year of undergraduate coursework online leading to an “ND” and the track that is at least 4 years of undergraduate coursework plus 4 years of an accredited doctorate medical education leading to an “ND.” Consumers seeking Naturopathic care should be well-informed of these differences.




Editor's Note from Rebecca Snowden: Dr. Paul Mittman, President and CEO of the Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine, offers us his perspectives on the recent Stanford study on organic foods, and additionally offers us strategies on how to shop smart but without spending an arm and a leg.



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Surviving in the Modern World: Back to Basics

by Ann Lee, ND

Everyone knows how difficult it is to lead a healthy lifestyle in the modern world. The stress itself is the biggest obstacle to health. That is why I am sharing with you tips that you can use for life.


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