What is Naturopathy? A system of medicine blending natural and non-toxic therapies with current advances in modern medicine, covering all aspects and ages of family health. Are you looking for an alternative natural health therapy? Naturopathy healing is the one for you. Learn more about naturopathy healing with All Things Healing naturopathy information articles online! Long before medical science was established, people relied on natural remedies to cure diseases. Today, even with the presence of different kinds of medical science, this kind of healing practice still exists but in a more formal and established form: naturopathy healing. Naturopathy healing is an alternative medical technique that focuses on natural remedies and natural healing therapies. Although naturopaths (the primary care physicians) conduct different kinds of diagnostic tests that conventional doctors employ, naturopathy focuses more on the holistic approach when it comes to improving one’s health. Natural health therapy is one of the major aspects of naturopathy. This kind of treatment is based on people’s traditional beliefs that nature has healing powers; therefore it mainly relies on nature’s healing properties when it comes to curing various diseases. The ability of the body to heal itself is also highlighted in naturopathy, and there are corresponding treatment modalities naturopaths especially use in this kind of practice. When you visit a naturopathic doctor, you can expect naturally-occurring and minimally-invasive treatment methods for your health problems. Surgeries and radiations are typically avoided as well as synthetic drugs and vaccinations. Lifestyle changes, diet advice, and natural health therapy may be given as part of the holistic approach. Several natural healing therapies may also be employed such as acupuncture, applied kinesiology, homeopathy, iridology and more. Naturopathy information states that naturopathy revolves around six core values, and such values are the oaths that naturopathic doctors live by. Today, naturopathy healing is especially prevalent in USA and Canada.  

What is Naturopathic Medicine
Dr. Lachman is a licensed naturopathic doctor. She is a member of the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians and the Pennsylvania Asosciation of Naturopathic Physicians. ...
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Julie Lachman, ND
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by Dr. Samm Pryce

Garlic is one of those herbs that is always in my kitchen, and I seemingly try to incorporate it into all of my dishes whether it calls for it as an ingredient or not. I have all different types of garlic in my refrigerator and my pantry–I could probably start my own garlic store, but my favorite is definitely FRESH garlic...


Editor's Note from Dr. Samm Pryce: This article describes all the little known health benefits that you can get from just one little garlic bulb. It also gives the link between Dracula and why he hated garlic.



by Sarah LoBisco

Gluten and wheat sensitivity have become much more prevalent in the general population.


There is no definitive lab test for food sensitivities, as they differ from true allergies. True food allergies are an immediate response mediated by the immunoglobulin, IgE; whereas, food sensitivities are delayed reactions that occur as a result of a different set of immunoglobulins, IgG, IgM, and IgA. In my clinic, I recommend a celiac profile for every patient, as even slightly elevated serum levels can provide clues for a sensitivity reaction and provide a baseline measure...



by Thomas A. Kruzel

Earaches or otitis media are commonly seen in children from as early as 6 months of age until 7 years. These can be broken down into 3 types of earaches; serous, infective and external. Both infective and serous otitis often follow upper respiratory infections, but are also seen in children who bottle nurse while lying down and those who have been exposed to cold, windy weather. A strong association with chronic earaches and food allergies has been made, especially milk, dairy products and wheat. Breast fed children have less incidence of ear infections than do those who received formula or cows milk.




Editor's Note from Rebecca Snowden: Dr. Sara Celik educates us on some foods to keep us going through the day on a steady supply of energy, as well as a snack you may want to incorporate into your diet that may help support sexual performance too.




by Dr. Michael Smith

Good nutrition is the basis for vibrant health. Nutrition affects ALL aspects of our health, including physical, mental and emotional. Our bodies crave the naturally occurring nutrients in whole, unprocessed foods. When we provide our bodies with the nourishment they were designed for, we increase our possibility of experiencing optimal health and performance...

by Leila Turner, ND

Because bioidentical hormones are identical in structure to our own body’s sex hormones, their actions are relatively gentle and effective. Bioidentical natural hormones attach themselves to the human cell binding sites, which are areas on the cell surface that specifically recognize substances cells need to use in order to maintain their healthy function.


Editor's Note from Rebecca Snowden: Confused about bio-identical hormones? This article gives a nice overview of the synthesis of bio-identical hormones, their effects, and where you can go to learn more.




by Dr. Patrick Donovan 

There is an epidemic of Fatty Liver Disease in the U.S. that can have grave consequences if not prevented, treated or diagnosed early enough. The good news is that it can be prevented and successfully treated if caught early enough...





by Sarah Marshall, ND

Seasonal allergies, or hay fever, is an immunological response to common environmental antigens (things that cause a reaction in the immune system) like grasses, weeds, and tree pollen. Conventional wisdom would have us believe these substances are the CAUSE of the allergens...


Editor's Note from Dr. Alisha Moadab: This article addresses one of the foundational principles of Naturopathic Medicine, "Identify and Treat The Cause." This is why seeing a qualified physician is important, it is difficult to be your own detective, as well as having the knowledge of how all the body systems are correlated. Getting to the root cause of allergy response will hopefully decrease those sniffles and sneezes!



by Dr. Alisha Moadab,

Have you ever heard that “the way to good health is paved with good intestines” as many of my Naturopathic Doctors say? Well, often there can be barriers to good digestion, thus leading people to have low absorption of vitamins and minerals—a necessity (so eat your fruits and vegetables). I.V. therapy is a solution to a compromised gut...


Editor's Note from Dr. Alisha Moadab: Here is a self-written article on a nutritional I.V. (intravenous) Therapy that is used my many Naturopathic Doctors to help people who suffer from fatigue, fibromyalgia, or compete in athletic events...



by Kurt Beil, ND, LAc, MPH

Many other studies provide evidence to support the beneficial effects of this "Vitamin G" effect. It has long been known that working in a garden helps reduce stress, improve mood and assist in recovery from illness...

Editor's Notes from Rebecca Snowden: In a wonderful exploration of the research behind physiological response to exposure to the natural world, Dr. Kurt Beil not only reminds us of, but proves to us as well, that nature is a medicine of necessity. Read Part 1: Back Ground and Theory, Part 2: Stress Reduction and ANS Response.




by Kurt Beil, ND, LAc, MPH

One of the most pervasive contributors to the multi-factorial cause of disease is stress. This topic is extensive and very well known to naturopathic and holistic practitioners...

Editor's Notes from Rebecca Snowden: In a wonderful exploration of the research behind physiological response to exposure to the natural world, Dr. Kurt Beil not only reminds us of, but proves to us as well, that nature is a medicine of necessity. Read Part 1: Back Ground and Theory.



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Surviving in the Modern World: Back to Basics

by Ann Lee, ND

Everyone knows how difficult it is to lead a healthy lifestyle in the modern world. The stress itself is the biggest obstacle to health. That is why I am sharing with you tips that you can use for life.


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