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by Jennifer Laurent

I recently wrote a post about my undertaking of learning how to set boundaries. As I have ventured down this road, I have spent some time thinking about my own childhood, as well as my son and children in general...


Editor's Note from Carol Lawrence and Stacy Toten: Being able to teach a child how to set healthy boundaries is something we feel every parent should learn about. Learning about this tool at a young age will benefit your child through-out their entire life. Jennifer Laurent does a stupendous job at demonstrating the importance of being able to say no.


Family & Parenting


Editor's Note from Carol Lawrence and Stacy Toten: Video description from OWN: Dr. Shefali Tsabary, author of The Conscious Parent, says that no matter how out of control a child may seem, they don't need fixing. Watch as she explains a hands-on, fully present approach to parenting that can create conditions in which any child can thrive.


Family & Parenting

by Simon Paul Harrison

In a world of cell phones, computers and technology, our children have become increasingly separated from nature. With every step away from the earth a real sense of identity has been lost. Peace, joy, creativity, and a true sense of connection to all life have been eroded...


Editor's Note from Carol Lawrence and Stacy Toten: This is just one tiny little taste of Simon Paul Harrison's blueprint for reconnecting humanity by teaching children about their powerful connection to nature. If you are searching for a new way of thinking or new ideas Simon Paul Harrison's book The Truly Alive Child For Those Who Seek A Grander Vision For Our Children is the one you are looking for.



Family & Parenting

by Dr. Margaret Paul

Are you confused regarding how to best raise your child? Learning to follow your child's lead and your own intuition can lead you out of this confusion...


Editor's Note: In this article, Dr. Margaret Paul offers parents a wonderful reminder to let go of the idea that there is one right way to parent, which causes parents much anxiety. Instead, she reminds parents to tune into their intuition and their child's emotional guidance to discover what is right for each individual child and family unit. I appreciate this call to look within rather than outside ourselves on the growth path of parenting.


Family & Parenting


Editors Note from Carol Lawrence & Stacy Toten: "Nature is such a perfect teacher because she reminds us we have always been free." ~ Simon Paul Harrison.

This is a great video for parents and children to experience and connect with mother earth. It captures the beauty and the awe flawlessly. A visually enticing example of how mother earth provides everything for us and asks nothing in return. We hope this video entices parents and children to develop a life-long love affair with our planet.


Family & Parenting

by Marcy Axness, PhD

Aside from some fall clothes, fresh notebooks and maybe a new backpack, how might you prepare yourself and your children for a back-to-school season that doesn’t slam you like a late-season ocean wave — smack!! — and instead lays a foundation for sustainable nurturance, sanity and joy in the family for the coming year? Picking up from the first two ideas in Part 1, let’s look at two more ways to deploy simplicity to enrich your child’s school experience...

Editor´s Note from Sylvia Poareo: In this second of a two part series, Dr. Axness offers more excellent suggestions on how to maintain simplicity and peace by integrating it into our children's school activities.  See Part 1 for suggestions on how to maintain balance and support our children to have a well rounded life as they re-enter school.


Family & Parenting

by DeAnna L'am

Do you feel in Balance right now?

When we Look at nature, balance is an ever-shifting, waxing and waning dance…


Editor's Note from Carol Lawrence and Stacy Toten: Anyone who has ever pondered what a solstice or an equinox are really about here's a great article by DeAnna L'am that breaks it down and puts it all into perspective. We couldn't help but give gratitude once again to mother earth for her selflessness that she consistently gives to us spiritual beings having a physical experience.


Family & Parenting

by Marcy Axness, PhD

I’ll begin by apologizing for even mentioning the BTS-word while summer is still (imho) in full flower. But by now it’s a quaint, old-fashioned notion that vacation extends until Labor Day — ha! These days some students have to devote that three-day weekend to cranking out their first papers or projects...


Editor's Note from Sylvia Poareo: In this first part of a two part series, Dr. Axness offers excellent suggestions on how to maintain balance and support our children to have a well rounded life as they re-enter school. The perfect article to read as you and your family head back to school!


Family & Parenting

by Carol Lawrence & Stacy Toten

One thing we like to keep in our first aid kits are various homeopathic remedies so we are never caught off guard while camping, traveling or enjoying the outdoors...


Editor's Note from Carol Lawrence and Stacy Toten: we've always used allopathic medicine in our homes. It's just a natural way of life for us. Even though our children are grown and out of the house it's the first thing they grab also. Our two families have used it for years and years. We love the results, it works well for us and there's no side effects.



Family & Parenting


Editor's Note from Carol Lawrence & Stacy Toten: Sir Ken Robinson states eloquently how our warped educational system is educating children out of their creative capacities. Through excellent intelligent examples he shares story after story of brilliant creativity and how powerful it is when it is allowed to be unleashed. We could have possibly lost a famous woman who produced some of the world's most successful musical theater productions in history if she would have been medicated like first suggested. We fully resonate with his case for creating an educational system that nurtures (rather than undermines) creativity.


Family & Parenting


Editor's Note from Carol Lawrence & Stacy Toten: For some parents out there this is a great instructional video to show you how to help get your kids get comfortable in the water and ready for swimming lessons. This will help them get comfortable with their face under water. Enjoy!


Family & Parenting

by Mary Jo Rapini

When you reflect back on your childhood it’s likely you remember hearing these words at least once during your childhood, “You should be ashamed of yourself.” These words probably made you feel bad because you knew your parent was very upset and embarrassed or hurt by something you did...


Editor's Note from Carol Lawrence & Stacy Toten: In this day and age this is the perfect article to guide parents on what not to do, on social media. Your kids are vulnerable and they need to be able to trust their parents more than any body else out in this world. If we shame or humiliate them, their self-esteem can have a negative ripple effect through-out the rest of their lives. So please, as parents, think before you type.


Family & Parenting

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A Missing Key to Building Childrens Self-Esteem

by Sylvia Poareo

A client asks, “How can I help my child have good self esteem, when I don’t?”

The fact that she can recognize that this is a problem is the first step!  So often, parents, particularly those that have personal histories to heal, focus intensely on helping their children to have the confidence they don’t.  However, we cannot teach self-esteem.


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