What is Family & Parenting? Welcome to the Family & Parenting section of All Things Healing. In this section you will find a collection of articles and videos themed around raising children, and, specifically, raising children who are conscious, compassionate and confident. Each month, we will feature a variety of postings that we feel support these ideals and that may help us to become better parents and caregivers.  Family & Parenting is All Things Healing’s online resource of natural and healthy parenting and natural and healthy families. For more information, visit us online today!

Introducing Family & Parenting
(Asst. Editors: Carol Lawrence & Stacy Toten) Sherri Carter, MS, days are filled with the laughter of children, the cackling of chickens and a never ending pile of laundry. She&rsqu...
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Sherri Carter, MS
We are currently seeking a Co-Editor and/or Assistant Editor for this section. For more information please contact Sherri Carter at

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Editor's Note from Carol Lawrence and Stacy Toten: Conscious parenting is much different than traditional parenting. For those of you who wish to explore this route this would be the interview for you. It touches upon the traditional fear based and control tactics of parenting vs the liberating conscious parenting techniques. Instead of coming at parenting from an authoritarian point of view it's more about putting the relationship between child and parent first. It's about being mindful and present with your parenting so you can meet their emotional needs.



Family & Parenting

by Michael Mendizza

The point is maintaining relationship – not connecting something that is broken.

The terms bonding and attachment imply separation, to bond, connect, glue together separate parts. Life is relationship. We are never separate, except in our minds...


Editor's Note from Sylvia Poareo: I thoroughly appreciate this article in which Michael Mendizza points us to the primal bonding that children naturally need to feel complete and secure. This statement says so much to me, "the question "why the addiction?" is the wrong question.


Family & Parenting

by Kate Adams, PhD

Children often tell researchers that no one listens to them when they want to talk about their dreams. Unfortunately, pressured schedules and a cultural disinterest in dreams mean that many parents take little notice of their own dream life, never mind their children's. Here are five reasons why parents might want to find a few moments to listen carefully to their children's nightly expeditions...


Editor's Note: Psychology Today expert, Kate Adams PhD shares some important tips on why listening to children's dreams is crucial to their sense of well being. Read this helpful article and take some time to share dreams with a child in your life.


Family & Parenting

by Simon Paul Harrison

A connection to nature is one of the most precious gifts our children have. Not only does time close to the earth nourish their physical body, but also their mind and soul. We all have the ability to re-connect children with nature, regardless of our outdoors knowledge or experience...


Editor's Note from Carol Lawrence and Stacy Toten: We couldn't wait to share this article with you. We highly recommend reading, Back To Nature The Powers Of Timeless Wanders to find out the three anchors that could be holding your child back.


Family & Parenting

by Jenn A. Nocera, MA, MFT, CLSC, CPFT

Christmas and Hanukkah come just once a year. Thank Goodness! The Holiday Season is a wonderful time of year! It can, also, be very challenging for many reasons – e.g., the extra errands, gift-buying, food preparation, and family gatherings...


Editor's Note from Sherri Carter: Author, Jenn Nocera, offers great tips on how to be proactive in reducing stress during this busy time of the year.


Family & Parenting

by John D. Blomquist

The Holiday Season brings its owns set of challenges and emotions to parents separated from their children. The separation may be temporary in situations such as divorce or in instances of military deployment. More heart wrenching are separations resulting from parents whose children may have died or, for whatever reason, they may be distanced from...



Family & Parenting

by Mark Brady, PhD

The hard, healing, integrative work we do on ourselves, first as people, then as parents, it turns out will pay big dividends. I tend to think of the benefits of this work as a kind of “anti-stimulus package.” Our children’s children, and perhaps even their children are slated to be saddled with a crushing burden of debt and diminished services as a result of the current global economic crisis...


Editor's Note: In this article, Mark Brady urges us to consider this: that our interactions with our children directly impact their neurological and physiological health and development. In turn, these epigenetic developments will impact the interactions with - and health of - their own children (our grandchildren)... makes you stop and think, doesn't it?


Family & Parenting


Editor's Note from Carol Lawrence and Stacy Toten: Are you stuck in a rut or would you like to make a change in your life? Here is a simple, beautifully stated tip that can move you along on this path.


Family & Parenting

by Carol Lawrence,

ATH Asst. Editor of Family & Parenting

So much of our society teaches about physical health and mental health but doesn't include our energetic health. We are living batteries. We have a human energy field that is part of a larger universal energy field...


Editor's Note from Carol Lawrence and Stacy Toten: This is a very simplistic down to earth easy to understand article that shows you how to take care of our energy body. Parents can use this as a guide to teach their children about the care and feeding of their energy bodies. This is an original article from our Intentional Conscious Parenting website that we felt we should share with you.


Family & Parenting


Editor's Note from Carol Lawrence and Stacy Toten: Our children are a gift we hope to accept unconditionally. Dr. Shefali helps us in this complicated but so rewarding role. she does a magnificent job explaining what loving and raising our children unconditionally really means. Enjoy!



Family & Parenting

“If I had my child to raise over again:
I’d build self-esteem first and the house later
I’d finger paint more and point the finger less..."


~ Diane Loomans


Family & Parenting

by Erin Taylor

Yes, you read that right. I was hit by a drunk driver last night. Thank God I walked away without a scratch, but needless to say, it was pretty scary...

Editor's Note from Carol Lawrence and Stacy Toten: In the middle of turmoil when someone could really loose it, Erin Taylor shares her experience and puts her life skills to use. This is one licensed therapist/parenting coach who practices what she preaches.


Family & Parenting

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A Missing Key to Building Childrens Self-Esteem

by Sylvia Poareo

A client asks, “How can I help my child have good self esteem, when I don’t?”

The fact that she can recognize that this is a problem is the first step!  So often, parents, particularly those that have personal histories to heal, focus intensely on helping their children to have the confidence they don’t.  However, we cannot teach self-esteem.


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