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by Shelly Birger Phillips, MA

Parenting is one of those topics that we all feel very strongly about. I mean, our kids and their well-being is at stake, right? So, of course we’re going to be opinionated about what’s OK and what’s not OK. The problem with this is that it alienates other moms who, after all, are just like us, trying to do their best to care for and support their kids...

Editor's Note from Shelly Phillips: Let's all have more compassion for one another. After all, we're all doing our best for our kids!


Family & Parenting

by DeAnna L'am

Do you feel in Balance right now?

When we Look at nature, balance is an ever-shifting, waxing and waning dance…


Editor's Note from Carol Lawrence and Stacy Toten: Anyone who has ever pondered what a solstice or an equinox are really about here's a great article by DeAnna L'am that breaks it down and puts it all into perspective. We couldn't help but give gratitude once again to mother earth for her selflessness that she consistently gives to us spiritual beings having a physical experience.


Family & Parenting

by Sylvia Poareo, MSW

My clients often say, “I know, I know you always say I need to take care of myself too” because it is an essential component of parenting that I address repeatedly. Yet what I have realized is that often my encouragement toward self-care is heard as yet another thing to do, something else to add to the already huge list, which can increase the overwhelming feelings so common to life as a parent...


Editor's Note from Sylvia Poareo: Practicing self-presence throughout our days as parents is often easy to forget. Yet it is one of the most important subtle shifts you can make which will benefit the whole family. Our children need us to be present for ourselves so we can be truly present for them as we grow and learn together in this parenting journey. I hope this article is helpful to you!


Family & Parenting


Editor's Note from Shelly Phillips: This 22 month old is a better rock climber than I am! I am constantly amazed at what young people can do when given the opportunity to follow their interests. Hooray!


Family & Parenting


Editor's Note from Sylvia Poareo: In addition to simply inspiring us with his scientific reflections, Neil deGrasse Tyson offers great insights for parents on how to nurture our children's natural inquisitive and 'scientific' explorations! This is a great one to watch with your children. Enjoy!


Family & Parenting

by Margaret Paul, PhD

Surprisingly, beliefs such as "I am smart," "I am talented," or "I am gifted" tend to create limitation, rather than an open intent to learn. When children are told, "You are so smart" or "You are so talented," they have a tendency to get attached to the approval of being smart or talented and may become fearful of failure...


Editor's Note from Sylvia Poareo: In this article, Margaret Paul, discusses a form of giving feedback to our children that is more valuable and effective than traditional praise. There is alot of information on 'avoiding praise' nowadays, and this approach gives parents something helpful that they can do instead, to empower children and preserve their excitement about learning.


Family & Parenting

by L.R. Knost
Man, I love my mommy to pieces, but seriously, she does NOT know how to share. I took one little thing out of her purse, and she freaked! Snatching and saying, “Mine!” and everything. And right in the middle of the store, too! So embarrassing...


Editor's Note from Shelly Phillips: This made me laugh so hard and then take another hard look at myself as a parent. I found it really fun to look at things through a child's perspective for a moment. Thanks L.R. Knost.


Family & Parenting

by Laura Markham, PhD

Bullying begins in preschool and gains momentum as kids grow. Depending on which survey you read, between 40 and 80 percent of middle schoolers admit to bullying behavior. Not only is Bullying pervasive, it has become increasingly dangerous, so that children are committing suicide or being beaten to death by their bulliers...


Editor's Note from Sylvia Poareo: Unfortunately, bullying is a very real circumstance that many children may face. It is easy for parents to feel ill equipped or overwhelmed since many of us tend to avoid conflict or did not have positive role modeling for assertiveness.


Family & Parenting

by Christine Nightingale

China, due toa population of over one billion, has adopted a draconian one-child policy. All pregnancies must be pre-approved by local committees. Abortions are forced on women even if 8 months pregnant, if the pregnancy was not pre-approved...


Editor's Note from Sherri Carter: I found this article very insightful when it comes to Spirit Babies and returning to family soul groups- or reasons why they don't.



Family & Parenting

by Sai Maa

The highest goal of raising children is teaching them self-mastery, the skills they need and can rely upon to fulfill their highest calling in life. Yet many parents in today's world find themselves focusing on their child's outward behavior rather than their inner being...

Editor's Note from Sylvia Poareo: These are wonderful reminders from Sai Maa that teaching self mastery is our divine role as parents! (In regards to tantrums, I encourage parents to listen to their intuition to know when their child needs help or space to develop self mastery.)


Family & Parenting

by Darcia Narvaez, PhD

Ever meet a kindergartener who seemed naturally compassionate and cared about others’ feelings? Who was cooperative and didn’t demand his own way? Chances are, his parents held, carried and cuddled him a lot; he most likely was breastfed; he probably routinely slept with his parents; and he likely was encouraged to play outdoors with other children, according to new research findings from the University of Notre Dame...


A Note from ATH Family & Parenting Editor, Sherri Carter:  In her research, Notre Dame Psychology Professor Darcia Narvaez shows a relationship between child rearing practices common in foraging hunter-gatherer societies, such as the modern philosophy of Attachment Parenting, with better mental health, greater empathy and conscience development, and higher intelligence in children.


Family & Parenting

by Bruce Lipton, PhD

The evolution of higher mammals, including chimps, cetaceans and humans, brought forth a new level of awareness called “self-consciousness,” or, simply, the conscious mind. The newer conscious mind is an important evolutionary advance. The earlier, subconscious mind is our “autopilot”; the conscious mind is our manual control...


Editor's Note from Sylvia Poareo: This is the second part of a series of excerpts from Bruce Lipton's chapter on Conscious Parenting in his wonderful book, The Biology of Belief. In the previous excerpt he helped us to understand how children's brains function in a nearly hypnotic state making them particularly vulnerable to the way they are treated. In this excerpt he explains the nature of the conscious and subconscious mind and why the messages we give our children are incredibly powerful subconscious imprints.


Family & Parenting

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A Missing Key to Building Childrens Self-Esteem

by Sylvia Poareo

A client asks, “How can I help my child have good self esteem, when I don’t?”

The fact that she can recognize that this is a problem is the first step!  So often, parents, particularly those that have personal histories to heal, focus intensely on helping their children to have the confidence they don’t.  However, we cannot teach self-esteem.


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