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Introduction to Music Therapy & Sound Healing
Meagan Hughes, MT-BC, is a certified music therapist specializing in pediatrics, psychiatry and service learning. She recently served as a MusicianCorps Fellow in the San Francisco Bay ...
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Meagan Hughes, MT-BC
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by Helene Byrne

If you’re like most new parents, you’re probably reading this post blurry-eyed and foggy-brained. In other words: totally desperate for a good night’s sleep...


Editor's Note from Meagan Hughes: This article introduces an innovative and musical approach to improving sleep for babies and toddlers.



Music Therapy & Sound Healing

by Jennifer Buchanan, BMT, MTA

It’s Thursday morning and eight visually impaired babies and toddlers accompany their parents to the music therapy program at the Canadian National Institute for the Blind (CNIB). They file in one by one, many of the parent’s looking disheveled and tired. The parents help each child take off their coat before finding a comfortable place on the floor. The child sits in front while their parent cradles their little body from behind...


Editor's Note: Children with visual impairments can find a sense of relaxation with the help of soothing sounds. Jennifer Buchanan, Past-President of the Canadian Association for Music Therapy and owner of JB Music Therapy, shares a descriptive account of an interactive group music therapy session for young children with visual impairments.


Music Therapy & Sound Healing


Editor's Note from Meagan Hughes: From Woman to Woman is a collaborative project between Musicians without Borders (Netherlands) and Snaga Žene (meaning 'Women Power') based in Bośnia i Hercegovina. The project uses music to address severe, persistent war-related trauma among women in Eastern Bosnia. More specifically, From Woman to Woman introduces the use of the voice and the body - singing and body percussion in the broadest sense of the word - as a powerful supplement to existing medical and psychosocial support programs.


Music Therapy & Sound Healing

by Dean Quick, MT-BC

Writing can feel limiting for me.

I often compare my ideas for writing to other people’s. Then I toss my idea because they’ve already done it. You see, my struggle with writing is that of comparison to others. My observing mind overpowers my analytical mind...


Editor's Note: Another reflective and poignant entry by Dean Quick.


Music Therapy & Sound Healing

by Christine K. Stevens, MSW, MA, MT-BC

If you read the labels or seriously consider your diet, you're probably familiar with the Recommended Daily Allowance, known as the R.D.A.


This health standard suggests levels of vitamins, minerals, proteins, fats and carbohydrates our bodies need to function optimally...



Music Therapy & Sound Healing

by Michelle Lazar, MA, MT-BC

Rhythm acts as an“entrainment” stimulus to cue patterned movements such as walking. Additionally, pitch patterns can simulate and cue spatial positions, while harmonic patterns cue force and strength. Read more for classroom-tested tips to help your students tune in...




Music Therapy & Sound Healing 

by Kimberly Sena Moore, MM, NMT-F, MT-BC

The music I used was in a calming triple meter. It was a familiar song for Janie, yet I hummed it to remove the effect of processing verbal words. The music, and how this song was presented, had a profound impact as an external regulator for Janie, helping her calm down her body and her brain.


by Linda Weaver Clarke

Do I really have to practice? came the disgruntled voice of a teenager.


How many times have we heard this? I remember when my mother encouraged me to practice my instrument and how I tried to find one excuse after another to get out of it. Soon, she was sitting at the piano, willing to help me practice. I reluctantly began playing, not putting my heart into it, feeling a bit rebellious. But it did not take long until I began to feel the soothing notes of the music and my soul began to relinquish the unruly attitude within me...


Music Therapy & Sound Healing

by Rachelle Norman, MA, MT-BC

I’ve been a board-certified music therapist for a little more than seven years now. Hospice work now makes up a bigger portion of what I do on a day-to-day basis than it has for a while, which has made me more aware of how I’ve grown as a clinician in the last few years. For me, gaining experience has meant gaining clinical flexibility...


Editor's Note: Rachelle puts a refreshing spin on hospice music therapy. She raises some interesting points at the end. Feel free to add your thoughts in our Music Therapy & Sound Healing forum!


Music Therapy & Sound Healing

by Chris James

We ARE all born with beautiful and in–tune voices, and it is possible for us ALL to return to the full expression of this instrument that can express truth and beauty within us...


Editor's Note from Bernice Chu: We are each born with our own distinct instrument, our voice. Chris James believes what really helps individuals in their self-expression, creativity, singing, speaking their truth and being heard, is gentleness. A thought-provoking article.


Music Therapy & Sound Healing

by Matt Logan

This post relates to a very basic part of what we consider to be “advocacy”. It is yet another response to that question we always get: So what do you do? We have all rehearsed little elevator pitches and definitions. My approach to answering this question changed a bit over the course of last year, and I hope it will spark some ideas in others...


Editor's Note: There are many types of learning. There are the lessons we learn through rote, through listening, through visual examples, through lived experiences. There is a special type of learning that comes through shared and sharing stories. Stories have a special way of sticking in our minds, and making an impression on our hearts.


Music Therapy & Sound Healing

by Anna Hunt

Cross-posted from

Our senses allow us to experience the outside world more fully. They have evolved to keep us safe, allowing us to stay aware of dangers. In addition to conducting their basic functions, the senses also have a way of reaching deeply into the soul...


Editor's Note: In this article, Anna Hunt summarizes and shares two videos on the unique relationship between music and the individual. Every person experiences music differently, but its power to move us is universal. Fascinating that the processes of music can also be seen in brain scans conducted by Dr Charles Limb.


Music Therapy & Sound Healing

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Keep Breathing: Music for Speech, for Life

by Natasha Thomas

Imagine running into someone you haven’t seen in a long time. You recognize their face and feel pleased to see them, your arms open wide for a hug and you say “Hello! How ARE you?” before you can realize what you really want to know is Who they are – you’ve completely forgotten their name...



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