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Introduction to Meditation
Eden's passion is helping people, her community and her world live the way of the heart – an inspired and rich way of being. Founder and CEO of Just Be, LLC – a dy...
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Eden Kozlowski
J. Stewart Dixon teaches blue collar enlightenment (achievable and tangible spiritual awakening for us normal folks) to those who are looking for wholeness and unconditional peace. He s...
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J. Stewart Dixon

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by Eden Kozlowski,
ATH Meditation Co-Editor

As a teacher of meditation and mindfulness, I am seeing more and more that any moments of awareness we can give ourselves during the day can be powerful and redirect us to a less stressed and more connected place. This can happen whether you commit to a sit down session of mindful breathing OR simply take a minute to notice what is around you with purpose and clarity. Big steps or small steps; they are all steps...




by Eden Kozlowski,

ATH Co-Editor of Meditation

In doing my meditation/mindfulness work, I meet many folks who focus much of their thought, mind and spirit on being positive. Most would think this is a total, kick butt way to live. There are even companies, websites and Facebook pages committed to the upbeat idea.

So, here comes Debbie Downer (that’s me) to tell ya that pursuing positivity can actually foster the opposite. Ooo, negativity! Hiss! Boo!...




Editor’s Note from Eden Kozlowski: What is an incredibly effective way of reducing your chance of depression and stopping it from recurring? Mindfulness! What is one of the best methods of reducing stress and anxiety? Mindfulness!! How do you change your negative thinking?? Mindfulness!!! Watch this video with Dr. Mark Williams of Oxford University and see what an eight year study has proven to be globally true.



by V.N. Mittal, MA

Meditation is all about visualization, focus, awareness and communing with the Divine. From novices to expert meditators, all seem to employ these elements in their practice of meditation in one form or the other. These factors are also an essential part of any art form...



Editor's Note from Eden Kozlowski: Art and meditation. It is about connecting with something bigger... creating... flowing... opening. Ahhhhh...




Editor's Note from Eden Kozlowski: Stress, stress, stress. Interesting statistics shown here. Can you relate to any of these stress figures? And, check out the part that talks about your brain actually shrinking and atrophying under stress. Youch, better go meditate!



by Sofia Reddy

A few weeks ago, I attended my first weekend of silence retreat. When I told my friends, they were in awe. Probably more like disbelief. They couldn’t believe that I would go three days without any electronic equipment or talking to anyone...




Editor’s Note from Eden Kozlowski: I really dig lesson number five. Give it a try.



by Kip Mazuy

Let yourself relax
into this moment.

Give up trying to make
this moment
any different than it is...


Editor's Note: The most wonderful part of Kip's work is that he talks to the heart in his writings, his guided meditations and most of all his music. Prepare to enjoy...



by Sanora Bartels

There are a lot of misconceptions about meditation. I’ve listed some I’ve come across teaching Vedic Meditation:

Misconception: I can meditate once a week to experience a shift in consciousness...





by Paula Davis-Laack, JD, MAPP

How happy are you and why? This is a question I spend a fair amount of time thinking about, not only as it applies to my own levels of happiness, but also as it applies to my family, friends, and the people who I work with. Since graduating with my master's degree in positive psychology, I've worked with and observed thousands of people in a wide variety of settings, and happy people just flow with the groove of life in a unique way. Here is what they do differently...


Editor’s Note from Eden Kozlowski: My favorite line in this article... happy people "embrace the suck." That's what meditation helps you do and, of course, why it is part of my arsenal of peace.




by Kay Goldstein

In my last article, Inviting Health: Using Our Minds to Set the Stage for Well-Being (Part One), I began addressing a question about meditation practices that enhance the healing process. In it, I introduced an exercise using guided meditation and visual imagery to enlist a single healthy cell in our bodies to help us entrain or coach other cells how to perform in a healthy way. This post offers another means of doing the same, with the focus being on the heart as an organ of entrainment. Here is my version of the guided meditation...


by John C. Bader

Modern science advocates that the subconscious brain is capable of processing some 20,000,000 environmental stimuli per second, compared to the conscious brain, which may struggle with as few as 40 processes per second. One could believe it is this incredible processing power of the subconscious mind that explains why people experience good results from techniques such as “positive thinking”, meditation and or prayer...


Editor’s Note from Eden Kozlowski: John, I just dig this article. Thank you for letting us include it here on AllThings. I work with energy and this adds more umppphh to the reality of what I do and the work of many, many others. And, it showcases the tremendous, as you call it "burden," that we carry to live and love well. So, readers... are you up for the call to watch your thoughts with clarity and vision... with depth, vitality and courage AND excitement??!!




by Kay Goldstein

Q. In your post, “Mind/Body/Spirit: The Meditation Connection”, you spoke about how meditation helps us integrate the various parts of ourselves and said, “What could be a better basis for physical and mental health?” Can you talk more about practices that enhance the healing process and lay the foundation for health?...




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The Intention

by Penny McGahey

The intention with this article is to share where Sit in Stillness began and where it is going and to hopefully inspire others to get involved. [Sit in Stillness is a free, community group practice in silence, kindness, gratitude and open hearted presence. All over the world, anytime, anywhere.)


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