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What is Meditation? The practice of using a single point of focus to quiet random mind chatter and fully experience awareness of ourselves in the present moment reducing our physical, mental and emotional stress and expanding our conscious awareness. Meditate your way to a sound mind and a sound body through various meditation articles available here at All Things Healing. Browse through our meditation articles online. Visit All Things Healing online today!

Introduction to Meditation
Eden's passion is helping people, her community and her world live the way of the heart – an inspired and rich way of being. Founder and CEO of Just Be, LLC – a dy...
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Eden Kozlowski
J. Stewart Dixon teaches blue collar enlightenment (achievable and tangible spiritual awakening for us normal folks) to those who are looking for wholeness and unconditional peace. He s...
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J. Stewart Dixon

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Editor's Note from Eden Kozlowski: There is so much more that we can give these kids besides prescriptions, IEP meetings and doctor visits. I am a parent of a special needs child... I speak from experience. Let meditation/mindfulness into your life, your schools... and see the magic that can happen to all kids. And, while you're at it, truly look at the nutritional value of your child's school lunch program (check out an article here about just that). Food, like meditation, is also brain power. Our kids deserve all the brain zing a ding ding they can get.




"Those who don't believe in magic will never find it."

~Roald Dahl




by Eden Kozlowski
ATH Co-Editor of Meditation

I am staring out of my rainy, kitchen window in Ohio awaiting my phone call with intuitive Paul Selig. Several weeks prior, a friend and connection of Paul’s had recommended I arrange a session primarily because of my daughter with special needs. That area, apparently, is one of his “specialties...


Editor's Note from Eden Kozlowski: I wanted to share my experience with you. And, for those of you with children with special needs... there are other ways to understand and connect with them deeply... even if it is through someone who doesn't even "know" them.



"Do not get rid of the button pusher, get rid of the buttons."

~Yogi Amrit Desai





Editor's Note: Great video from the Massachusetts School of Law recognizing that meditation is deeply and immediately connected to the healing of the body.




Editor's Note from Eden Kozlowski: Sometimes you have to close your eyes before you can open them.




Editor's Note from Eden Kozlowski: This video gets to the heart of awareness and discusses how the brain reacts under pressure by shutting down the pre-frontal lobe where higher-level brain functioning manifests. Feelings versus emotions versus thinking versus physiology... getting connected it all leads us to increased calmness, awareness and brilliancy. And, for business purposes, gets us to a level where we can have more impact and consistency.




Editor's Note from Eden Kozlowski: Susan Kaiser Greenland, author of The Mindful Child and founder of the Inner Kids Program, takes a few minutes to show you visually how mindfulness works.



by JD Messinger

Having broken nearly every major bone in my body, an arm and a foot, a joint in my shoulder, two ribs and my neck, all at different times, I came to realize the essence of pain and suffering. It was only after tens years of near constant hurting and significant contemplation, medications, surgeries and therapy that I realized the difference between the two...


Editor’s Note from Eden Kozlowski: Meditation can be a key player in easing both physical pain and emotional suffering. Being with them without judgement allows yourself to experience these feelings and hurts on a deeper, more constructive level. And, as JD states, suffering stems from ourselves anyway. Even those in the most extreme conditions have shown resilience. Sooo, meditation... with practice... can get you to the root and truth of the problem.



by Sai Maa

Dear ones, remember that meditation is a natural state, an experience that allows you to discover your inner being. Through meditation you realize who you are.

Through meditation your consciousness shifts...





by Peter Russell

Cross-posted from WakingTimes.com

You may be surprised to hear that meditation should be effortless, that no striving or concentration is needed. I know I was. When I first became interested in meditation, back in the mid-sixties, I was repeatedly told that it took great mental discipline and many years of practice...


Editor’s Note from Eden Kozlowski:  Peter talks about learning meditation by letting it rest in the experience therefore taking away the striving, judgements and idea that we need to achieve something.



"You can never do a kindness to soon because you never know how soon it will be too late."

~Ralph Waldo Emerson




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The Intention

by Penny McGahey

The intention with this article is to share where Sit in Stillness began and where it is going and to hopefully inspire others to get involved. [Sit in Stillness is a free, community group practice in silence, kindness, gratitude and open hearted presence. All over the world, anytime, anywhere.)


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