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What is Meditation? The practice of using a single point of focus to quiet random mind chatter and fully experience awareness of ourselves in the present moment reducing our physical, mental and emotional stress and expanding our conscious awareness. Meditate your way to a sound mind and a sound body through various meditation articles available here at All Things Healing. Browse through our meditation articles online. Visit All Things Healing online today!

Introduction to Meditation
Eden's passion is helping people, her community and her world live the way of the heart – an inspired and rich way of being. Founder and CEO of Just Be, LLC – a dy...
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Eden Kozlowski
J. Stewart Dixon teaches blue collar enlightenment (achievable and tangible spiritual awakening for us normal folks) to those who are looking for wholeness and unconditional peace. He s...
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J. Stewart Dixon

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Editor’s Note from Eden Kozlowski: Eckhart quickly yet clearly discusses solving the problems of the world not with meetings or discussions but via connecting more with source.



Editor's Note: This is a short meditation using sound vibration to activate the pineal glad and so open up the crown center. It is simple, easy and rather powerful.




Editor's Note: Christopher Titmuss, a former Buddhist monk in Thailand and India, teaches Awakening and Insight Meditation around the world. He is the founder and director of the Dharma Facilitators Programme and the Living Dharma programme, an online mentor programme for Dharma practitioners. He gives retreats, participates in pilgrimages (yatras) and leads Dharma gatherings. Christopher has been teaching annual retreats in Bodh Gaya, India since 1975 and leads an annual Dharma Gathering in Sarnath since 1999...



by Anne Sture Tucker

Anyone who has ever been defeated by depression or overwhelmed by scary anxiety attacks, will know what I am talking about here...



Editor's Note from Eden Kozlowski: Another article (this time from the land of Denmark) proclaiming that mindfulness is just scientifically awesome.




Editor's Note from Eden Kozlowski: Nice visual summary of the chakras - where they are and what they support. All meditation or mindfulness practices work on these energy portals whether the work is conscious or not. Please see the original chart at this link.


To learn more about the chakras click "read more" for the full chart image.



by Katrina Kenison Lewers

You know how it is. The dishes need washing, the houseplants are wilting, the emails have piled up, the kids are needy, and the dog is scratching at the door to go out. There is no end to the to-do list, no reward or revelation to be found at the bottom of the laundry hamper, no moment in the day when life feels entirely manageable, tidy, and complete...


Editor’s Note from Eden Kozlowski: As Katrina describes it... working on your soul and your peace isn't about retreating or going to some special place (although, don't get me wrong, that is awesome and times when that is a beautiful thing). However, for long term, it's about being in the middle of the plain and ordinary, about finding happiness in pulling a hair out of your nose, about finding comfort as your kids get in a fight, finding peace as you find moldy apple cores in your minivan, etc, etc, etc...



by Marsha Lucas, PhD

If you tend to be critical of yourself for not practicing meditation frequently enough... regularly enough... long enough... [fill in the blank] enough... I can tell you with absolute certainty that you have a lot of company...


Editor’s Note from Eden Kozlowski: Meditation is a gift. There for you whenever you want it, need it... not demanding, not pressuring, not judging. Like the most idyllic parent. Dr. Lucas talks here about greeting any resistance to maintaining a consistent meditation practice with kindness and appreciation. And, these words of wisdom broaden to any area of your life where you are feeling a push or strain.



"That which God said to the rose, and caused it to laugh in full-blown beauty, he said to my heart and made it a hundred times more beautiful." 



by Richard Ebbs

Let your body decide how to move. Let all of parts your body be loose. If at any stage you want to close your eyes, that's fine too as long as you keep an awareness of what your body is doing...

Editor's Note: A movement meditation allows the dynamism of the energy to harmoniously align the body and the mind. For some people this works better than other meditations.


by Eden Kozlowski,
ATH Meditation Co-Editor

As a teacher of meditation and mindfulness, I am seeing more and more that any moments of awareness we can give ourselves during the day can be powerful and redirect us to a less stressed and more connected place. This can happen whether you commit to a sit down session of mindful breathing OR simply take a minute to notice what is around you with purpose and clarity. Big steps or small steps; they are all steps...




by Eden Kozlowski,

ATH Co-Editor of Meditation

In doing my meditation/mindfulness work, I meet many folks who focus much of their thought, mind and spirit on being positive. Most would think this is a total, kick butt way to live. There are even companies, websites and Facebook pages committed to the upbeat idea.

So, here comes Debbie Downer (that’s me) to tell ya that pursuing positivity can actually foster the opposite. Ooo, negativity! Hiss! Boo!...




Editor’s Note from Eden Kozlowski: What is an incredibly effective way of reducing your chance of depression and stopping it from recurring? Mindfulness! What is one of the best methods of reducing stress and anxiety? Mindfulness!! How do you change your negative thinking?? Mindfulness!!! Watch this video with Dr. Mark Williams of Oxford University and see what an eight year study has proven to be globally true.



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The Intention

by Penny McGahey

The intention with this article is to share where Sit in Stillness began and where it is going and to hopefully inspire others to get involved. [Sit in Stillness is a free, community group practice in silence, kindness, gratitude and open hearted presence. All over the world, anytime, anywhere.)


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