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Introduction to Meditation
Eden's passion is helping people, her community and her world live the way of the heart – an inspired and rich way of being. Founder and CEO of Just Be, LLC – a dy...
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Eden Kozlowski
J. Stewart Dixon teaches blue collar enlightenment (achievable and tangible spiritual awakening for us normal folks) to those who are looking for wholeness and unconditional peace. He s...
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J. Stewart Dixon

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by Scott Kiloby

When we are lulled into the sweet song of spiritual pointers and platitudes, we so easily find our sensations and emotions dulled by their hypnotic melodies...


Editor's Note: I really resonate with this article- the rawness, the truth, the tough love quality, the realness, the beauty, the genuine reach of a hand. As spiritual seekers it is indeed easy to get sidetracked- lulled and dulled - by thoughts, ideas, fantasies and words.  Scott's invitation is to drop all the separative mind cover up and to find the true vulnerability of the spiritual search.



by Curt Remington

In modern society this response is very rarely needed and causes all sorts of  troubles. The “fight or flight” response cuts blood flow to our central organs and brain, causing health problems and difficulty thinking clearly. Anger also damages relationships and can lead to terrible, impulsive decisions...


Editor's Note: We all could use a little help managing stress and finding a way to release negative emotion. Here's a helpful blog by Curt Remington.




Editor's Note from Eden Kozlowski: Enhance energy, skill and luck through meditation? You betcha.



by Nicolette Eus

We all make mistakes.

Funny, how easy it is to forgive others and reassure them that stuff happens....


Editor's Note from Eden Kozlowski: I am still quite an expert at beating myself up even with more than a decade and 1/2 of extensive meditation practice. Tis part of my soul work. As my awareness continually increases, it is indeed a catch 22. I am more in-tune with my peace and, conversely, more connected to my internal strife. Is what it is.



by Mark C. Crowley

I recently learned that the leadership-training curriculum at Google places a heavy emphasis on self-awareness building.

The thinking, of course, is that managers can only become effective influencers of others once they’re fully mindful of their own strengths and limitations...


Editor's Note from Eden Kozlowski: Are you an introvert, extrovert, flexible, humble? Read more to discover how being mindful of all of these aspects of yourself affects your ability to divide and conquer.




Editor's Note from Eden Kozlowski: Interesting analogy about thoughts.



by Marlise Karlin

Conventional science has believed that our genetic inheritance is set in stone – that our DNA is what solely determines our health, personality traits and intelligence. Like a roll of the dice, you get what you came in with, and that’s it. Many people still believe this today. But, discoveries have been made that confound previous research; a simple change in environment can turn your genes on or off...


Editor's Note from Eden Kozlowski: Meditation has been scientifically proven to alter genetic structure. So, as Marlise showcases it here... we each have the ability to change the "predisposed" and seemingly uncontrollable aspects of our lives based on our energy and thoughts. Read the studies on trauma, for example, and how it can affect the genetic makeup through generations. Powerful stuff.




Editor's Note from Eden Kozlowski: More great stuff from our friend Buddhist monk, Noah Yuttadhammo. Basically his point here is don’t get wrapped up in your mediations.



by Sarah McLean

I wasn’t brought up in a very religious fashion, but was familiar with prayer. My mother, who grew up Catholic and went to Mass every Sunday as a girl, now lights candles and says prayers at the chapel in the mall...


Editor's Note: As a meditator, my spirituality is ever evolving, and I have found prayer sneaking into my consciousness. This article by Sarah McLean articulates the difference between prayer and meditation...



by Adrian Rides

I’ve long suspected that my mindfulness practice helps prevent me from getting ill. In my old life, before Mindfulness, I worried a lot and I was sick a lot. If someone sneezed within a mile of me, then I’d catch it. Winter was one cold after another with maybe an episode of “wipe out” flu, thrown in for good measure...


Editor's Note from Eden Kozlowski: Meditation... mindfulness... could they be practices that help with almost everything?! Even the common cold. Ooooo, yes!



Interviewed by Eden Kozlowski,
ATH Co-Editor of Meditation

Rick Hanson, Phd

Hello, All Things Healing. Eden Kozlowski here. Today I am chatting it up with a pioneer in the field of mindfulness and meditation… Rick Hanson, PhD.

First a quick note before we let him “come in”… Dr. Hanson went to UCLA at age 16 and graduated summa cum laude in 1974, which is the same year he started practicing meditation. This is just the beginning of the list of the achievements for this gentleman. Dr. Hanson… Rick, how are you today?...


Editor’s Note from Eden Kozlowski: Dr. Hanson is a true mindfulness pioneer. His studies and work allow this practice to be more embraced and understood from a rational perspective. Listen or read on.





Editor's Note from Eden Kozlowski: Here's my youngest reviewing a new book by our friend and fellow meditation teacher, Betsy Thomson.



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The Intention

by Penny McGahey

The intention with this article is to share where Sit in Stillness began and where it is going and to hopefully inspire others to get involved. [Sit in Stillness is a free, community group practice in silence, kindness, gratitude and open hearted presence. All over the world, anytime, anywhere.)


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