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What is Meditation? The practice of using a single point of focus to quiet random mind chatter and fully experience awareness of ourselves in the present moment reducing our physical, mental and emotional stress and expanding our conscious awareness. Meditate your way to a sound mind and a sound body through various meditation articles available here at All Things Healing. Browse through our meditation articles online. Visit All Things Healing online today!

Introduction to Meditation
Eden's passion is helping people, her community and her world live the way of the heart – an inspired and rich way of being. Founder and CEO of Just Be, LLC – a dy...
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Eden Kozlowski
J. Stewart Dixon teaches blue collar enlightenment (achievable and tangible spiritual awakening for us normal folks) to those who are looking for wholeness and unconditional peace. He s...
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J. Stewart Dixon

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by Ed and Deb Shapiro
Cross-posted from www.Care2.com

One evening we were drinking tea and talking about the state of the world, the good and not so good things, and realizing the preciousness of it all. We imagined a world without suffering and agreed that people needed to unite in greater connectedness. It became obvious to us that this could be done by meditating together, which inspired us to create a book to enable others to discover the magic and power of meditation.


From then on everything began to fall into place. We contacted the Dalai Lama, Robert Thurman, Marianne Williamson...



by John C. Bader

I started to make a point to incorporate this new practice into my life. I figured at this point, what could I lose? Later that week, I took a walk and focused on my breathing and tried to find that connection once more. I focused on nature again, since that seemed to be my gateway...


Editor’s Note from Eden Kozlowski: Enjoy Part 1 here. Part 2 starts with John bringing his new mindful connection full stream into his life.



by Randall Krause

If you pay attention, you’ll likely notice that you have a variety of motivations, thoughts, and emotions even about the same issue. These "voices" may represent the points of view of our parents, our siblings, friends, generation, country, and others represented in our thoughts...





by John C. Bader

I can think back to a time not long ago when I felt the weight of my life bearing down on my shoulders. The loss of my son opened the flood gate to other past ills I hadn’t fully processed...


Editor’s Note from Eden Kozlowski: This is a very personal story of a path to awareness and transformation. What is your story?



"At the end of the day, I can end up just totally wacky, because I've made mountains out of molehills. With meditation, I can keep them as molehills."

~Ringo Starr




by Bodhipaksa

The other day I read about a family of six who were wiped out when a truck-driver plowed into their vehicle. He’d allegedly been driving and attempting to look at a laptop screen at the same time.

Not all multitasking is that catastrophic, but nevertheless attempting to juggle too many things in a short space of time is causing us stress, reducing our productivity, and making it harder to maintain focus when we need to.

Editor’s note: Human brains are simply not built for multi-tasking. Bodhipaksa, a Buddhist teacher and author, gives some scientific research to back this and several things you can do to simplify.




by Lael Couper Jepson

Some days just suck. Sometimes entire weeks suck. You know those times…when nothing seems bright, all you can see is what isn’t done, good, working, right.

All you can see is the ugly underbelly of humanity...


Editor's Note from Eden Kozlowski: This article is really for the ladies but you men could get a lot out of it, too. Lael talks about Pre-Menstrual Strength. Why this is on the meditation page?! Because it is about awareness, cycles, being connected to your emotions and body AND being connected to your voice! Read on and maybe discover a new way of looking at yourself or understanding someone else.



by Sr. Chau Nghiem

In retreats, we usually offer a snack mid-morning and mid-afternoon, as children tend to get hungry often. It is important to serve healthy snacks, like fresh or dried fruit, nuts, pretzels, natural crackers or cookies. We can serve water or juice in re-usable cups to avoid creating a lot of trash. We can prepare basins of water so that each child can help wash their cup.


Editor’s Note: Great ideas here for families to help young ones appreciate food (and of course - the bigger picture of it all which is life) - where food comes from, how it grows, how it tastes, how it feels, etc. Also, some healthy snack recipes at the bottom of the article.



by HealthandYoga's Meditation Expert Team

Mantra involves the rhythmic invocation of a sound. This provides a foundation for the aspirant so that his practice is just not "in the air". This anchor or foundation helps the mind to gradually disconnect with the external experiences provided through the 5 senses, which is the first step to successful meditation...



by Osho

First you must understand what imagination is. It is condemned very much nowadays. The moment you hear the word "imagine' you will say this is useless, we want something real, not imaginary. But imagination is a reality, it is a capacity, it is a potentiality within you...




by Catherine Ingram

One day a six-year-old friend said to me, “Pretend you are surrounded by a thousand hungry tigers. What would you do?” I visualized the situation as he had suggested and, coming up with no viable plan of action, said...


Editor's Note from J. Stewart Dixon: I posted an article by Catherine earlier this year.  I'm a fan.  Here's another little gem...Catherine Ingram teaches a beautiful, non-traditional, non-denominational dharma which is influenced by zen, nonduality, self-inquiry and advaita.  I have spoken with her on numerous occasions and found her inviting, warm, sincere and courageous.



by John Greer

Most of us are habitual doers; we want to be in control, get somewhere and have something to show for it. We live in a world where self-improvement is a high priority and our accomplishments are the measure of our worth...


Editor's Note from J. Stewart Dixon: Here's a tip for all those skeptical of the non-doing, nondual netti-netti approach to spiritual growth. Enjoy the paradox. Very simply and beautifully written...



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The Intention

by Penny McGahey

The intention with this article is to share where Sit in Stillness began and where it is going and to hopefully inspire others to get involved. [Sit in Stillness is a free, community group practice in silence, kindness, gratitude and open hearted presence. All over the world, anytime, anywhere.)


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