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December 03, 2016  
Body Clock

by Milos Bang

Most of Eastern Philosophy and Medicine comes from observing Nature and the Universe. Ancient Chinese realized early that most things in Nature are cyclical and by observing the human body’s patterns, established that our own energy (Qi) also moves on daily and on annual cycles.


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by Prof. George Vithoulkas

I do believe that you all agree that research in Homeopathy is not only necessary but also very urgent.

It is a fact that several good research papers have been published so far but still there is a cry for more and more papers...


Editor´s Note from Bharti Nathani: Lots of researches were done by founder of Homeopathy Samuel Hahnemann before introducing Homeopathy to the world And Even Now Lots of researches are going on for the existence of Homeopathy. Here is the Article on Guidelines Concerning Research in Homeopathy by Prof. George Vitholkas. So go ahead and read it.




Editor's Note from Sue O'Callahan: The Perfume of Peace offers us a look at what naturally arises in the absence of untruth. Francis Lucille unveils the magnificence awaiting us in each divine moment. The spirit of the message is so well captured in the title.


Sacred Living


Editor's Note from Janet Gillett: Sark talks about her book "GLAD NO MATTER WHAT: Transforming Loss and Change into Gift and Opportunity." Her unique style provides simple, clear wisdom to transform how you see the world.


Books for Healing

by Doc Childre

One of the first things most of us do when children (or adults) are overwhelmed with inner turbulence is: we instinctively try to calm them down into a state of ease before starting to sort out solutions. Why do we do this? Because we intuitively sense that the state of ease helps us to get back in our heart which helps to re-stabilize the mind and emotions...






Editor's Note from Michael Santangelo: Tarot goes to college. This series of videos presents Tarot in a more academic setting.



by Jeffrey Marks

In Communicating with Spirits - It's Natural! Part 1, I talked about how, when we take into account 7 billion people on the planet, and how many of those people right now are receiving information from the deceased friends and relatives in spirit, as well as spirit guides, demonstrates that spirit communication is a natural and normal part of our existence in the physical world...


Editor's Note from Lisa Pheonix: This is Part Two of Spirit Communication by Jeffrey Marks where he teaches us about cross-dimensional communication. Jeffrey talks about the myths & belief systems relative to mediumship encourages us to communicate with Spirit and why it's healthy for us to do so. He also offers us additional practical guidance so we can embrace our multi-dimensional existence. If you missed it, please be sure to read Part 1-It's Natural!

Intuition & Symbols

by Alan B. Densky

Many people use the terms "stress" and "anxiety" interchangeably, but they are actually two separate conditions. Stress is a response to a stimulus, either internal or external. You may feel stress because you are frustrated with something (like waiting in line behind a slow person) or when you are worried that you won't meet expectations (such as missing a deadline)...




by Dr. Gowthaman Krishnamoorthy

Ayurveda, as a holistic medicine addresses this problem both from inside and outside. Ayurveda explains that facial beauty is the reflection of physical, mental and spiritual well being. Hence, Ayurveda recommends the traditional detoxification therapies followed by rejuvenation therapies for this condition...


Editor's Note from Julie Cerrato: Melasma is a dark skin discoloration that appears on sun-exposed areas of the face. Although not harmful, melasma can be a particularly challenging cosmetic concern. Luckily, melasma is commonly the result of sun-damage, climate skin exposure, diet or hormonal dysregulation and is potentially reversible. Dr. Gowthaman Krishnamoorthy offers some excellent suggestions for Ayurvedic treatment and home remedies to lessen and prevent melasma that are natural and easy to do.



by Tori Hudson, ND

Chaste tree berry has been a very important plant for premenstrual syndrome (PMS) and premenstrual dysphoric disorder. There are numerous studies that demonstrate this...


Editor’s Note from Rebecca Snowden: Dr. Tori Hudson is a foremost authority on women’s natural health care.  As a physician, educator, researcher, as well as author of Women’s Encyclopedia of Natural Medicine, 2008 Edition, she shares with us her research and insights on a simple botanical called Vitex known to alleviate many symptoms associated with menses.




Editor´s Note from Karen Stabley: Fiction is not entertainment to Toni Morrison. It is the work that she has done most of her adult life.Toni believes fiction is one of the ways that we acquire, digest, and hold information. Language is a creative art that enables the reader or listener to see without pictures. It alone can protect from the scariness of things with no name or suture a place where blood might flow. Simple words can have a profound effect.


Arts & Art Therapy 

Dr Cathy Alinovi, DVM, CTCVMP, CVSMT

There are many, many possible causes for this. So, let me go through a few of the most possible. First, how long has it been? If everything else seems to be “normal” with your pet, it’s okay to go up to 24 hours without eating. It’s possible he has the flu. 


Editor's Note from Cathy Alinovi: What seems like a fundamental question may not really be. Often, pet owners don't know when they should take action and seek medical care and when it's okay to wait. Since pets don't talk to explain what they are feeling, we humans need some other surrogate measures to know how to proceed.



Animals & Pets


Editor´s Note: Michael Pollan, notable and talented author of several books, including his new released "Cooked: A Natural History of Transformation", speaks out in this video on coffee and tea. He discusses the history of the caffeinated plants and how early on coffee and tea became acceptable, giving individuals a mood change when consumed. He compares the plants with other plants, not so acceptable like tobacco, and confirms that the mixture of caffeine compounded with other properties in coffee and tea, is what we crave and look forward to every morning.


Holistic Nutrition

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