Introduction to Tarot




Tarot for Transformation
by Francesca Simon 





What is Tarot? In this introduction to Tarot, we will explore the Tarot definition and insights as to how it can help us adjust to the changes in our environment and everyday lives. Understanding the meaning of symbols and the power of imagery to immediately alter our moods, attitudes and ultimately our vibratory rate of being will assist us in becoming more spiritually pliable and able to better adjust to constantly changing situations, environments and relationships.


Using the time proven methods of concentration, contemplation and meditation, which will be suggested through our articles, images and sharing of experiences, we will be assisted in learning about Tarot to be more aware of the higher energies that can influence us to be more effective in our personal lives and ultimately more useful in the healing of the planet.


Utilizing the information about Tarot on the site for personal transmutation on a daily basis will create an inner environment for us to receive more clearly the messages from our inner teacher – our soul – so that we can come to know truly who we are and recognize what we have to offer to the world during our lifetime.


Applying the principles encoded within the Tarot definition and those explored on our site will allow us to better plan our days, give clearer direction to our goals, and ultimately help us to manifest our dreams through proven spiritual practice.


The end of result of a Tarot education is that the information on our site regarding “what is Tarot?”, if applied diligently, will help us change and improve our character and strengthen the spiritual structure our lives based on a philosophy of life built from an increasing inner wisdom.


                                                About the Author

Francesca Simon, our ATH Editor of Tarot, is a Tarot Initiate through Builders of the Adytum (B.O.T.A.) and an initiate of The Rosicrucian Order, AMORC, The Traditional Martinist Order (TMO) and a Fellowcraft Mason of the Universalis Lodge (the Grand Lodge of Belgium). The traditional mysteries are her passion.





The purpose of the Tarot Section is to inspire, inform and support those spiritual seekers on The Path in their pursuit of truth and love. Through the vehicles of the written word, visual images, musical sound and positive energy this section on the introduction to Tarot will provide a truly esoteric view of an ancient art that is an effective modern time tool.

The information and images presented will aim to promote:


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