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Every moment of your life is a precious gift; a shimmering cup filled with sacredness. Sacred Living is your opportunity to recognize, explore and create sacred moments in your life...


Sacred Living
and the Art of Un-Knowing

by Michelle Gregg, ATH Editor of Sacred Living,
ATH Senior Editor, and Counseling Astrologer


"In these times I don't, in a manner of speaking, know what I want; perhaps I don't want what I know and want what I don't know."
~Marsilio Ficino (Letters of Marsilio Ficino: Volume 3)


“Perhaps I don’t want what I know and want what I don’t know.” Are you confused by these words of the 15th Century Italian Renaissance humanist philosopher and priest, Marsilio Ficino? Most of us, in these times, are a bit confused. Our everyday lives are wrapped rigidly in scheduling to meet family, career, self and societal expectations. We are surrounded by economic turmoil, a government newly re-establishing itself as “for the people” after years of driving us by fear and violence, and dissatisfaction on so many levels. We are mired in and personally responsible for the slow, insidious poisoning of our planet. Even so, many of us believe we know what we want; but often on possessing it, we are not satisfied - and crave something more. The cycle begins again, and once more upon achieving our goals the insatiable wanting remains.

But what if we were to learn the Sacred Art of Living? What if we were to understand that our lives are intended toward learning to move beyond the ego desires to embrace the surrender necessary to connect with wanting “what I don’t know”? And what if “what I don’t know” is both the answer to and the mystery of Sacred Living? Feeling the rush of “what I don’t know” is a place many of us have never been in our forward move towards goal achievement, a place made uncomfortable by our society’s encoding of “just do it.” Knowing is a concept of the mind. Un-knowing is the energetic flow of chaos. Chaos is the state of the Soul. That would mean then, that un-knowing is a state of grace to be cherished as sacred; a state in which we have the opportunity for Sacred Living.

What we don’t know is a mystery, and it is that mystery that offers us sacred-ness. In the Sacred Art of Living pages we will explore the mystery of life, through energy, and through our energetic responses to all that is around us. In order to become clear about wanting what it is that we don’t know, we must embrace unknowing and surrender to it, rather than ego-istically pushing forward insisting on answers and understanding. With the Sacred Art of Living, you will learn that both the answers and the understanding are within you…not out there to be researched; but rather inside to be lived from and enjoyed as mystery. Perhaps the answers and understanding will only be found through releasing the ego and looking at the world around you with different eyes; with eyes of the Soul and of mystery, rather than eyes of the body and questions from the mind.  

Our true exploration of Sacred Living begins with soulfully seeing, rather than intellectually apprehending. Every moment of your life is precious and a gift. Every second is a shimmering cup filled with sacredness. Every sacred moment creates your next sacred moment. And in these moments we are offered the opportunity to feel the connection with every other moment and every other being. This is the Sacred Art of Living. I invite you to explore it with me through articles, videos, poetry, music…from those who began this exploration before us, and from those wise enough to share with us in our own time. Their sacred moments become ours and inform our un-knowing. Welcome.

 About the Author

Michelle Gregg, our ATH Senior Editor and Editor of the Sacred Living page, is a Counseling Astrologer, eager to guide you on a personal healing and empowering journey. Michelle uses mythology, archetypal astrology, and a Jungian psychological model to clarify your own personal path in life. She can be reached for consultations at (404) 343-4833, or Visit her website/blog, The Spinning Energy News. Here you'll read articles, find out everything you'll need to know to have a consultation, and explore the latest in astrology, the current cosmic weather, the cycles of the Moon, politices, relationships, parenting and current events. You'll love it! To find out lots more about Michelle, please click here to visit her Editor's Bio page on this site.







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